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Ben 10: Aliens Unleashed is a spin-off of Ben 10: Omniverse.

Story Plot[]

Ben. Hero of the world has finally saved the world from all villians. Vilgax dead, Khyber dead, Aggregor dead...or so he thinks. Could the Null Void after all these years not be a prison, but a Villian gang- up or meeting that they could assemble? When Ben, Rook and Max all discover the secrets of a threat that they know they will have to face, they know it's time to re-assemble the plumbers meaning Kevin and Gwen are once more on their side again.

'But Ben has one problem: Ben gave the Omnitrix back to Azmuth once he killed Khyber! When Ben goes to Azmuth, he realizes he has no more Omnitrixes or Ultimatrixes to give. But a whole lot of Untirixes. Azmuth gives two green and black belts that contain more than 20 unitrixes in each slot only to fight off the trouble of the on-coming threat. Each Unitrix contains one each'. (And some new ones) But when Ben slaps down a unitrix, he doesn't become the alien. He unleashes it.


  • Joker- Ben's description: "I used to make horrible jokes, but with this guy, he's a comedian. He sprouts out laughing gas out of his wholes or arms..or what ever you call it and makes people choke laughing. He's black, green, white and looks like a jester. Pure awesomeness."
  • Strong Tail- Ben's description: "Sorta a raccoon- femir like thing with a really strong tail, hence the name, who can just strangle people with it. It can wipe off muck, webs, pretty much anything that's really hard to clean off. He can take down skyscrapers, planes, anything he wants. The tail it's self is pretty much un-stoppable."
  • Sand Box- Ben's description: "Sandbox alien that is kinda hard to keep standing. He's one hundred percent made out of sand and can spread it, too. He can make Sandstorms with just the clap of his hands and pretty much fits into anything. He can definitely pack a punch and is a great guy for the beach- if you want to even GO THERE."
  • Leapfrog- Ben's description: "Ha ha ha. He's a great alien. He can jump really high, stick to walls, is completely a mutant frog and can shoot out his tongue no matter how rude. He's one of my favorite alien's yet."



  • "3 villians, 2 belts, and one hero. "
  • "Ye old whipper snapper"
  • "The gang meets the gang"