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Originally this would be a Omniverse spin off but was changed to a UA spin off.


Ben, now with the Omnitrix is famous over the entire Universe. Everyone knows his face. On earth they have started rebuilding Bellwood when the Galvans arrived on Earth from an unknown threat destroying planets. The new Bellwood is complete and is named Omnitrix City. Instead of cops there are plumbers. Aliens are native in Omnitrix City and Ben has his headquarters. All is well. Gwen and Kevin leave to complete their training at the Plumber academy. Ben is ready to be a solitary hero. Then the mysterious threat sends an evil bounty hunter named Khyber. Khyber attacks Ben in the middle of the night. Ben now knows they are a threat then Max hands him a new partner. Ben and Rook must save the universe from this threat. Can they do it?



  • Unknown Threat
  • Khyber


See Aliens Unleashed Aliens for the list of aliens. (Coming soon).


Season 1[]

  1. Building Omnitrix City
  2. A Rookie?
  3. Khyber Will Destroy Ben 10!
  4. Ben-Ben: Ascalon Unleashed (Crossover With Ben 10: Ascalon Take Over)
  5. Trix Vs. Matrix (Crossover With BTHOAA)
  6. Suck My Blood