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Ben 10: Alien Universe Unleashed is the combination of the twenty-third and twenty-fourth episodes of Back in Action: Alien Universe and serves as the first season finale of the show.

Act One

Part I

[We open on Earth. We zoom in on Bellwood and further magnify our view to a street with many medium-height buildings. We focus on a single short building on the street, standing out from the others by its vibrant "Max's Plumbing" logo. We enter through the door and take to the bathroom. Flushing the toilet while seated on it, we find ourselves being brought down into the Plumber's Headquarters below, a cylindrical facility that holds thousands of active Plumbers operating on Earth. We descend down to the highest available level. In the center of this level is a circular platform on which a podium, and an alien speaker rallies up the entirety of the Plumbers at the base who have crowded to the level to hear the speech. We zoom in on the speaker, the cat-like Rook Blonko of the Revonnahganders, giving the preamble to the big speech from the leader of the Plumbers.]

Rook Blonko: I thank you all for your time. And now the guest of honor, the legendary leader of the Plumbers, Magister Maxwell Tennyson.

Rook steps aside from the podium and walks down on descending circular platforms that appear under his feet as he descends down to the level at which everybody is crowded around the podium floor. From the middle of the podium platform, Max Tennyson rises on an elevator. Everyone in the room applauds in appearance, but he remains absolutely serious about the situation, not acknowledging a single one of them. He walks straight up to the podium and begins to speak.

Max (now smiling): I want to thank Rook Blonko for that preamble, and all of you for being here. Many of you are not stationed here on Earth, that I know, but you all are Plumbers regardless. I lead you all, and you take the orders to heart. And I want to thank you all for that. He becomes straight-faced and serious once more. But the focus of this meeting is not gramercy for all of your managing to be here and for all of your work. You all are responsible on your own for determining whether or not you've done a good job. No, this meeting is in regards to a threat that currently sits as even worse than that of the Incurseans' appearance not even a year ago. The Thep Khufans have recently appeared to be showing interest in becoming more than what some treat them as. Now, as you know, the Plumbers treats all equally, even the Thep Khufans. We have one Thep Khufan even holding a position on Alpha Squad, a coveted position not too many have the opportunity to have. We don't often have more than a few members of each species in the Alpha Squad, so you can see that we put even our hardest effort in choosing the species that others may not treat as greatly. There is no species we wish to leave out, in any case ever. The Plumbers do not discriminate. But I digress entirely. Like the incident with the Incurseans, we are facing a species who has the potential to take over the entire universe. At this very moment, their focus is on Earth. We have spotted multiple of them here on Earth. At least 30 currently reside and are alive right now. We do not suspect that a single one of them has gotten intel from the Plumbers but any honorable Thep Khufan who may be responsible can come out and tell me. An honorable discharge will be made, but remember, it's honorable. If not, we know that not only this species can be responsible. We have been infiltrated or had jailbreaks before. They have intel on the base's integral points, and how to get inside all of this place and those points. It's very likely that the location of this base has been compromised, and the Thep Khufans could be on their way very shortly. I want to let you all know that the Thep Khufans mean business. I've sent out several members of Alpha Squad, Beta Squad, Cherry Squad, and Papa Squad, and they all report back with information that shows the Thep Khufans know the weaknesses of many, if not all, species in the universe, and they are taking advantage of all of them with defense mechanisms built into their armor. This is no joke, and we have no room for any errors. If you think you cannot handle this job, then make yourself known. You will be removed from the Plumbers because when faced with a serious matter, you were not useful. He awaits some sign from anyone in the squad that they will not be able to get involved in the plan. Good, then you are all tasked with taking on the Thep Khufans. From what information we've gathered, we know they have their own weakness against hybrids. Anyone with even a slight show of this trait, lead a team of your choice, and take on the Thep Khufans in full force. This is no game; this is the real thing. And if you fail, you'll be responsible for any other planet that is invaded and destroyed just as Earth may be. Max out.

Max steps away from the podium, descending through the circular elevator in the middle of the platform once more. All of the Plumbers in the room begin to file out to the weapon room. We slowly return to the surface level of Max's Plumbing building. A bell at the entrance rings three times, denoting the entry of three potential customers. As opposed to the expected, though, we find a very different scenario with these three beings. Three ten-foot tall aliens in black mummy-like armor--the Thep Khufan Commander's best men--step in and look around while standing at the entrance.

Thep Khufan #1 (in black armor): Anybody in here? We're paying customers...There is no response. Yix, is the place checked?
Yix/Thep Khufan #2 (in black armor): Not picking up on any tech in this room. The entrance through the toilet into the headquarters below is in that bathroom.
Thep Khufan #1: Then this is going to be a lot faster than expected. It must be a trap.
Thep Khufan #3 (in black armor): What shall we do then?
Thep Khufan #1: Hmm...which defense was the nearly universal one?
Thep Khufan #3: The human defense, I think.
Thep Khufan #1: Alright. Deploy human defense mechanisms. Their suits become slightly thicker, and laser-based guns appear mounted on their wrists. Appearing on their backs are Tachyon Cannons. Unless you're faced with close combat, don't use anything other than that Tachyon Cannon. Only one shot to the humans should do to erase them, then we move onto the others.

The first Thep Khufan signals the third to enter the bathroom. As stealthily as possible, he creeps over to the bathroom and attempts to slip through the cracks between the door, but he is zapped in trying to do so. The first Thep Khufan rolls his eyes. He breaks the hinges off the door. The door falls backwards towards the floor, the first Thep Khufan catching it just before it smashes down on the floor. The third Thep Khufan recomposes himself and steps over to the bathroom. He analyzes the whole room. He stands in front of the toilet facing the first from it. He nods, denoting a complete, safe scan on the room. Just as the first prepares to walk, a dark green being creeps up on the toilet, towering over the third Thep Khufan from behind. The first Thep Khufan pulls out his Tachyon Cannon and blasts the thing. He and Yix file into the bathroom to check out the area. Yix uses two fingers to swipe a sample of the slimy green being's scrambled body.

Yix: Polymorph.
Thep Khufan #1: No doubt one of the defenses. Knew this place couldn't be entirely safe. He looks to the third Thep Khufan and gestures him to leave the bathroom and check other areas of the store. The third Thep Khufan nods in response and turns back to the shop, closely analyzing it. Yix, can you get anything else out of that?
Yix: Not much, Tilees.
Tilees/Thep Khufan #1: I told you not to call me that. I'm the leader here, call me something that actually throws daggers of fear into my enemies. Call me Hex.
Yix: That doesn't even make any sense. What does your job or what you can even do have to do with--

The two are caught off guard by the screaming of the third Thep Khufan in the other room. Tilees and Yix rush over to the main part of the store and find a Polymorph with his body blanketed around all of the third Thep Khufan's body. The Polymorph's head extends out of the top of the binding to the Thep Khufan, with his hand also appearing where his shoulder would otherwise be. He points his finger to Yix and Tilees.

Tilees: Vic!

The third Thep Khufan, or in actuality Vic, pushes his arm through the Polymorph's acidic binding, but the Polymorph pulls the arm back in, covering it yet again.

Polymorph: You three are going to leave this building, and this planet, and call off everything you're doing. Or the Plumbers will have to force you out. Tilees: Ahh, you're a Plumber. I should've guessed. Well, I'll have you know that--DEPLOY POLYMORPH DEFE--
Polymorph: Deploy Thep Khufan defenses! Three guns descend from the ceiling, each aimed at one of the three Thep Khufan intruders--including the one bound by the Polymorph Plumber. As the guns fire, the Polymorph detaches from the third Thep Khufan--Vic--with the beam hitting Vic and Yix, creating separate bubbles around the two that force their limbs to stretch out, creating a rubber ball-like structure inside their bubbles just out of their body. Tilees, on the other hand, had pulled out his Tachyon Cannon and blasted at the beam. Through constant fire, he manages to hold the beam back, but if he is to even let go, the beam would hit him, stretching and tangling his body within a bubble like the forced upon fate for Vic and Yix. Destroying Tilees' focus is a ball of acid shot from the Polymorph Plumber at him. The bubble beam is fired at him, and his body is stretched as his teammates had been. The guns on the ceiling return to a concealed place in the ceiling. One more gun comes out, blasting a red ray that puts the three bubbles into the way, creating a more condense version of the rubber ball-esque structure of Tilees', Yix's, and Vic's stretched bodies. The Polymorph from the bathroom steps into the room. Something wrong in your section, Letif?
Letif/Polymorph Plumber #2: No, I just wanted to check on the situation. It's not like they don't know I'm here anymore.
Polymorph Plumber (#1; reverting to his humanoid form): They may not, but they do. He points at the front door tinted window through which silhouettes of closeby, tall figures walking in this direction can be seen. Get into position. I'll conceal these guys.

Letif nods in response and returns to his place in the bathroom inside the toilet. The first Polymorph Plumber proceeds to encompass the massive bubble containing Vic, Yix, and Tilees' bodies. He rolls it around the counter and over into the manager's closet in the back, where several weapons are on shelves in the room. The Plumber disunites from the Thep Khufan bubble. He rushes out of the room, shutting the door and running over to the back of the main store and taking his position flat on the ceiling as what appears as a wide blot of green paint. The whole wall on which the entrance is on is torn off as over twenty Thep Khufans in black armor arrive at the Max's Plumbing building. One Thep Khufan stands behind all the men in a much bulkier suit of armor, no doubt the leader of the group.

Thep Khufan Black Leader: Deploy Polymorph defenses, code Alpha. Every Thep Khufan grows a blue Tachyon Cannon-like gun on their back. They all arm themselves with the weapons and aim at various points on the ceiling. A few manage to get a lock on something living. Engage attack mode, code Alpha.

Every Thep Khufan's aimed guns begin to shoot red lasers in the direction of the Polymorph on the ceiling. The Polymorph proceeds to slowly blow up into a bubble of acid.

Polymorph Plumber #1 (on the ceiling, being blasted, screaming): How--how did you know I was--AAAAGH--here?!
Thep Khufan Black Leader: I like to keep well informed of what my soldiers are doing at every moment.
Polymorph Plumber #1: You--errgh--you're the Commander, aren't--aaagh--you?
Thep Khufan Black Leader: I do not have to answer that question. Pick it up, soldiers. There's another to deal with.

The Thep Khufans continue to blast the Polymorph on the ceiling until he's completely inflated, the bubble on his body becoming transparent similarly to bubbles. The Polymorph proceeds to cry out in pain, until finally his bubble bursts, the slime of his body turning into a more viscous form of slime on the ceiling in the same blot shape. The Black Leader gestures his men to enter the bathroom. The other Thep Khufans march into the bathroom, proceeding to inflate and detonate the other Polymorph. They then move in one by one by means of the toilet transport to the Plumber's headquarters below. The Black Leader moves in last.

[We take on the view of the Plumber's headquarters, where the intruder alarm is going off as is indicated by an alarm sounding and the lights all having been turned red. The room is empty, but the Thep Khufans proceed to fill it in place of where the crowd around Max had been. The Black Leader falls down into the room on the platform where the podium is. He stands there and looks around.]

Thep Khufan Black Leader (into the microphone at the podium): Where are you, Plumbers?
Thep Khufan #4 (in black armor, in the crowd): Maybe they're setting up a trap. They could be in all the rooms outside of this one, just waiting for us.
Thep Khufan #5 (in black armor, in the crowd): Possibly, but what if they're not here at all. The Polymorphs were probably just a distraction for intruders like us. They probably fled.

Chatter spurs among the black-armored Thep Khufans in the crowd.

Thep Khufan Black Leader: Shut it, all of you. It becomes absolutely silent. If any of you even--err, one moment. Tilees, Yix, and Vic? There is no response. I see. A team of three, head back upstairs and go into the manager's closet by any means necessary and then use the same attitude in breaking Tilees, Yix, and Vic out of their jail. Three Thep Khufans from the crowd immediately use the pod to exit the main headquarters to return to the surface's main shop. And now for a message for all of the Plumbers in this base-- A phone ringing tone plays. The Black Leader looks down to his left wrist and taps it with two fingers to accept the call. Hello, I needed immediately?...What for?...Alright, I'm on my way. The call ends with a loud tone. The Black Leader looks up to this Thep Khufans. The Commander is expecting us on the edge of the universe. He's apprehended and stripped Tennyson of his "powers." If the Plumbers aren't going to come, then we have no reason to be here. Place the bomb. One of the Thep Khufans in the crowd walks over to one of the many control panels in the room and places down a brick-sized bomb. He activates it with a ten-second timer. Emergency Mass Teleport, code Alpha.

Every single Thep Khufan fades from the room as they are teleported out of the headquarters. We see an ID Mask fall on the floor of the headquarters. We look up at the source of the fallen mask and find a being the average height of a female human in a very dark cyan cloak. Max appears behind the cloaked figure aiming a blaster at them. The figure proceeds to just walk towards the bomb.

Max Tennyson: Hey, stay away from that thing! The figure is stopped for a moment. It stops in place for a moment, then proceeds to walk towards the bomb. Don't make me use this on you! The figure continues towards the bomb. When they arrive at it, they raise their hand behind their body. You accept the terms, then. Max blasts the figure, and the hand simply takes in the blast as if it was nothing. The figure puts its hand back in front of it. It takes the bomb and teleports away with it. What...?

[Minutes earlier on the Tertiary Wing, in the room where The Unleashed had been brought back to life in front of the now Omnitrix-less Ben Tennyson, kneeling on the floor with no strength or will to battle. The Thep Khufan Commander steps into the room. He walks over to The Unleashed's side.]

Thep Khufan Commander: The deed is done. I have contacted Loitus, and he is on his way. And since Tennyson can't do anything about it, I'll also say that I've set a trap for the Plumbers, leaving their planet, to some degree, defenseless.
The Unleashed: The Plumbers?'ll have to fill me in on the significance of their presence--or rather, absence--on Earth.
Thep Khufan Commander: In time, father. But before I fill you in on something, I believe Tennyson deserves to be filled in on a tale of your past, one I've heard from Warren time and time again, but have failed to believe.
The Unleashed: I can only guess which tale you're referring to.
Thep Khufan Commander: The beginning of this all, father.
The Unleashed: The disagreement, you mean?
Thep Khufan Commander: As you wish to call it, father. Just, tell it. I'll tell you if you reach a point where Warren 'stretched the truth.'
The Unleashed: Agreed. He extends his Tritadagen staff hand out. The pieces of the staff separate once more and float before him in the order they were collected: Tetragen, Rexahegen, Chronogen, and Primugen. The entire room becomes pitch black. Antehic.

The blackness of the room becomes a view of a planet covered in high-tech industrial buildings, producing smoke and pollution regardless. Flying through the skies are small ships the size of minivans, acting as the primary form of transport on this planet. The tallest building on the planet is a castle which becomes thinner with altitude. At the bottom is a perfect cube shape, where the foyer lies. At the front door is a Thep Khufan in a black cloak with purple lines for the diamond-shaped designs on it. The black-cloaked Thep Khufans steps in onto a red carpet in a room made entirely out of stone. There appears to be no way upstairs, just exits to outside through a large stained glass window and the front door through which he entered. As he steps in, he is greeted by two Thep Khufans in entirely red capes. They hold staves that end with a two-headed staff tips.

Red-Caped Thep Khufan #1 (flashback/past): State your name and reason for being.
Black- and Purple-Caped Thep Khufan (flashback/past): Commander Calign Tenebrosi. I'm here to see the General. I don't see why we need to go over this each time I come here, Fearoah.
Fearoah/Red-Caped Thep Khufan #1: It's procedure, Commander. Warren won't let us let anybody past this point without it. Plus, it's easy for others to masquerade as another. You just need the right cape.
Calign/Black- and Purple-Caped Thep Khufan: can I get upstairs? Fearoah: Of course. Thorne.

The other Thep Khufan nods and smacks the base of his staff on the right wall. Stones are pushed out of the walls creating winding stairs up to the highest accessible level of the building.

Thorne/Red-Caped Thep Khufan #2 (flashback/past): Feel free to just launch your way up there. General Warren never said you had to go up one by one. Calign: So they're arranged like this why?
Thorne: Why else? So those damned Ectonurites can get up. Some of them are so lazy. Instead of flying, they just stay hovering inches--if that--off of the ground or any platform. We have to please our master now.
Calign: Not unless I have something to say about it, Thorne. He extends and throws his arm upwards as far as possible up the steps, managing to go ten flights of stairs up. See you in a bit, guys. He launches himself upwards. As he reaches the flight of stairs upon which is arm is holding onto, he releases, allowing him to be thrown even higher than just ten flights. He arrives at the fourteenth level, just one below General Warren's throne room. A short extension to his arm and a grappling onto the edge of the fifteenth floor is all he needs to push himself onto the next floor. He lands himself on the floor and tries to knock at the steel door in front of him, but the door opens just before he manages. He walks in the room, skeptical of Warren's ability to know of his presence. The door closes behind him, and he stares forward at a chair in which Warren is seated facing out of his window, overlooking Anur Khufos. As Calign walks over to the General, he analyzes the newly redecorated room, brushed completely in red, with fireplaces on either side of the room. Calign walks over to the General and bows. All hail the highest ranking General Warren of the Thep Khufan Army.
General Warren (still facing out the window, flashback/past): You're early, Calign. [We get a view of his face, showing a part of it with a skull underneath. The skull is covered up with his papery skin, then he flips the chair around to face the Commander. We get a full view of the room once more.] You may rise. What is it you wished to talk about?
Calign (standing up straight): General, we have put in a tough position with the Ectonurites. It's only been ten years since they invaded, but they have already changed our whole world. It's all industry overground. Rather than utilizing the heat to their advantage, they have decided to make their own energy, and then pollute our air with smoke. We've been forced underground for living, the only place filthier than the surface. You know this is not how the Thep Khufans are meant to live. It's just not proper. Anur Khufos is being run underground, and our reputation has dropped completely. Word has gotten out, and we are the lowest of the low on the food chain and respect scale in this as well as the surrounding three galaxies--not even systems, but galaxies.
General Warren: So you propose we find a way to stop this?
Calign: Yes, and all I need is for you to say the word. I will rally up all my men who are ready to fight, and--
General Warren: Excuse me, did you just say "your men?"
Calign: Apologies, General. The Army's men, I will rally up the *Army's men* and--
General Warren: Wrong. We are all the Ectonurites' subjects, and we can do nothing about it.
Calign: Warren, you must be kidding me. They have as much a backbone as us. We are more powerful, and I believe I can make us even better than we already are.
General Warren: No, Calign. Brother, you must see it--
Thep Khufan Commander (outside of the story/present): Father, what did he just call you?
Calign/The Unleashed (outside of the story/present: Brother. Did he not tell you?
Thep Khufan Commander: He explicitly stated that we have no relation. He would not even tell me my last name. He-he said he didn't know. I've never even heard someone refer to him by his full name.
Calign/The Unleashed: I guess he's ashamed of what had been done as a result of this. Now let my anecdote run its course.
General Warren (flashback/past): This is the ideal way of living. I can't allow you to bring up war against the Ectonurites just to get us out of this. Anur Khufos is making money now. We are becoming rich.
Calign (flashback/past): Where have you been the past few years? The Ectonurites are killing us, and we haven't made a profit since they got here. All of the cash we should be raking in for our labor is going towards the people of Anur Phaetos. They are the ones who are rising up on the respect scale, the food chain, and even on Sebrof's Universal Richest Species list. We can stop all of what they're doing now. I have a solut--
General Warren: No, it is not happening. We are fine as it is. We are in no real danger. Eventually, the Ectonurites will give up, and we will be safe again. For now, we must live with it.
Calign: Brother--
General Warren: I am not going to argue with you on this. You are not to try anything, little brother. This is for the world's safety, you understand me?
Calign: I understand you, but I don't understand your reasoning.
General Warren: How unfortunate. You'll see. Now promise me you will not try anything.
Calign (turning around and facing the door): I'm not making a promise with you. You're not my brother. I see not an ounce of Warren in you anymore, not the Warren I used to see, the one your wife married...the one I chose as my children's guardian...

The past Calign bashes the door down and steps outside. He jumps off of the edge to go downstairs. Warren bows his head with disappointment. He turns around, nonetheless, and continues to overlook the planet.

Unleashed Calign (present/outside of the story): I have some remorse on not making the promise. If I'd just agreed with him, I wouldn't be here in the way I am.
Thep Khufan Commander: Only your brother Warren is to blame, father. Surprisingly, the only difference between your story and his was in regards to referring to you as "brother." Not once did he use that term with you.
Unleashed Calign: The only conflict between the stories? That's it? Well, there's bound to be more, if you'd let me finish.
Thep Khufan Commander: Apologies, father.

Unleashed Calign fast-forwards the events to a fortnight after the conversation with General Warren. We are now in past Calign's lab within his own ship.

Unleashed Calign: My lab, 800 years
Thep Khufan Commander: This was in your ship?
Unleashed Calign: Yes. The Wrecked Callsign, I called it, having expected it would be destroyed sooner or later. I just never could have predicted that with my scientific expertise that it would be my own knowledge that would compromise it.
Thep Khufan Commander: I see.

The past Calign is in a lab coat, standing in front of his desk where eight diamond-shaped holes are on a tray. He removes from behind him a small test tube. He pours the whole of the pale green contents of the test tube into the first of the eight diamond-shaped holes. Calign then repeats this process for the next seven diamond holes. Second up is a brown liquid; third a purple liquid; fourth a light blue liquid; fifth a black liquid; sixth a glowing purple liquid; seventh a white liquid; eighth and finally, a glowing lime green liquid.

Calign (flashback/past): In hopes that this works. He steps away from the desk in the center of his lab and presses a button on the high ceiling by extending his arm. A metal ball falls from the ceiling with eight holes in it each a different color, but each also matching one of the eight colors of liquids that had been poured into the diamond holes. Calign puts on goggles. 3...2...1...(Inhales and exhales greatly) Go. Calign presses another button on the ceiling. From the metal ball, bright lasers are shot into the diamond holes, each laser in the corresponding color of its liquid. The liquids harden, becoming diamond-shaped minerals. After fifteen minutes of close observation, the crystals are completed. The holes they are held in rise up, leveling the crystals within with the top of the desk. Calign walks up to the crystals. They're beautiful. He picks up the first crystal on the left and analyzes it. He accidentally fires a Taydenite crystal out of it at the right eye of his goggles. He puts the original crystal down and removes his goggles to analyze the crystal. A different structure...this is Taydenite. He pulls the Taydenite out of the goggles, noticing the large crack in his goggles. I'll have to purchase new ones, and those cost me a fortune. He turns around and gets a plastic bag in which he places the Taydenite. He places it on a lab table behind him featuring lots of test tubes. He returns to the table of crystals. He picks up the second one, the brown crystal. He holds it up towards the wall in front of him. A large hole is busted through the wall, but through the wall is the engine for his ship. He had struck the engine, but a tough layer of metal over it protected it from harm. Phew. He puts down the brown crystal. He moves onto the most appealing one, the glowing purple crystal. The paper around his stomach opens, grabbing the crystal and putting it inside him. What-what just happened? His stomach opens, and the crystal faces the engine. No, what are you--The crystal blasts at the engine, immediately tearing through the metal layer and hitting the main engine. No, no, no! The engine quickly heats up, until finally, the engine explodes in a bright white glow. Calign is knocked out from the explosion. What seems like minutes later, though, he wakes up in a bright pink world--Ledgerdomain, but this place is barren of any life or rock formations, save for a small one just underneath him. As he gets up onto his feet, he looks around, accidentally stepping off of the edge, but being saved by another rock that appears under him. Hmm? He continues to walk, more rocks being created. He remembers the crystal that had been in his stomach. He opens his stomach, shedding light on each of the eight crystals inside him. He removes them with his bare hands and puts them on the floor. Upon doing so, the crystals mix together, creating a staff with eight different crystals on it in this order (from top to bottom): black, white, glowing purple, light blue, pale green, brown, purple, and glowing lime green. What...? This...these crystals have magical abilities alone, but what can they do together. He picks up the staff and holds it horizontally over his head, the black end pointing to one different direction and the glowing green end facing the other. Tightening his grip on it, he uses the crystals. Strangely, the crystals both disappear. He tightens his grip once more, removing the next two at the tip and the base, then once more, leaving not a single crystal in his hand., what have I done?!

The past Calign looks around. He attempts to create another rock platform underneath him, but fails. He grabs onto the edge of the platform and attempts to launch himself onto it, but he finds himself with a great lack of energy. He grips his stomach, now a center of pain. Seconds later, he completely loses energy. He slips off the edge, and his eyes close. He proceeds to fall endlessly towards the bottom of the dimension. The flashback flashes white, and the room is restored to its original form--just a regular, nearly empty room in the Tertiary Wing. Unleashed Calign reverts his four crystals of the Tritadagen staff to its staff form and holds it again.

Unleashed Calign (present, sighing): And that was my...unfortunate...demise...
Thep Khufan Commander: Father, it was always my conception that the crystals were made by you with the purpose of bringing yourself back.
Unleashed Calign: It was not. Its only purpose was to be powerful enough to begin destroying neighboring planets, only after the Ectonurites would be destroyed. But I see you'd rather begin with Earth.
Thep Khufan Commander: Well, I--
Unleashed Calign: No need to make excuses for it. It is a very good plan. Show your force by destroying the home planet of the Tennyson boy. Make extinct the species that poses a true threat to the big picture, then take them on.
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes, of course, father.
Unleashed Calign: I'd like to really thank you for bringing me back. I never truly got the chance to see the potential of my crystals, but now it's becoming real.
Thep Khufan Commander: Father, would you mind telling me where the other four are?
Unleashed Calign: Oh, yes. The other four...they have all been scattered and are not as powerful alone. You wouldn't recognize most of them because of their modern names and their difference to these four's names, but it's true that they are still around. They are...Fabricating before him is a light blue crystal. Cyogenic Diamond, a mineral found deep within the Earth and somewhat the best form of Cyogen if someone could only realize its potential when combined into this staff. The diamond flies onto the top of the Tritadagen crystal and manages to attach itself with no external help. Another crystal appears before Calign--a glowing purple crystal. Corrodium. It flies onto the top of the diamond on the staff. Another crystal--a bright white one--appears before Unleashed Calign. The Angel's Diamond. The crystal is morphed into position on the top of the staff. And finally, (a black crystal appears before him. At random intervals, pink spots fade into appearance then slowly fade to black) Vindicogen.
Thep Khufan Commander: That's impossible. That crystal was destroyed, proven to be a fake.
Unleashed Calign: Your scanners picked up on the Vindicogen, Tersce. You should have realized it was real. If only that pathetic human hadn't misused it. It's fragile, unlike the others, despite being the topmost part of the staff. The Vindicogen flies onto the top of the Tritadagen staff, fitting itself into position atop the Angel's Diamond. The close relationship the Angel's Diamond and the Vindicogen is startling. They have nearly the same makeup, but almost completely different abilities as well as locations. But not anymore. He holds the Tritadagen staff in front of him. Presenting the complete Tritadagen staff. I would've preferred better names for every piece of it, as well as for the completed form, but here it is. The ultimate source of power.
Ultimate Humungousaur's Voice: I'll be taking that.
Unleashed Calign: What? He looks ahead and sees a red-eyed, Omnitrix-less version of Ultimate Humungousaur. How have you managed to do this, Tennyson? Explain your--He looks down and sees Ben still kneeling weakly on the floor, now drawing his own attention to Ultimate Humungousaur behind him. You are not Tennyson. Who are you?
Negative Ultimate Humungousaur: I'm sorry you haven't gotten a chance to meet me, "Calign." My name is Albedo. He holds up his hands, facing his right hand to the Commander and his left to Unleashed Calign. Hand me the Tritadagen staff, right now.

Negative Ultimate Humungousaur's arms turn into rockets, after which, the whole of the Tertiary Wing's color is made red as the intruder alarm goes off.

Tertiary Wing AI: Intruder alert, intruder alert. Anodite intrusion by means of teleport in progress.
Thep Khufan Commander: Well, stop it!
Female Voice: Unlikely.
Thep Khufan Commander: Wha--? Standing next to Negative Ultimate Humungousaur is the figure in a dark cyan cloak, holding the bomb in her hands. She puts the bomb down with three--correction: two--seconds remaining.

[We get a view from outside of the ship of the Tertiary Wing at the edge of the universe a half-mile across from the Little Trion. The Tertiary Wing is calm and peaceful for all of two seconds. We close on the ship's explosion. Flying through space in the debris is Ben's torn and burnt "10" jacket. From a distance, we see the windshield of the Little Trion. Julie alone is standing in front of it, welling up at the sight of the explosion.]


Part II

[We open in the Max's Plumbing store at night once more. Inside, several humanoid Plumbers--aliens such as Rook Blonko, humans like Molly Gunther--are cleaning up the Polymorph gunk on the walls. They put what they can find in separate plastic bags, labeled with the names of each Plumber--Letif and Dizzolv. Max arrives in the main part of the store at this point. He approaches Rook.]

Max: So what did you find?
Rook: Alpha Squad members Letif and Dizzolv don't appear to be responding to our stimuli, and they aren't even showing residual signs of life.
Max (sighs): Another two Plumbers forced to bite the dust.
Rook: Excuse me?
Max: We're going to have to hold a ceremony in their honor. After all of this is over, of course.
Rook: You seem confident in the Plumbers' ability to defeat the Thep Khufans. They do not appear to be a foe that can possibly be beaten.
Max: Of course we can. They're simply trying to climb up on the food chain. One doesn't just do that, at least not with an army as small as the one I saw.
Rook: I believe I heard their leader speaking of a "Commander," possibly the one Ben referred to when he first learned of the Thep Khufans' plan.
Max: Hmm...then it's possible we haven't dealt with or even seen the true leader yet.
Rook: That does not spell something good for the Earth, Magister.
Max: I know. What did the Thep Khufans say about where they were headed?
Rook: I believe they said they were heading to the edge of our solar system, sir.
Familiar Female Voice: No, he said the edge of the universe. Racing over to Max and Rook is a dark-skinned human girl in a red Alpha Squad Plumber's suit. Magister Karin Frikton, also member of the Alpha Squad.
Max: I'm well aware, Karin. I don't see how I couldn't. Do you know where Cooper is?
Karin/Familiar Female Voice: I do, but he's told me not to tell you. He needs to keep control of that Ben robot, at least until the real Ben comes back.
Max: It's been over 3 days since we heard of Ben. Do you know if he's alright?
Karin: I haven't been able to get an update, but I imagine that Commander Thep Khufan knows where he is, and if he's awake or even alive.
Max: Hmm...yes. Then we'll need to gather a squad to head towards the Commander's ship at the edge of the universe. We need to fix this, and we'll need Ben and the Omnitrix to do so. Karin, you'll be leading the squad.
Rook: Magister, if I can interrupt, I do believe it's best that someone outside of ourselves leads the squad.
Max: Why?
Rook: To honor Ben's request. If he is not alive, then we are the remaining members of the 10 Squad which he formed with the purpose of defeating the Thep Khufans.
Max: Hmm...okay. Come, you two. We need to find a leader for the squad and people willing to go.

The three walk into the bathroom and shut the door.

[We transition to the highest level of the Plumbers' Headquarters. Max has reprised his spot at the podium, with Rook and Karin standing behind him. The Plumbers in the room see Max and crowd around him for his announcement.]

Max: Thank you for coming on such short notice, everybody. For those of you who have managed not to know about it yet, the Thep Khufans recently invaded this Plumber base. At the risk of another invasion, we are going to have to temporarily move to Mt. Rushmore to monitor alien activity of Earth, as well as of alien activity outside of this planet and this sector. Heading to the edge of the universe are the Thep Khufans right now, but we believe that there are still some on this world. We also believe that the ones that have left are going to meet up with the leader of the operation, the "Commander" as is the only other detail we know about him save for deciding for the Thep Khfuans to meet up there. Now, we believe that he has Ben there. If this is true, it's only a matter of time till one said is forced to fight. One side will also have to lose, but it's possible that Ben hasn't woken up from the sleep he started a few days ago due to a malfunction in the Omntirix. If the Omnitrix ends up in this Commander's hands, then we will have been defeated. There will be nothing left for us to do. But we can stop this. I, as well as Magister Karin Frikton and Rook Blonko, will be unable to be on the squad headed after the Thep Khufans, so we will need a team who are ready for action and are proven to be able to perform a task like this and survive. If anyone wants to become a part of the squad, then step up. Every single one of you who survives will come back with the title of Alpha Squad member, and the leader will also come back as a Magister. So, who's up for this?
Familiar Male Voice: I am.
Max: You're going to have to walk up here.
Familiar Male Voice: No way.
Max: Then, you can't--
Familiar Male Voice (somewhat deep): I prefer flying up there. A dark-skinned Plumber in a black Plumber's suit leaps into the air using a chunk of the floor to hover. He releases the chunk of the floor, dropping it back into its place, and uses propels himself towards Max using flames expelled from his hands. When he is in the air just in front of the platform Max is making the announcement from, he cuts off his flames and flips down onto the platform. He lands on his feet, bending down with one hand on the floor and the other in the air. He gets up onto his feet, with Rook surprised at his appearance and height close to his own. The male turns around. Hello, Magister Tennyson.
Max: What's your name, Plum--Alan Albright? Is that you?

The male bows.

Alan/Familiar Male Voice: Thank you for noticing, Magister.
Max: Everyone's a late bloomer in this generation, now aren't they?
Alan: I guess so. My fellow late bloomer Cooper actually redesigned the Plumber suits, making this. He points out his suit, which is black with the location for the Plumber badge being on his chest rather than in front of his neck. It's not much of a step up from the regular one when you're looking at it like this, but it's got some extra capabilities.
Max: Hmm...that's just the kind of thing we need for this mission.
Rook: But Magister, he is wearing an unauthorized Plumber's suit. That is against the rules.
Max: Really? Well, we're going to have to change that rule, or at least make an exception. He turns around to the podium microphone and speaks out to the rest of the Plumbers. We have our squad leader, Alan Albright. Does anybody else want to become a part of this squad, or rather, make a difference for your entire sector?
Familiar Male Voice #2: If Alan's doing it, so am I.
Familiar Female Voice #2: Me too.

A Kineceleran and a Tetramand step onto the stage, also wearing black Plumber suits, but lacking their helmets. They are Helen Wheels and Manny Armstrong, respectively.

Max: Great to have you two onboard.
Alan: It's great to see you guys again.

Manny analyzes Alan. He places his flat palm over Alan's head and moves his head straight across towards his own head to compare their height. Alan makes it to the top of Manny's forehead.

Manny: Haha, still better, pipsqueak.
Helen: Manny!
Manny: What, he's shorter than me!
Rook: Just barely, Tetramand called "Manny."
Helen: You must be Rook. I'm Helen Wheels, and this is my partner Manny.
Manny: Manny Armstrong.
Helen: Yeah.
Rook: You are hybrids, I presume?
Helen: Yes. How'd you guess?
Max (as Rook, Helen, Manny, as Alan continue to converse. to the crowd): We're going to need a team of at least five. We have three up here.
Remember, this is what you have all trained for.
Female Voice: I'm in.
Max: Huh? Max turns around to see a girl in a white cloak. Underneath the cloak, her mostly bare light-skinned legs are apparent, as well as a belt on her waist with what appear to be the Charms of Bezel on them. Where did you get those? And are you a Plumber? She pulls her Plumber badge out from the back of her cloak on her belt and presents it to Max. Rook, (tosses the badge to Rook) check this one's legimitacy.
Female Voice: My name is Dream Angel, the daughter of the guy who discovered and who's the namesake for the Angel's Diamond.

Chatter in the crowd is roused, with aliens of various languages--including alien ones--repeating "Dream Angel" to others.

Rook (halting his analysis of the Plumber badge): You? You are Dream Angel?
Max: The Angel's Diamond...Dream Angel. But Richard Angel only had one daughter, and her name was Diamond Angel.
Dream/Female Voice: That's my name.
Max: Hmm...
Rook: Magister, this appears to be a bona fide, palpable Plumber's badge. It has even got the latest firmware installed.
Max: Hmm...pass it to me. Rook lobs the badge over to Max, who catches it in his hand without effort. He taps the hourglass symbol, creating a holographic map over the badge. Hmm...Alpha 15. The badge's hologram changes to a full bio of Diamond "Dream" Angel. The picture to the side of an essay-length biography appears to be the same as her present form--her face with a shadow casted over it by the cloak. I guess it's true. He hands the badge back to Dream. You're on the team then. Turns back to the crowd, only to find someone in the standard white Plumber's suit hovering in front of him. Magister Io.
Io/Hovering Plumber: It would be my pleasure to join you.
Max: You're supposed to be stationed on Incarceron in the Null Void. You're breaking rank.
Io: Come now, Maxwell. Can't I break the rules for this? I'm offering to save your world. What could possibly go wrong while I'm gone? There are several other guards active there, many of which are Plumbers as well. I don't think I'm really the one holding the place up. Plus, I have someone filling for me. A shapeshifter of sorts.
Max (sighs): Alright. You make a good argument, Io. Welcome aboard. Io nods with a smile, flying over to the group behind him. Karin high-fives him, remembering their past mission. Max turns to the crowd once more. Alright, we don't need anymore than five, but if any of you are willing enough to do this, then you are free to come. It is true that we need Plumbers to continue being stationed here, but we can take as many who volunteer to go out there. This could easily be a trap, but this is what you have all been training for a variable amount of time. So ask yourselves if you are going to pass up this opportunity simply to pass it up. Sure, you can stay here, but at least continue to contemplate this. There is no response from the crowd for well over a minute. Alright, then, (he moves to the side to present the squad being sent out to the Tertiary Wing) then I'd like you all to meet the Plumbers who are risking their lives for this mission. Alan Albright, Pyronite and Human, is their leader; Helen Wheels, Kineceleran and Human, will join them; Manny Armstrong, Tetramand and Human, will side with them; Dream Angel, Human with special abilities, will be there as well; and Magister Io, Voluminore and Climous, will provide backup and general supervision. A round of applause, please.

Hoots, woots, and rounds of applause are given to the team being sent out to the edge of the universe. The ovation continues for five minutes, at which point, people begin to separate, returning to their stations on different parts of the headquarters, some also heading down to their ships to return to their places in other sectors. When everyone is gone, save for the team led by Alan Albright as well as Rook and Karin, Max turns around to the team and shakes each one of their hands.

Alan: This is quite the opportunity, Magister Tennyson. Thank you. He bows to Max. In a wave-like motion, those standing to his side follow him and bow to Max. How long does my squad we have to prepare?
Max: Well, *Alan* Squad has ten minutes.
Alan: Ten minutes? I do not know if that is enough time.
Max: It's perfect. Rook and Karin will aid you, and you have Io and Helen, who are well versed in these things as well. I wish I could help, but I'm not the most advanced guy out there. If you have any issues with your ship, feel free to get in touch with Blukic and Driba. You know where they are, Rook?
Rook: Yes, Magister.
Max: Alright, then you're dismissed Alan Squad. Get ready.
Manny: Wait, wait, wait, why can't we call it Max Force? We finally get to name a team, why can't we do that?
Max: Because it's a ridic--

Alan holds up his hand to stop Max. Max stops and observes.

Alan (to Manny): Okay, Manny. You've waited for this for two years, so we'll do it. Max Force, let's get ready.

Max smiles as he watches Max Force off downstairs. Before leaving with the others, Rook and Karin stay at Max to speak with him.

Rook: You're a great leader, Magister Tennyson. You've inspired countless people, today and always.
Karin: Did you just use a contraction?
Rook: I believe I did.
Karin: Doesn't your whole species discourage that?
Rook: I can bend the rules a bit. After all, I'm not controlled by Revonnah customs here on Earth. I am less restrained. Oh, I could have used another one there. And there too!
Karin (chuckling): You'll get the hang of it, Rook. C'mon.

Karin dashes to follow Max Force, followed by Rook running as fast he can--which nowhere near compares to Karin. Max watches the team off with his smile yet again. As soon as they are out of sight, turns around and puts on a straight face. He walks over to two Plumbers--one male and one female--both seated at a single computer.

Max (to two Plumbers): How are you two doing with the search?
Male Plumber: We're doing fine, Max. I think we've finally picked up on something.
Female Plumber: We're actually picking up some, if not a complete, source of Anodite makeup in the suspect's sample. Oh, wait, I think I got it!
Max: Pull it up, Lindsay.
Male Plumber: Pfft, you only beat me by a second, Lin'.
Lindsay/Female Plumber: Times about a few minutes, yeah.
Max: I swear, you two.
Male Plumber: What?
Max: You're in your mid-40s, yet you act like young fighting siblings at times.
Lindsay: Name one time.

Max slaps his palm to his face, then slowly slides it off his face.

Max: Do you have the results yet?
Lindsay: Of course. I'm sorry about the time it took, Michael distr--
Max: I only asked if you got the results.
Michael/Male Plumber: Here we go, Magister Tennyson.

On the wide screen before Max, Michael, and Lindsay is an image of the complex makeup of the hereditary molecules of the sample taken from the bomb. A popup appears identifying the molecules as belonging to Anodites. Following this, the sample is put to the side and a full-body picture is made of a female Anodite. In the upper right, the name of the Anodite is found. We get a view from Max's perspective as he reads letter for letter: V-E-R. We stop watching the screen and now watch Max who has picked up the speed of his reading. He gasps at the name.

Lindsay: Well, this is rather...unexpected.
Max: She's alive...
Lindsay: Yes. You didn't know that, Uncle?
Max: She hadn't visited.
Lindsay: Shall we arrange a trip to her? I can probably track her knowing this.
Max: No...she obviously had a reason for being here and taking the bomb. Let's let life run its course. He looks up to the ceiling, somewhat attempting to see the starry sky beyond it and the ceiling afterward. She'll turn up eventually.

[We pan up in the direction Max is facing, up into the night sky, picking up speed as we are brought to the opposite side of the universe--or rather, the edge of the universe. We find ourselves moving past Ben's "10" jacket, discarded and floating through space. We zoom in on the Little Trion, from which Julie had been watching the jacket float around. She is now seated at one of the pilot's seats, crying her eyes out. She is being comforted by Tetrax and Charmcaster Gwen, with Ship standing by her with a similar expression of sadness on his face and Azmuth staring out into space.]

Azmuth: I don't find it possible for Ben to have been defeated so easily. The Omnitrix needs to have been removed to do so.
Tetrax: Maybe it was, Azmuth.
Azmuth: Impossible. They would have to get to it, and the Omnitrix was running on a full charge. Ben wouldn't possibly find himself in a situation where he was actually vulnerable.
Tetrax: Well, think about it, how often does he actually get the transformation he wants? What if he became a Galvan and--no offense--wasn't able to defend himself? The Commander could have just picked him up and found a way to remove it. He seems to know a lot about those kinds of things.
Azmuth: Again, impossible. You and few others are aware of how to do certain things like this, but he cannot. He is a Thep Khufan who as far as I know has no relation to anyone who knows the secrets of the Omnitrix.
Tetrax: Have you actually checked his background?
Azmuth: No, but I do not have to.
Tetrax: Why not?
Azmuth: Because I'm absolutely positive.
Tetrax: Do you even know his name?
Azmuth: Yes.
Tetrax: Oh, yeah, so what is it?
Azmuth: It's, err, fairly unimportant, as a matter of fact. And there is no need to pester me about it if you know.
Kevin (walking into the room, pulling up the zipper on his jeans): Even I can tell that's a bit of, what, embarrassment? You really don't know his name? And all of us do?
Azmuth: Well, I wouldn't say all of you know his name.
Kevin: We do. It's Tersce, by the way.
Azmuth: Oh, of course, you know only his primary name. I am as familiar with that as you, of course. The problem is that I do not have a surname, something I can use to pursue one and only one Thep Khufan. I doubt any Thep Khufans share names, what with their disliking common names.
Kevin: Will you just look him up alread--
Azmuth: What is that? He looks up into space and sees a large pink bubble increasing in size as it approaches the Little Trion. Duck for cover!

Everyone, including Julie who has tears running down her face, looks up into space to see the bubble. They drop down onto the floor, protecting themselves. For a few moments, they wait for the bubble to crash in through the windshield, but as they get up, they see nothing outside.

Kevin: Wait, what? What happened?
Female Voice: Behind you, Curtis.
Kevin (not having turned around): Oh. It's you. He turns around to see a person in a dark cyan cloak. Next to her is Ben standing up straight. Julie, who is still on the floor sobbing, is tapped on the shoulder by Charmcaster. Julie raises her head to look at Charmcaster and sees past Charmcaster's legs from her view on the floor Ben, minus his sweater. Tennyson, you're alive. He fakes a cough. Err, I mean, man, nice to see ya. Thought you were a goner.
Ben: Thanks, Kevin. Julie jumps up and gives Ben a huge hug, her legs off the floor and spinning Ben around and her head over Ben's left shoulder. Ben catches her in the hug, holding her tightly after a moment of simply keeping his arms at his side unsure of what to do. Her feet fall back onto the floor. Julie.
Julie (holding Ben a few inches away from her): Ben, you...(she drops her head) you really scared me. Promise you'll never do that to me again. Ben: I didn't even know I was safe, Julie. It's thanks to my grandma that I'm even alive.
Julie: And the promise?
Ben: What pro--Oh, yeah. He puts on a straight face. No, Julie.
Julie: What? Why would you say n--
Ben (smiling): Not unless you promise you won't either.

Julie smiles and drops her head over Ben's shoulder again as she hugs him.

Julie (head still over Ben's shoulder): Deal, Ben. I think I've already scared you once, though.
Ben: Apology accepted.
Julie: Hah.
Ben: Hey, Azmuth!
Azmuth: Yes, Tennyson?
Ben: Oh, you know you missed me.
Azmuth: I don't see the purpose in doing so. You can easily be replaced, as can all of you in this room.
Kevin: Ouch.
Ben: Alrighty then...well, I'm going to need another Omnitrix. The Commander's not going to be taken down on his own.
Azmuth: You will be needing one, but it's unfortunate that you won't be able to get one.
Ben (Julie raising her head off of Ben's shoulder): What? Why?
Azmuth: You possessed the sole remaining Assault Omnitrix, and the last one whose blueprints I had. It will take me months to procure a fully working edition--and this includes going through the bug testing phases. I didn't think I needed to warn you to not destroy them, but it appears you're rinsing through them faster than you're doing so with your attire.
Ben: Hey, I wasn't the one who changed my clothes either time! Grandma Verdona's the one (behind Ben, the woman in the cloak sets aside her cloak and enters her Anodite form) who took of my sweater to trick those Benmummies.
Azmuth: And do have some maturity, Benjamin. Call them by their actual species name.
Ben: Well, I'm sorry. She took off the sweater to trick--
Azmuth: Yes, yes, I understand what you are getting at. But that doesn't change the fact that you are now without the Omnitrix. If you can get it back and it's not broken and that Thep Khufan hasn't already stolen its Primugen, maybe it can be put back together, but otherwise, you and the entire universe are forced to battle it on their own raw power.
Ben: Well...the Omnitrix is cut in half and the Primugen isn't in it anymore. What can you do for that?
Azmuth: Absolutely nothing. Maybe a Mechamorph can piece it back together, but because of the Primugen's presence, I was able to get the Omnitrix to recharge itself of its own will without the need for being hooked up to anything external. Without it, the built-in batteries ought to have died. If I were my future self, maybe I would know the secrets to creating a device that doesn't run off of the Primugen, but at the moment, you're forced to live with yourself like this. In your human form, without the "weapon" that the iterations of the Omnitrix have been made out to be, and a team that needs true leadership.
Ben: A team that needs leading? Hmm...alright, then I've got a plan.
Charmcaster: Took you long enough. I was getting tired of you constantly running in blind.
Ben: I ran in once, Charmcaster.
Charmcaster: Call me Hope, please, Tennyson. You know my name. I don't see why you should continue to call me that.
Ben: Because I know you as Charmcaster. The name fits you and your powers. Did you pick it yourself?
Charmcaster: Well, yeah.
Ben: Awesome job. If I hadn't met you before I got Anos, I still probably wouldn't come up with a name as awesome as that.
Charmcaster (blushing): Thanks. Any reason for the compliment, Ben?
Ben: I kinda always wondered.
Kevin: Ugh, barf.
Julie: Girlfriend standing right here.
Ben: Julie, do we even need to go over how you're the only girl for me? Did Goop really not make it clear a year ago when Captain Nemesis made me choose between you and Jennifer Nocturne?
Julie: Well...maybe.
Ben: Then there's no reason to ever get jealous. But if this kinda thing makes you uncomfortable, ever, just tell me, alright?
Julie: Alright, Ben. I know you wouldn't ever cheat on me.
Ben: And you can bet that'll always be true, alright?
Julie (smiling): Alright.
Kevin: The plan, Tennyson? You know, before I go into the bathroom and add a layer of my puke onto the walls?
Ben: Alright, alright. Julie, I want to take you on a date?
Kevin: Tennyson!
Ben: So, Julie?
Julie: Umm..maybe this isn't the--
Ben: C'mon, I've got the perfect place for it.
Julie: And that would be...?
Ben: and you, on the Tertiary Wing. Picture it. You remember how I used Upgrade to make a suit for you? Well, now you gotta do that for me. And we're going to beat everything in that ship.
Julie: Why?
Ben: Because I know a secret.
Azmuth: This isn't the time for secrets, Benjamin. What do you know?
Ben: I know that our solution is in there. None of you, except for maybe Kevin, know this but my future self...well...he, err...
Azmuth: Perished, on Chronospect. Save for Charmcaster, we're all aware. What is the point you are getting at?
Ben: The Commander has Future Ben's Omnitrix. And I'm thinking it's still intact, and even if it isn't, I bet that special battery you're looking for is.
Azmuth: So you're going to scour what remains of the Tertiary Wing for it, even though there is a chance that it was destroyed in the explosion?
Ben: It's the only hope we have right now, Azmuth.
Azmuth: Hmm...alright. Go. And if you return, I expect to hear your plan.
Ben: You know I'll be back, Azmuth. I never lose.
Azmuth: Recent events seem to prove otherwise.
Ben: Pfft. You ready, Julie?
Julie: I don't know if I want to do this.
Ben: I know beating stuff isn't your walk in the park, Julie, but--
Julie: No, Ben, that's not my problem. Fighting, it's actually become kinda fun. But it's not's fusing with you. Remember last time was how I got my powers? And that alien that gave me them works for the Commander? What if she does something worse while we're on the ship?
Ben: Julie, if we don't go on their ship, then nothing's going to happen to us, while the Earth gets destroyed.
Julie: I hate it when you do that, Ben.
Ben: Well this is the kinda thing I can't play down. This is the truth. This is what we're facing.
Julie: Alright then. Putting on a smile. If we're going to do this, we're going to do this right.

Julie morphs into her Mechamorph form. She then merges with Ben, creating a suit around his body much like her own, except in a less curvy shape to accommodate Ben's form factor.

Ben: Alright. You wanna do the honors?
Julie (suit form): Of?
Ben: The catch phrase.
Julie (suit form): Oh, yeah. Ben in Julie's Mechamorph suit begins to hover. It's her--
Verdona: Wait, I have an announcement to make!
Ben: Can it wait?
Verdona: Not at all. She floats over to Charmcaster Gwen. Charmcaster--Hope, we are closer than you would ever believe.
Charmcaster: What do you mean?
Verdona (inhales and exhales greatly): I am your future. I came back to the past to marry Max to take the place of the real Verdona, who died shortly after giving birth to her last child.
Charmcaster: What?! No, this can't be true.
Verdona: Hmm...well, you got me. It isn't.
Charmcaster: Phew.
Verdona: But, boy, would that be a wild turn of events? Unfortunately, it's impossible seeing as I'm an Anodite and you are nothing more than a human. She descends to the floor. Well, in that form at least, you're only half-Anodite. I am pure, but maybe having a half of the human life wouldn't be so bad.
Ben: Are you done, Grandma? I'm kinda trying to give my girlfriend a chance to say my catch phrase.
Julie: Let's just go.
Ben: No way, you have to say.
Julie: Alright.
Verdona: Wait!
Ben: No more wasting time. Julie, you ready?
Julie: Completely. It's hero time!

Ben and Julie open the door to the left and float outside, closing the door after they exit. They then fly over to the Tertiary Wing, with them appearing smaller and smaller as we float here watching from a single point.


Part III

[We open inside the Plumbers' headquarters at the lowest level where Max Force (Alan Albright, Manny Armstrong, Helen Wheels, Dream Angel, and Io) are aided by Rook and Karin in setting up their ship with supplies. As they complete the setup, Rook and Karin step away from the ship and watch as Io, Helen, Manny, and Dream enter the ship by means of the rear landing entrance into the cargo hold. Alan stands at the landing and looks to Rook and Karin.]

Alan: Thank you for your helping, Magisters Karin and Rook Blonko.
Karin: Magister Frikton, soldier.
Alan: Oh, my apologies. I thought you two were together or something.
Karin (blushing): What, no! I have a boyfriend. You know Cooper, don't you?!
Alan: Oh, yes. I'm sorry. It's just...never mind.
Rook: This is a very dangerous mission you are embarking on. To lead this something like this is an opportunity to behold. Your father must be proud.
Alan: I hope so. He's not stationed on Earth anymore, but I'm sure he'll hear about it. Would you be able to tell him?
Rook: I will look him up and try to contact him.

Alan nods and boards the ship. Karin presses on her Plumber's badge and speaks into it.

Karin: Magister Tennyson, the ship is ready.
Max: Alan's team's?
Karin: Yes, Magister.
Max: Alright. They must be out of here in a minute. The timing on all of this needs to be perfect. We need to keep up with the Thep Khufans in space.
Karin: Yes, Magister. She lets go of her Plumber's badge and rushes onto a platform at level with and in front of the windshield of the ship. Karin yells through the window to the pilots: Manny and Helen. Alan stands between the pilots, with Io and Dream seated in the rear passenger seats just in front of the cargo hold's locked door. The pilots press a button and the cargo hold landing in the back is lifted up. You're cleared for takeoff, soldiers. Good luck!

The pilots nod in response and prepare for takeoff. Alan walks to the back and takes a seat on one of the boxes in the cargo hold to protect the landing. The ship begins to hover over the ground. Karin races to a safe distance, that is, next to Rook. The ship gains altitude at an increasing rate, beginning to rotate until its nose is facing directly upward. Alan can be heard yelling from the cargo hold to the pilots.

Alan: Blast off!

The ship goes soaring through the Plumbers' headquarters, a path being quickly formed by the Galvanic Mechamorph Plumbers for the ship to take off. On the surface, we spot a large hole being made on the roof of the Max's Plumbing building for the ship to shoot out and beginning its spatial voyage. The Max's Plumbing building is closed up, as well as the ports within the Plumbers' headquarters for the ship to escape through.

[Our perspective changes to that of the edge of the universe where the the Little Trion and half-destroyed Tertiary Wing are floating. Between the two ships, flying to the latter, is Ben in a suit made by Julie's Galvanic Mechamorph powers. Ben picks up speed and soars to the Tertiary Wing. He lands in a hallway on the second floor. There are several rooms, none of which have labels, but just keypads to the side of them.]

Ben: Julie, you ready for a bit of hacking?
Julie: I was hoping to do some while we were here, but I was thinking it would also involve some slicing. But yeah, I'm in.
Ben: Don't worry. We're going to go after somebody. And avenge Gwen and Chelsey on the way.
Julie: Ben, maybe it's best if you don't think about Gwen and Chelsey while we do this. I mean, I know how sad all of us are about this, but...Azmuth says crying about things isn't going to help us. It's only going to make us more emotional and distract us in a fight.
Ben: No way am I going to listen to what Azmuth says. He's told me I'm going to fail time and time again, but I proved him wrong each and every one of those times.
Julie: But maybe this is one of those times where you should actually listen to him.
Ben: By what I saw, you didn't.
Julie: What do you mean?
Ben: When I got to the Little Trion, you were crying on the floor.
Julie: Well, I wasn't in battle yet.
Ben: So you just expected when you had to actually go that you'd completely set aside your feelings?
Julie: Well...
Ben: Exactly. It's not that simple, Julie. Just picture it right now. What would you have done in battle knowing that I wasn't around anymore.
Julie: Well...I don't exactly know...

As Julie continues to speak, we pan down to a lower level where the Thep Khufan is listening in on the conversation between Julie and Ben, when he passes by a room that had been half destroyed by the explosion. Inside is a broken test tube. He walks up to it, looking around as he finds the bodies of three now deceased Thep Khufans.

Thep Khufan: I've never even seen this room before...But I know whatever did this has to have been in this tube. Must be far from here by now.He hears something run around behind him. He swiftly twirls around and checks behind him. He gets on his guard, beginning to back up to one of the corners of the room so as to not have to pay attention to behind him. Just as he reaches the corner, though, he is caught by something that wraps its arms around him, squeezing the breath out of him. Eerr--I--let go of me! He kicks the thing behind him. It releases him for just a moment, but immediately recaptures him. The Thep Khufan proceeds to transform into a small pile of paper, slithering to the other side of the room. He reverts to his humanoid form and stretches out his arm in the direction of the thing's corner. He finds that it had moved. Show yourself!
Thing: Sure thing. He steps out of the shadows and points his hand at the Thep Khufan. Time to join the rest of--Bandit? Bandit, is that you?
Bandit/Thep Khufan: How do you know my name?
Thing: It's's Mosquito.
Bandit: What? Why are you here? Shouldn't you be working with the Thep Khufans, giving them all your knowledge about Tennyson?
Mosquito/Thing: No, turns out, they didn't want my knowledge. They didn't even want Clancy's before mine. They wanted power, and it turns out the Moosteeq natives--like Clancy's kind and my own--are chock full of the kind that doesn't run out quickly. We're even easier to obtain than any other source of power...just look at how easy it was for them.
Bandit: I explicitly told them that you, Overwatch, and Harry were to stay out of custody.
Mosquito: You only said Overwatch and Harry, and you only mentioned being out of Plumber custody.
Bandit: But still, this ought not be your fate, Mos.
Mosquito: Well, it doesn't have to be anymore. I'm free at last.
Bandit: That is not enough. They kept you in here for weeks, Bandit.
Mosquito: At least I wasn't forced to suffer as long as Clancy had...for over a year, until he simply perished from this laborious task.
Bandit: I don't care, friend. You didn't deserve this treatment. You deserve to be treated just as well as Overwatch and Harry.
Mosquito: That's assuming they weren't tricked into doing anything unwillingly for these guys as well.
Bandit: That tears it.
Mosquito: So you truly want to get back at these guys for this? After all, they supplied you with a job for a few weeks. If you don't tell anyone about this, you can still be working here.
Bandit: Mosquito, without you, I wouldn't be outside of the Null Void right now. There ought to be something I can do to return the favor.
Mosquito: Well, I can't say it'll return the favor, but what I have in store would definitely be getting back at these guys if it's done.
Bandit: "These guys" are called the Armada, by the way.
Mosquito: I'm not going to give them the time of day to properly address them.
Bandit: So what do you have in mind?
Mosquito: You heard of Professor Xonode?
Bandit: Xonode? You mean that alien scientist that stays in his lab that the Commander used some of Albedo's technology to--
Mosquito: Yes, yes. I just asked if you knew him. I don't think anybody else exists with the surname Xonode. Anywho, I've been hearing things from upstairs from my tube. If the Commander knew that my tube was hooked up to Xonode's lab, oh how angered he would be.
Bandit: So you know secrets, do you?
Mosquito: Yes, and if you show me to Xonode's lab, I can tell you one that'll stop the Armada altogether.
Bandit: Then I'll lead the way.

As the two rush to the still functional elevator in the direction Bandit had walked to the room from, we pan down to a lower level. Two mana pink bubbles float into what remains of a room filled with smoke on the first floor. The bubbles disappear into the smoke, which soon after fades away itself. We see in their full glory once more the pink bubbles. One is on the left side of the room, closest to the door, while the other is on the right side, closest to the back window. The bubble on the left fades away, revealing Negative Anos underneath. A mana blast is shot out from the right mana bubble at Negative Anos, who deflects the beam back to the bubble. The bubble is broken from the force from the blast the same strength as itself. As the bubble fades, light is shed on two Thep Khufans: Calign Tenebrosi, The Unleashed, with the Tritadagen staff in-hand; and his son Tersce Tenebrosi, The Thep Khufan Commander.

Negative Anos: I would have never guessed you were also versed in the magic arts, Calign, unless that is a side-effect of having that staff in your possession.
Unleashed Calign: You will address me as The Unleashed, human. And yes, the staff does enhance my magical abilities, but I am already quite skilled. I was hoping you would never have the chance to know, though.
Negative Anos: What, were you hoping that little blast would defeat me?
Unleashed Calign: In the form of that abomination you call an evolution of the Vaxasaurians, yes, I was.
Negative Anos: Well, you'll be glad to know that mana isn't one of his weak points.

Negative Anos enters a firm fighting stance and puts his wrists together as he blasts at Calign. Calign puts the Tritadagen staff in front of him, deflecting the blast by sending it out into outer space.

Thep Khufan Commander: Fortunately, it also isn't a weakness for him. You ought to know that my decision to learn magic was influenced by my father's own knowledge of the arts. It was magnificent, his talent, so I had to follow in his footsteps. My brother, though? He's simply continuing to work in the Army, a mindless buffoon rising in the ranks because he doesn't know what's really going on.
Unleashed Calign: You best not speak about Loitus that way, Tersce.
Thep Khufan Commander: He is not present. Why does it matter?
Unleashed Calign: I sense even you don't wish to speak about him as such. You love him, as a brother. You've taken more care of him than I could ever in my life.
Thep Khufan Commander: I wouldn't go as far as "love," father.
Unleashed Calign: Continue to say that. Now, Albedo, can you please unarm yourself? I have a planet to destroy with aid of my sons. I'd like to celebrate my return to the living with a bang, please.
Negative Anos: If there's anyone bringing the bang, it's going to be me.
Unleashed Calign: Commander, control your soldier.
Negative Anos: I am not a soldier. I've worked my way up to where I am for a reason.
Thep Khufan Commander: I hate to ask, but what would that reason be?
Negative Anos: I don't have to tell you. I'm not as dimwitted as you who continuously releases his plans to others. You're a typical villain, not the perfect one. He transforms into Negative Atomhammer.
Negative Atomhammer: A Vigilanuum? Alright, let's do--

Negative Atomhammer is blasted into the wall by the Unleashed Calign.

Unleashed Calign: I'm sick and tired of you announcing your attacks. It's tiresome, and quite honestly, it's not going to get anyone anywhere. He gestures his son to follow him as he floats over to Negative Atomhammer. He stabs the Tritadagen staff just barely into Negative Atomhammer, breaching the point of his body where the Omnitrix normally would be. He twists the Tritadagen staff, forcing Negative Atomhammer to transform into Negative Buzzshock. He continues to twist his staff, the next transformation appearing being Negative Wildvine. He twists the staff once more. He removes his staff as Negative Wildvine turns into Negative Upgrade, who attempts to escape, only to be stopped by another powerful blast from the Tritadagen staff. It's best you don't move unless you're told to. He picks up Negative Upgrade's body and flies through the ceiling into the room above, the Commander's throne room. Commander Tersce follows Calign up by extending his arms and attaching to the hole made into his room, launching himself in. Apologies about the damage, Tersce. They will be repaired shortly.
Thep Khufan Commander: I had assumed that was your intent with Albedo.
Unleashed Calign: Indeed. He throws Negative Upgrade onto the window. Negative Upgrade slides down to the base of the window where a long control panel can be seen. Calign walks up to him. Fix this ship, Human. Negative Upgrade moans. With Calign seeing this is as an act of defiance, he smacks down the base of the Tritadagen staff onto Negative Upgrade's back. FIX THE SHIP!
Thep Khufan Commander: Father, he might be unable to. You've dealt a great amount of pain into him. I know of his insolent ways, but in a situation like this, he would give in.

Calign removes his staff.

Unleashed Calign: Hmm...Abosia Rego!

Mana is drawn from Calign's body. It flows into Negative Upgrade, giving him a bright pink glow. Negative Upgrade jumps to his feet and attempts to strangle Calign, who stands absolutely still as Negative Upgrade is forced to step back.

Negative Upgrade (Albedo's voice): What?
Unleashed Calign: You are under my control, homo sapien.
Negative Upgrade: I am not one of those Earthling humans! I am a Galvan, trapped in an alternate version of Ben Ten--
Unleashed Calign: I honestly do not care. He shoves Negative Upgrade's face into the dashboard for the ship. Now, rebuild this ship to the best of your ability. If you even think about being sly, I will know, and I'll do this myself. I'm giving you a chance before I execute you. Take it or idiotically leave it, just as the Tennyson boy would.
Negative Upgrade: As an intelligent being, I really do not have a choice in this matter. He sighs then merges with the ship, quickly spreading himself out and pulling the blown up pieces of the ship floating through space. He pulls everything from the air back into the ship, pulling everything together. In a matter of minutes, the Tertiary Wing is restored to its full glory. Negative Upgrade disbands, returning to his red-patterned humanoid form next to Calign. Unleashed.
Unleashed Calign: Yes, yes, you did a good job.
Negative Upgrade: No, no. I found something while I was 'cleaning up.'
Unleashed Calign: What?

Negative Upgrade opens up his stomach, pushing towards Calign Ben's torn "10" sweater.

Thep Khufan Commander: That's Tennyson's sweater.
Negative Upgrade: And by the looks of it, he didn't survive this.

Calign grabs the sweater and lays it over the top of the Tritadagen staff. His eyes begin to glow pink as he uses his magical abilities.

Unleashed Calign: This is the result of nothing more than Tennyson's sly nature.
Thep Khufan Commander: What do you mean?
Unleashed Calign: Tennyson is alive. And he is on this ship at this very moment. He's even got a bit of technological help with him, but I'm certain it's not an Omnimatrix.
Thep Khufan Commander: Where is he?
Unleashed Calign: On this level, no more than some few meters away.
Thep Khufan Commander: Lead the way father.
Unleashed Calign: No. He tosses Ben's "10" sweater onto the Commander's head. The Commander removes it from his head and holds it in his hand. You shall lead the way. We've both had at least 800 years of practice. You aspired to learn magic because of me, so I want to see just what kind of an influence I've made on your pace of learning.
Thep Khufan Commander: Alright, father.

The Commander holds out Ben's sweater in front of him. He closes his eyes. After moments, Ben's sweater begins to levitate inches ahead of the Commander's open hand. The Commander's eyes open, glowing pink. The Commander begins to follow the sweater as it directs him to Ben.

Unleashed Calign: Come along, Albedo.
Negative Upgrade: You gave me the task of repairing the Tertiary Wing. I've done it. Let me go.
Unleashed Calign: And let you use your Galvan mind in tandem with Tennyson's transformations to best me? Unlikely. He rolls his hand into a fist, and for a moment, a leash appears that stretches from his hand to a collar which briefly appears around Negative Upgrade's neck. Calign begins to walk forward, Negative Upgrade following unwillingly. They walk down the hall and bash their way into Professor Xonode's lab. When they enter the room, they find Professor Xonode lying unconscious on the floor. The Commander releases his hold of Ben's sweater, his eyes returning to their normal color. He looks in one corner of the room where a Thep Khufan holding his hands behind his back stands staring in the Commander's direction. Calign and Negative Upgrade enter the room at this point. Tennyson, as a Thep Khufan.
Thep Khufan Commander: What do you expect to accomplish as one of us, Tennyson?
Thep Khufan: I'm not Tennyson.

After the Thep Khufan speaks, we view from Negative Upgrade's perspective--through which everything is red--at the base of the Tritadagen staff. A bit of a green Galvanic Mechamorph slithers around the floor and jumps onto the Primugen crystal at the bottom. It merges with the Primugen, turning the Primugen's pattern into that of a Mechamorph's. Negative Upgrade's leash is broken, but he remains in his place watching the events between the Thep Khufan and Calign unfold.

Unleashed Calign: Then, who are you?
Thep Khufan: I am an honorable Thep Khufan hired personally by Albedo.
Thep Khufan Commander: You're Bandit?
Bandit/Thep Khufan: Yes.
Thep Khufan Commander: He is safe then, father.
Unleashed Calign (squinting at Bandit): What is it you're holding behind your back?
Bandit: I swear, I hold nothing behind back. Why don't you listen to your son? He seems to have the right idea about me.
Thep Khufan Commander: Let's not create a commotion, soldier. Show your empty hands so that we may continue our search for Tennyson.
Bandit: I told you, there's nothing behind my--

The Unleashed Calign blasts Bandit with a beam of mana which originates from his body rather than the Tritadagen staff. As it heads for Bandit, Bandit glows green. In less than a second--before the beam arrives at him--Bandit takes the form of Diamondhead, with his clothes resembling the papery skin of his natural body. The beam hits his chest, reflecting itself onto the ceiling.

Unleashed Calign: I knew you were Tennyson!
Thep Khufan Commander: You play the oblique role well, Tennyson.
Diamondhead (Bandit): For the last time, I'm not Tennyson!

Bandit's Diamondhead aims his right hand at Calign who stands closest to the door and his left to the Commander who stands farther away from it. He blasts at them, but without them even having to dodge the attacks, every last diamond misses.

Unleashed Calign: Tersce, how long have you been harboring an Omnitrix?
Thep Khufan Commander: It's been in my possession for a few days. Tennyson's future arrived here, and--
Unleashed Calign: Tennyson's future?
Thep Khufan Commander: A work of time travel. It's nothing, though. I've erased him.
Unleashed Calign: That doesn't mean anything. We must get rid of Tennyson now to change the course of history, to make it so we succeed without rival.
Thep Khufan Commander: That should be simple. He raises his right hand and directs it at Bandit's Diamondhead. Calign does the same with the Tritadagen staff, which he still does not realize features a Galvanic Mechamorph-patterned Primugen base. I will warn you now. Neither of us will miss. And one of our blows is lethal, even to a Petrosapien.

Diamondhead squints. He flashes green, with both Tersce and Calign immedaitely blasting in his direction. When the glow in the area fades away, there is nothing where Bandit was standing. Calign squints.

Thep Khufan Commander: Where did he--

Calign blasts the air in front of him. Bandit's Big Chill becomes visible in front of him, falling onto the floor and sliding back to the wall.

Unleashed Calign: I see all.

Negative Upgrade jumps up and wraps his hands around Calign's neck. A gun appears out of his hip. It paralyzes the Commander and drops him onto the floor.

Negative Upgrade: It appears you don't see enough, Calign.

The gun from his left hip recedes into his body and comes back out through his right, being blasted at Calign and having the same effect as it did on Tersce. Negative Upgrade rushes over to the Tritadagen staff and takes it. He transforms into Negative Obsorber. Ben's head pops up from behind Xonode's desk.

Ben: Albedo, no!
Negative Obsorber: Why not?! There is extreme power in this, and afterward, I'm getting your Omnitrix!
Ben: Not if I don't first! He runs over to Bandit's Big Chill, Negative Obsorber blasting spikes out of his hand as Ben runs. Ben dodges each and every attack, finally arriving at Bandit. Master Decouple, Override 16.
Omnitrix: Access denied.
Ben: Err, Override 17?
Omnitrix: Access granted.

Negative Obsorber blasts at Ben once more. He quickly grabs the Omnitrix as it reverts to its gauntlet form and slips away before the blast hits him. Negative Obsorber blasts the gauntlet once more. He subsequently pulls off the Galvanic Mechamorph from the Primugen and tosses it at Ben. When it hits Ben, it transforms into a female Mechamorph, then into Julie, right in Ben's arms. The Omnitrix slips out of his hands.

Negative Obsorber: At last!
Julie: No way, Albedo! She runs in front of Ben in an attempt to protect her. Albedo manages to blast around Julie, hitting Ben. Ben, though, gets up to his feet, now with a spike from Negative Obsorber in his shoulder. Ben, you're hurt! She blasts at Albedo several times, even knocking the Tritadagen staff out of his hand. She rushes over to Ben's "10" jacket lying on the floor, then back to Ben. She stands in front of Ben with it held out wide in front of her. Ben, put this on.

Ben, weakly, pushes the jacket out of Julie's hands and onto the floor.

Ben: That belongs to a hero. I've lost the Omnitrix; it's over...I don't deserve that jacket.

Julie turns around to see Albedo still fumbling to pick the staff back up. Julie creates a shield out of her technology in the room around them. Suddenly, Ben remembers an event from over a year prior. The scene around him turns to a stormy night where all hope had seemingly been lost. Julie morphs into a straight-faced Gwen before him, the shield over their heads becomes the mana shield Gwen used to protect Ben, and his seat on the floor becomes a log raised a little over the grass in the middle of a bare part of the woods. Ben feels as if he is out of his body. He sits there and watches the flashback occur.

Gwen: How many times have you helped people?
Ben: I don't know...lots. But I had the Omnitrix.
Gwen: And how many of those times was the Omnitrix out of power or broken?
Ben: It almost never works right. What's your point?

Gwen's face lightens up, with a smile appearing on her face.

Gwen: It's not the tool. It's the man.
Ben: When you're talking about the most powerful weapon in the universe, it's the tool. Without the Omnitrix, we don't have a chance.

Gwen sits there for a moment, empathetic and searching for words to say. She gives up, leaving Ben's revelation to him. As she walks away, the scene before him reverts to its appearance in reality. Julie is before him, and the Galvanic Mechamorph shield over them is present overhead. He is seated on the floor with Julie standing over him having executed the conversation but not having left Ben alone.

Julie: Do you really think we don't have a chance, Ben?
Ben: No, I don't.
Julie: Really? I got through to you.
Ben: You did, and so did Gwen. Get the Omnitrix.

Julie smiles. She breaks her shield and rushes for the Omnitrix. She hands it over to Ben, realizing in the background that Albedo had finally picked up the Tritadagen staff and managed to get a tight grip on it by making a snug holder out of his hand for the tower of crystals in his hand. Julie recreates her shield, now noticing that Negative Obsorber had begun blasting at it from the outside, compromising it. She holds the Omnitrix behind her back.

Julie: Ben--
Ben: Julie, what are you doing? The shield--
Julie: Are you a hero?
Ben: Well--
Julie: Are you a hero?
Ben: What are you trying to do?
Julie: Answer the question, Ben. Are you a hero?
Ben: If I had the Omnitrix, I--
Julie: The tool doesn't make the hero, Ben. Are *you* a hero?
Ben: I--(he puts on a smile and looks Julie straight in the eye) Yeah, I am. I'm a great hero, too. It''s like second nature to be a hero. Julie smiles. She hands him the Omnitrix and helps him transform into Diamondhead. She pulls Negative Obsorber's spike out of Diamondhead's shoulder, then reverts Ben back to human. Hey--

Julie hands Ben his sweater.

Julie: Here you go, hero. As Ben puts the sweater, Julie pecks him on the cheek. For good luck.

Ben smiles and puts on the late Future Ben's Omnitrix. He gets up onto his feet, Julie slowly removing her shield. As soon as she does, one final blast from the Tritadagen staff comes in her and Ben's direction, just skimming Ben's hair. Ben gives Julie a quick kiss.

Ben: Get out of here, Julie. He transforms into Diamondhead.
Diamondhead: This is between me, Albedo, and that staff.
Julie: I'm not leaving, Ben. I'm helping you.
Diamondhead: But I bribed you with that kiss.
Julie: I know. I'll keep it anyway, though.
Negative Obsorber: How sweet.

Negative Obsorber aims the Tritadagen staff at Diamondhead, but at that moment the whole room's color becomes purple as a ship-wide alert goes off.

Tertiary Wing AI: Hyper Piloting engaged. Currently en route for Earth. Designation code: TR. Transport in 10 seconds.
Negative Obsorber: TR? He looks to the spot on the floor where the Commander was. While Calign remains paralyzed on the floor, the Commander has gone missing. Throne room. Negative Obsorber attempts to rush out of the room, but Diamondhead blasts a shard in his way. You imbecile. If you don't let me past, Tersce is going to bring this ship to Earth, then blow it up.
Diamondhead: Dang it, universe, why do you have to put me in these positions? He sighs, then manages to move the crystal from its place. Negative Obsorber nods to Diamondhead denoting a thanks then runs out of the room. C'mon, Julie.

We transition to the throne room, where the Commander is seated in his chair sitting in front of his holo screen where the countdown proceeds from "15." Negative Obsorber, with the Tritadagen staff, soon after joined by Diamondhead and Julie, enters the room. Negative Obsorber rushes into the room.

Negative Obsorber: Tersce, what are you doing?
Thep Khufan Commander: What does it look like? I'm finishing this up.
Negative Obsorber: But you can't do this without me.
Thep Khufan Commander: You are a treacherous fool. I will take over, and you will not stop me. Negative Obsorber walks up to the Commander's side on the altar, dropping the staff onto the floor next to himself. What are you doing?
Diamondhead: Wow, you're actually helping us!
Negative Obsorber: Uhh...yes, of course.
Thep Khufan Commander: He doesn't aim to help you idiots. Negative Obsorber transforms into Negative Bugbite. He spins the Commander's chair and forces it to face Diamondhead. He's going to do the worst amount of hurt.
Negative Bugbite: Lies. He steps in front of the Commander, blocking Diamondhead's and Julie's view of him. After a moment of covering his body, following cries from the Commander, Negative Bugbite steps aside. The Commander's paper becomes thin and shriveled up. His head droops and despite his eyes being open, no color can be seen within. His body continues to shrivel up. And you shall speak no more of them.
Diamondhead: killed them.
Negative Bugbite: For a good cause.

Negative Bugbite picks up the Tritadagen staff and reverts to Negative Obsorber. He walks over to the dashboard as the countdown on the holo screen reaches "5."

Diamondhead (giving off a sigh of relief): Oh, thank you, Albedo. I'll owe you for this.
Negative Obsorber: For the destruction of your home world? How homicidal.

Negative Obsorber jams a lever on the dashboard using the staff.

Diamondhead (heart racing): Negative Obsorber, what did you just do?
Tertiary Wing AI: Takeoff in T-3 seconds. Negative Obsorber turns around and faces Ben with a devious smile upon his face as the countdown continues. 2 seconds. Diamondhead tries to rush after Negative Obsorber to stop it all. 1 second. Takeoff in progress.

Diamondhead transforms into XLR8 and quickly rushes up to the dashboard, but even as a member of the fastest species in the Milky Way, he is too late.


[From the perspective of the Little Trion's living room door window, we observe the Tertiary Wing practically disappearing as it races to Earth in no less than a few seconds. We back up a bit and find ourselves looking at Kevin, whose perspective we had been looking through. Kevin turns around and faces the crew onboard (which is now comprised of Charmcaster Gwen, Azmuth, Tetrax, and Ship).]

Kevin: They're gone.
Azmuth: Then Ben has been unable to stop what I was hoping wasn't entirely inevitable. Unfortunately, I knew what was coming. Ship! Ship jumps onto the dashboard of the Little Trion on which Azmuth is already standing. Ben and Julie are in trouble. As if two eye brows appeared over his one eye, Ship's eye takes on an angry look. Transform the Little Trion into the fastest ship imaginable. We need to head to Earth.

Ship nods. He jumps in the air, and after a short while, he connects with the entire ship and transforms the Little Trion into his standard ship transformation.'

Ship (in the deep voice that accommodates his transformation): SHIIIIP!

Ship as the now upgraded Little Trion blasts off in the direction the Tertiary Wing was headed--the direction of Earth. In the very next moment, the ships of the Thep Khufan Black squad, and the Plumber ship holding Max Force arrive. We take on the perspective of Alan in the ship's cargo hold.

Helen's Voice: Uhh...Alan?
Alan: Yes, Helen?
Helen's Voice: Can you come up here?
Alan (walking up to the big space between the two pilots): What's going on? His eyes widen as he looks into the empty space around him. He sees only the Thep Khufan Black's ship in front of them. was a trap.
Io (badge in his hand): And all communications are down. From this far away, we cannot contact any Plumbers beyond ourselves, let alone Earth.
Alan (bowing his head): I hope the Earth can hold its own not being aware of this.
Helen: Hope's the only thing we have.

[We move to Earth, getting a full view of the globe from space. As the screen fades to black, we get a view at the corner of our eye of the Tertiary Wing exiting Hyper Piloting mode and slowly approaching the planet.]


Part IV

[We start off inside the Plumbers' headquarters. Max is standing in the middle of the room on the highest level of the underground headquarters. He speaks aloud to a number of the nearby Plumbers of species human and various alien, of which include Lindsay and Michael Tennyson, as well as Molly Gunther.]

Max: Can any of you find the Tachyon Missile 82 I just sent out?
Lindsay Tennyson: No readings found, Magister.
Max: Any readings for the Plumbers' badges of Alan Albright, Helen Wheels, Manny Armstrong, Diamond Angel, and Magister Io?
Michael Tennyson: I'm not even picking up on the existence of the ships.
Max: Hmm...this isn't good. They are entirely on their own. And if anything happens, we won't know early enough on.
Male Voice: Well thanks for calling to ask me for some help, Magister Tennyson.

Max turns around to find Cooper entering the headquarters with Kevin behind him.

Cooper: Hello, Magister. Hope you don't mind me bringing Kevin here.
Max: Of course not. I just assumed he was still on Azmuth's ship in solitude.
Kevin: Well, we were, until the Commander found it.
Max: What do you mean?
Kevin: We went all the way to the edge of the universe, but the Commander still managed to come after us.
Max: The edge of the universe? That's where we just sent a few Plumbers to help you. Is the Commander still there?
Kevin: No, the only reason we're back is because he's here, too.
Max:, that's not good.
Kevin: Those Plumbers can find their way back, right?
Max: All communications with their ship are cut off, and Plumbers don't have any maps for that far out, nor does anybody else in the galaxy.
Kevin: Someone with magic can definitely figure it out.
Max:'re right...But who?
Kevin: Maybe your wife?
Max: What? Verdona's here?
Kevin: Not here, exactly. She's still on Ship, following the Tertiary Wing.
Max: you know how close the "Tertiary Wing" is to Earth?
Kevin: When I was still in the ship, he wasn't too far off.
Max: That isn't enough to work off of. Lindsay, can you--
Cooper: Err, Magister?
Max: Yes, Cooper?
Cooper: I actually do know where the Tertiary Wing is. I was in my lab controlling that Ben-bot when I found it nearby. He pulls out his badge and presses a button around its silver ring that projects a hologram displaying an overhead look of the Tertiary Wing and Earth, featuring a countdown timer at the bottom with twenty minutes remaining on it. I built this just in time and brought it here.
Max: Are you sure the Ben-bot can last long without your control?
Cooper: Not long, but it doesn't matter. It's going to fall apart soon anyhow, and just in time, too.
Max: Why?
Lindsay: Magister, I found Ben. He's on the Tertiary Wing and...and he's fighting with somebody.
Max: No doubt this "Commander."
Lindsay: No way. I've picked up on the Commander's aura before. As a matter of fact...the Commander's dead.
Kevin: Then who's Ben fighting?
Lindsay: I have absolutely no idea. I've never had to track this person down before.
Max: Can you give us a projection or a picture of him?
Lindsay: Why do you automatically assume it's a guy?
Max: Well--
Lindsay: Save it, Max.
Max: Err, alright.
Kevin: Smooooth, Max.
Max: Why are you even here? Why aren't you with everyone else on the Tertiary Wing or Azmuth's ship?
Kevin: Verdona sent me here to relay the message. You know, so you guys are ready for the Commander's arrival? Unless you think it's pointless to tell you.
Max: No...err, sorry about that. Lindsay, how's it coming with figuring out who Ben's fighting?
Lindsay: I think I got a hold of him. She gets up onto her feet and walks to the center of the room. She holds her hands out. Might want to give me a bit of space?

Max, Kevin, and Cooper spread out. Lindsay's eyes begin to glow pink. A projection appears out of her eyes onto the long beam in the middle of the headquarters. It shows Negative Obsorber standing with the Tritadagen staff.

Kevin: Is that Ben?
Lindsay: Can't be. I've tried contacting Ben, but I'm just getting static.
Max: You're actually right. That's his Osmosian transformation, and if I remember correctly, the Omnitrix is normally on his chest.
Cooper: might be onto something. And his eyes appear a bit darker, maybe even red.
Kevin (eyes widening): I know who this is. We all do. That's Albedo.
Max: Hmm...makes sense. Everyone in this room, get me a detailed analysis on that rod in Albedo's hand stat.

Everyone in the room stops what they're doing and turns around in their seats to look at the projection of Albedo with the Tritadagen staff. After getting enough time for themselves to analyze it on their own, they move onto their computers. Every Plumber in the room seats themselves, save for one Molly Gunther. She continues to stand there doing the analysis on her own.

Cooper: You haven't sight problems, Alpha Squad member?
Molly Gunther: No...I recognize that thing in his hand.
Max (facing Molly): You do? What is it?
Molly Gunther: You have all heard of the legendary crystals, correct?

Max's eyes widen. He turns back to look at Lindsay's projection. His jaw drops as he realizes what the staff is.

Max: My...yes, I have. That seems to be a mass combination of them all.
Molly Gunther: It is. I have only heard rumors about this, but it appears it's real. Putting together the eight legendary crystals, you produce the Tritadagen staff. It's very powerful even with the four well-known legendary crystals, so the potential with all eight is, well, unimaginable.
Max: And it's best we don't actually try to imagine. Cooper, have you begun work on something to combat this?
Cooper: I'm sorry, Magister, but that is far too powerful to be able to build defenses against. I'm not sure who made it, but whoever did truly did have unsurpassable power in mind.
Max: And unfortunately Ben's forced to go up against it head first right now. Cooper: And he probably doesn't even know what he's really going up against. I doubt the full power has even been used, or we'd all be gone by now.
Max: Maybe Albedo's plan is much different from the Commander's original one. His was to destroy Earth for whatever reason, but Albedo's only out to get the Omnitrix from Ben.
Kevin: Max!
Max: What? It's true, unfortunately. Albedo can just get the Omnitrix if he wants it. Let's just hope that Albedo's pride comes over his ability to use what power he's holding. Or else Ben will be a goner.

[We transition to the Tertiary Wing in the throne room where the decaying body of the Commander is seated in his throne. At the dashboard of the ship is Negative Obsorber, wielding the Tritadagen staff. XLR8 is standing right in front of him.]

XLR8: Alright. Are you happy now? You're here. You're at Earth. Now, please, leave. The Commander had a reason to destroy it, but you don't!
Negative Obsorber: Oh, but I do, don't I? The Commander still has to go see General Warren.
XLR8: What are you talking about? You just killed the Commander!
Negative Obsorber: "Kill" is such a strong word. He drops the Tritadagen staff on the floor and transforms into Negative Upchuck.
Negative Upchuck: I prefer "eat." He chomps down on a large portion of the dashboard and expels it from his body in XLR8's direction as energy. XLR8 is quick to dodge the energy, which goes on into Julie's direction. Julie transforms her hand into a tennis racquet and smacks the energy right back at Negative Upchuck, who transforms into Negative Chromastone before the ricocheted attack reaches him so as to absorb its energy. He sends it right back out in Julie's direction, who this time simply dodges the blast.
Negative Chromastone: You won't prevail, Tennyson and friend.
Julie: I have a name!
Negative Chromastone: Like I care. Your pitiful planet are about to lose everything. Whether or not your enemy knows your name is the least of your worries.

XLR8 transforms into Clinger, a black alien made majorly of a long black intangible body.'

Clinger: CLINGER! Wow, haven't seen this guy in a couple years.

Negative Chromastone blasts Clinger as he stretches his body about, sticking to the ceiling and launching himself at Negative Chromastone. Clinger soon grapples onto Negative Chromastone's back, grabbing tightly onto one of the two long magenta crystals attached to his back. He tugs with all his strength on the crystals, finally realizing he is too weak for the tast. He transforms into Ultimate Echo Echo and steps aside from Negative Chromastone. He throws his sonic disks at Negative Chromastone. The disks are quick to begin to disrupt Negative Chromastone's body. Negative Chromastone begins to shake violently, holding his head tightly as if it's the only thing keeping him attached to the rest of his body. The crystals on his back begin to chip a bit, pieces falling onto the floor behind him. Negative Chromastone becomes Negative Lodestar and repels Ultimate Echo Echo's metal body back to Julie. Just before hitting Julie, though, he catches himself in the air.

Ultimate Echo Echo: It's been a while since we had a real fight, Albedo.
Negative Lodestar: I see that. And since then, it seems I've gotten a bit more skilled in combat, while it appears you are still playing in the mud with all the other lousy humans.
Ultimate Echo Echo: Well, I wouldn't say that. What I would say would sound a lot more like this...He shoots out more sonic disks, and surrounds them along with the ones that were already near Negative Lodestar, to around Negative Lodestar. They begin to blast sound waves at Negative Lodestar. Negative Lodestar takes in a great breath then exhales, expelling a large amount of magnetic waves at the disks around him, destroying each and every one of them. Soon after, the destruction of the disks begins to affect Ultimate Echo Echo. All of his bodily functions are impaired for a moment. The Omnitrix forces him back to Human, where he immediately transforms into Echo Echo.
Echo Echo: You may be able to take out Ultimate Echo Echo's disks, but I'm not going to go down as easily! He splits into several Echo Echos appear in a line. Wall of (each one inhales. They then exhale continuous sonic waves at Negative Lodestar, yelling a single word as they do so) SOUND!

Negative Lodestar is quick to take measures against Echo Echo's sound waves. Transforming into Negative XLR8, he begins to run around the room faster than the Echo Echos are able to redirect their sound waves. Finally Negative XLR8 is able to form a miniature tornado due to his sheer speed. He rushes back to his position next to the throne where the Commander continues to decay and decompose, as his vacuum forces the Echo Echos to stop blasting at him so as to run away from it. Echo Echo recedes back into one body, then transforms into Humungousaur. With the clap of his hands, he sends the tornado back in Negative XLR8's direction. He transforms into Negative Heatblast and begins to spin around the tornado, heating it up until itself is pushed back in Humungousaur's direction, decreasing in size as it gets closer. By the time it reaches Humungousaur, it is diminutive, and manages to simply shrink to nothing.

Negative Heatblast: A brilliant work of science you just did there, Tennyson. I hope to one day bring you back to life and use you as a scientist. You'd make a great one for sure.
Humungousaur: Sorry, but I'm not the science type.

Humungousaur holds the top of his fists out at Negative Heatblast as he transforms into Ultimate Humungousaur.

Negative Heatblast: Yawn. Ultimate Humungousaur's eyes bend as a bit of anger enters into him. Ultimate Humungousaur blasts his rockets at Negative Heatblast, who transforms into Negative Diamondhead almost immediately, sharpening his left hand and cutting the rockets as they approach him. Negative Diamondhead: You need a hobby, Tennyson. He reverts his hand to a palm and set of fingers, as it should be, and proceeds to raise a wall of his crystals out of the ground. How about you go into construction? Ultimate Humungousaur: I have a couple rockets in my hand, and you say I should go into construction?
Negative Diamondhead: Yes. He sends his wall of diamonds in Ultimate Humungousaur's way. He attempts to hold off the wall by blasting several rockets at it, but it simply chips as it comes towards him. He reverts to Humungousaur and grows in size, a sharp spike appearing out of his head alongside shoulder pads made of his skin appearing as he does so. As the wall reaches him, he attempts to push back the wall, but it simply wraps around him and pushes him into the wall. When he smacks into the wall, his height is lost as he becomes his regular size again. Negative Diamondhead approaches him. You see? Because you're going to need to repair this ship?
Humungousaur: I get it.

Julie then backflips near Negative Diamondhead, kicking him as she does so. Negative Diamondhead is unaffected. He turns to look at her as she lands back on her feet.

Negative Diamondhead: You are pathetic. He fires several crystals at her from his right hand, but she manages to dodge each and every one of them by reshaping her Mechamorph body as the crystals reach her. Seen it all, girl. He transforms his right hand into a long sharp finger. He swings down at Julie, who splits her body in half by the center. Her two halves then jump up to the ceiling, hanging upside onto it, and reshape her one body. You're a fan of the ceiling? He transforms into Negative Spidermonkey and sticks himself to the ceiling by means of webbing from one of his many hands. He stares into Julie's eyes.
Negative Spidermonkey: So is Spidermonkey. He opens his mouth wide, transforming into Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey as he does so. He unleashes a large set of webbing at her, tying her to the corner of the ceiling behind her, upside down. He lands himself on the floor, then walks up to Humungousaur.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: I'm going to guess she's not trained at hanging upside down for long. So she's got ten minutes before all that blood races to her head, and who knows what'll happen then.
Humungousaur: Let go of her!
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: Oh, I will, just as soon as I have your Omnitrix.
Humungousaur: Why do you need my Omnitrix for?
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: So I can assure my victory.
Humungousaur: Victory over what? The Earth? Why do you even want to go after it? The Thep Khufans had a reason. I don't know what it was, but they had a reason!
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: Oh, naive Tennyson boy. You didn't know? Oh, well, they were seeking to destroy the Earth, to regain their ranking in the universe.
Humungousaur: How would blowing up Earth say anything to anybody? I thought it was that "backwater planet" nobody likes.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: Oh, it is, but after Earth, the intent of the Thep Khufans was to go off and destroy some other planets. Then, they would take over the Anur System again. Afterward, they would defeat and make extinct the Ectonurite race to really show them what for.
Humungousaur: But you don't need to any of that. You don't need to prove yourself to anybody. People on Incarceron--both of them--have heard about you and kinda fear you!
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: Oh, how sweet. But I'd like to blow it up anyway. Prevent any other Earth-dwellers from being given that Omnitrix, since it seems Azmuth likes to send his inventions to this world. Plus I get rid of a couple thousand Plumbers, who aren't all Humans as it turns out, stationed all across that planet.
Humungousaur: But why do you need the Omnitrix for that?
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: I need the Omnitrix so that when I'm done here, I can finally become a Galvan. And I'm not giving the watch back either. As far as I'm aware, this is the last existing Omnitrix. For a few moments, I'll be the only wielder of these devices of Azmuth, and by far the most powerful being on this side of the universe, as if having the Tritadagen staff wasn't enough.
Humungousaur: The staff! That's it! Thanks for talking so much, Albedo. I couldn't have thought of this without you. He turns to look at Julie, but sees, standing in a hole in the wall being made with a blast of mana from the other end, The Unleashed, walking weakly into the room with his hand on his side and a bit of transparency to his body. The Unleashed.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: Calign. What are you doing...alive?
Unleashed Calign: I told you not to...(he catches himself just before he collapsing) not to call me that...
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: In your current state, what you tell me to do can be brushed aside as if nothing was said.
Unleashed Calign: You are one of the worst beings I've had to associate myself with. And I knew the Diagon before this.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: The Diagon? How funny. I guess pretty soon you two are going to meet. In the afterlife, that is.

Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey finds himself being knocked onto his back on the floor. As he looks up onto his stomach, he finds Diamondhead with one foot standing on him. In the background, Calign begins to limp towards the dashboard under which the Tritadagen staff was placed.

Diamondhead: Here's a tip, Albedo. When you're going to try and make it impossible for me to move, try and *actually* make it challenging for every alien I have, instead of a walk in the park for the one guy you also used to trap me.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: You think you've stopped me because you're standing on me?
Diamondhead: Well, yeah? You're on the ground, and I'm on top.
Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey: True, but look now at the Tritadagen staff.

Diamondhead immediately looks up from Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey and sees Calign reaching for the Tritadagen staff. He transforms into Articguana and shoots a beam of ice at Calign just before he is able to reach the crystal. Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey transforms into Negative Swampfire and pushes Articguana away with his fire, Articguana fighting the heat with his own ice. For that moment, Articguana is able to hold Negative Swampfire off, but Negative Swampfire goes Ultimate and his intensified heat sends Articguana right back into the diamond patch which still lay engraved in the back wall of the throne room. Articguana drops on the floor and watches Negative Ultimate Swampfire walk towards Calign.

Articguana (to Julie): Julie, I need you to go.
Julie: But I--

Articguana blasts at Julie's webbing. She then breaks through it and falls into Articguana's arms. She gets out of his hold and stands up straight.

Articguana: You have to go.
Julie: Ben, I promised I would help you.
Articguana: I know you made a promise, Julie, but the rest of this is going to get a bit rough.
Julie: Do you have a plan?
Articguana: Yes. Transforms into Obsorber. Negative Ultimate Swampfire hears this, turns around, and begins to run after the Tritadagen staff.
Obsorber: Go, Julie.
Julie: Will you be safe?

Obsorber scratches the back of his head. He quickly reverts to human and hands to Julie his own Plumber's badge. He then reverts to Obsorber.

Obsorber: If I'm in trouble, I'll call. Julie stands on her toes and kisses Obsorber on the cheek. Never thought you'd kiss me as an alien.
Julie: It feels like it's the last alien I'll ever see from you, Ben. Better late than never, you know?

Obsorber nods.

Obsorber: Go.

A tear drips from Julie's left eye. She wipes it, then puts on her helmet and visor. She is quick to transform into a fast alien motorcycle and speed out of the room through the hole Calign made to get in. Obsorber proceeds to walk up to Negative Ultimate Swampfire, who turns around and looks to Obsorber with the Tritadagen staff in hand.

Negative Ultimate Swampfire: It looks like you've got the same plan in mind. It's too bad it's already fallen apart.
Obsorber: Wait, before you do anything...
Negative Ultimate Swampfire: What now? And don't try anything. He burns upper half of the block of ice-encased Calign. You've seen what I can do.
Obsorber: We've both seen what each other do. We've both seen why each other are doing what each other is doing. But what I want to know, about you, is the reason you've taken this path.
Negative Ultimate Swampfire: The path of evil is sought after by many. One of the Thep Khufans has a quote about how villains don't tend to be defeated easily, depending on what tier of the evil track they're on.
Obsorber: Not just the evil track, Albedo. Why did you stop following the Commander? I mean, you seemed pretty happy working here a few weeks ago, when Elena was with you.
Negative Ultimate Swampfire: Elena has a thing for you, Tennyson, not me.
Obsorber: Well, maybe she hasn't her eyes yet. Why are you really doing this? Why did you stop? Tell me.
Negative Ultimate Swampfire: I guess it doesn't change anything to tell you. But just to be sure...He transforms into Negative Obsorber.
Negative Obsorber: After you defeated the Commander's first Mistress, that Rojo girl, the Commander wanted a replacement. While making the search for that replacement, whom you've battled already, he thought it would be interesting to have two different assistants. One would be the female--Mistress--and the other would be the male--the Magister.
Obsorber: Magister's kind of a title the Plumbers hold.
Negative Obsorber: So what? Do you think he really cares what the Plumbers do?
Obsorber: Well, I guess not...
Negative Obsorber: Now, he had many Thep Khufan candidates for the part, but he decided the Thep Khufan route would be too "mainstream." So instead, he decided to have the same species as the Mistresses. So he needed a human, of course.
Obsorber: And so he went to that guy "Dawn," that guy who killed my cousins, right?
Negative Obsorber: Wrong. If he did, I would have no reason to be angry. As you may or may not know, the second Mistress' memory has been locked out, for the most part, meaning she has no recollection of her life before working with the Commander. That was his intent with the Magister, whose first candidate turned out to be me, since I have been forced into the list of humans working here, rather than the abysmal count of Galvans on this vessel. So I was brought into a lab for repurposing. It turns out, their intent was not actually to wipe my mind, but to clone me as a robot who would follow every one of the Commander's whims. This project came before the Mistress project, and it's a good thing, too, as it was a failure. The robot was destroyed, and I was severely hurt, losing both of my legs. They replaced them, of course, with legs that can take on the appearance of humans' legs. I would show you now their ability to change, but that would leave me vulnerable, now wouldn't it?
Obsorber: Yeah. You should totally do it.
Negative Obsorber: A funny man, you are. So after the project failed, the Commander had my memory erased. I had actually woken up during the experiment's failure and felt the pain of losing my pivotal locomotive limbs. After my forced visit to that manaless dimension of your Anodite grandmother's creation, one of the many observers of the experiment. Thanks to her, I regained my full memory of the event, included the excruciating pain I had to go through. I sometimes feel it in me, even on these replacement legs.
Obsorber: Who was she?
Negative Obsorber: Not she. An Omnitrix symbol appears on his chest with a light blue hourglass symbol on it. Sii. The symbol falls onto the floor and transforms into the human form of Sii. I couldn't have done it without her. Obsorber: No...
Negative Obsorber: Later on, Dawn turned out to be a boy hired without his memory even being wiped. He was a hired hand, something of a bounty hunter. He served one purpose, as opposed to whatever the Commander wanted to do with me as Magister. And now that my story has been told. He holds out the Tritadagen staff and points the tip it at Obsorber. Time for your book to be closed.
Obsorber: NOO!

Obsorber runs after the Tritadagen staff in an attempt to absorb its energy before it's shot. A blast is shot out of the staff.

Omnitrix: Extreme levels of radiation and unknown dangerous compounds detected. Priority 1 Distress call sent.

[Everything before Obsorber's eyes turns to white. He closes his eyes and opens them again, finding himself in the Little Trion. He looks around at the members of the team still onboard: Charmcaster, Julie, Verdona, Ship, Tetrax, and Azmuth.]

Obsorber: I dead?
Verdona: Of course not. You sent out a distress call.
Julie: I told your grandma to teleport you if you sent one.
Obsorber: No, no, nooo! He looks out the windshield and sees Negative Obsorber, glows of all colors appearing across his body as if he had absorbed energy as Chromastone, flying in front of the Tertiary Wing facing the Earth. NOOO! He transforms into Alien X. Everyone around him gasps at his appearance.

[We move to inside of Alien X, where the heads of Bellicus, voice of aggression, and Serena, voice of love and compassion. Ben appears inside as the two voices are arguing with each other, Bellicus' entire face directed at Serena's.]

Bellicus: The Lyonkeeper can't just simply place the chest there for him to just--Bellicus sees Ben at the side of his eye. He flips his head and faces Ben. What do you want, Tennyson?
Serena: Oh, Bellicus, why do we not welcome him? Has he not lifted your spirits today?
Bellicus: No. If I were a human, I think I would've had a heart attack from shock. And not the good type of shock.
Serena: Oh, Bellicus, why do you say such things?
Bellicus: The boy pops in and out whenever he feels! When he needs us is when he decides he's going to work with us! Not to mention, he has no control over that time walker who continues to disobey the treaty. And he doesn't agree to any motions we actually put together, unless they result in his own being agreed upon.
Serena: Well, is that not what you do, Bellicus?
Bellicus: We're two voices, and he's the third that's supposed to solve it all. What I do is unimportant. It's him that matters.
Ben: Well, that was a, err, warm welcome...
Bellicus: If you think that was warm, then this place is about to get awfully hot.
Serena: Bellicus! Pardon him, Ben. What do you need today?
Bellicus: You better not reasonlessly agree with him again.
Ben: I swear, this is urgent.
Bellicus: Oh, what is it *this* time? You blow up a planet or something?
Ben: Well, not me, and not yet either. Albedo has that powerful staff, made of all those powerful crystals, and he's about to fire it at the Earth.
Bellicus: And what do you propose we do about it, genius?
Ben: I want to--
Bellicus: That's not how we start motions, Tennyson.
Ben: Err, sorry? Motion to--
Bellicus: As a matter of fact, I don't even care. I don't want to hear your motion.
Ben: Then, Serena. Motion to--
Bellicus: And she doesn't want to, either. Motion to let Albedo destroy the Earth so that Ben can finally be forced to spend time here.
Serena: Sec--
Ben: Serena, please, no!

There is a bright blue glow next to Ben.

Bellicus: The time walker!

Professor Paradox is seen appearing in place of the glow.

Professor Paradox: Ben, we must get out of here.
Ben: But I'm just about to get through to them.
Professor Paradox: That is unfortunately wrong.
Bellicus: Quick, Serena, second the motion!
Professor Paradox: We must be off!

With the snap of his finger, Paradox and Ben appear back in the Little Trion, Ben as Jetray.

Jetray: Why'd you do that?
Professor Paradox (eyes closed and speaking wisely with his finger up): You must deal with the problem sooner than later, and it's more likely that Bellicus and Serena are going to be settling later--if ever. To put it simply, this isn't yet the time for Alien X. He opens his eyes to see Jetray gone from in front of him, having already left the ship and headed for Negative Obsorber. Paradox turns around to the group behind him. He's gone, isn't he? They all nod. Let's hope he survives out there.

We see Jetray flying out at speeds as fast as he can reach in attempt to get to Negative Obsorber. By the time he reaches, Negative Obsorber has unleashed his blast of the Titradagen crystal, which he had absorbed and made a part of himself. Jetray stands in front of the blast and uses all of the rays from his body to try and counteract it, but the beam proceeds to fire, ignoring his blasts completely. Jetray strengthens his blast to the most powerful he can. The beam eats through the laser and continues on its path. Jetray drops his head in complete disappointment with himself. He continues to blast until the laser is just inches away from himself. He flies quickly out of the way and watches as the beam hits the Earth. It continues down into the Earth for several hundred miles until it finally hits the core of the Earth. Negative Obsorber ceases fire. Jetray turns around and faces Negative Obsorber with an angry face but begins to see flames appear in the reflection of Negative Obsorber's eyes. Jetray turns back to face the Earth as it begins to crumble. The pieces of the planet are tossed everywhere, until the very center where the Earth had been connected to is itself shifted from its original position and broken.


Act Two

Part V

[We open in outer space, just outside of former Earth airspace. Blown apart pieces of the Earth float through space, with the event of destruction being watched by Jetray, the occupants of the Little Trion and the Tertiary Wing, and the one who enacted it all--Negative Obsorber, who floats just in front of the Tertiary Wing with the energy of all eight crystals in the Tritadagen staff coursing through his body inside and out. Assuring Jetray, who floats there awestruck at the sight just as the occupants of the Little Trion are, is distracted, Negative Obsorber returns to the Tertiary Wing, which had now become his domain. Jetray just manages to notice this before the ship takes off into deep space, making great distance in a matter of seconds. Jetray retreats to the Little Trion, in which he reverts to human. The remaining members of his team--Tetrax, Professor Paradox, Azmuth, Julie, Charmcaster Gwen, Verdona, and Ship--all stand before the windshield. Ben steps up to Julie and puts his hand on her shoulder.]

Ben: It's over, everybody. Albedo got away. He sighs. We...lost.
Professor Paradox: That's how it seems, now doesn't it?
Ben (somewhat sprightly): You have a plan, Paradox?
Professor Paradox: Oh, no, no, no. This is only the first time I'm experiencing these events. I told you the first time we all had that encounter with my counterpart that I would be living this out with you for the first time.
Ben: Why even say what you said then?
Professor Paradox: Because while I have next to no idea what to do in this situation, I do know an intelligent diminutive alien known for being the smartest being in fourteen galaxies who may have a hunch in the matter. Isn't that right, Azmuth?
Azmuth: The compliment is appreciated, Timewalker. And that would be in *nineteen* galaxies. But yes, I do unfortunately have a lead as to where they went. Albedo, Sii, and any other mindless Thep Khufans on that ship are likely headed to Anur Khufos, where they're going to deal with General Warren, leader of the Thep Khufan army.
Ben: Wait, I thought the Commander was the leader?
Tetrax: That's of the Thep Khufan Armada, Ben. The army is a subsidiary.
Azmuth: In reality, the Armada isn't a subsidiary. It's more of an organization rebelling against the army, as its, or rather the Commander's, purpose after destroying parts of the Earth was to usurp the throne from the army leader General Warren. We are lucky in that the Commander never had this chance, as his solution would have likely resulted in the complete extinction of the Ectonurites.
Ben: But I could bring them back to life.
Azmuth: The Ectonurites don't breed asexually, Ben. I'm going to leave it at that seeing as your level of maturity might completely undermine this. Now, as it turns out, General Warren will be an incredibly easy foe to defeat and usurp, and not just because of Albedo's possession of the Tritadagen staff.
Ben: Why?
Azmuth: Because General Warren has been dead for over a millenium at this point. He actually perished shortly after the invasion of the Ectonurites on Anur Khufos.
Julie: But he's in charge of the whole planet, isn't he? Wouldn't someone have noticed?
Ben: Yeah, and The Unleashed guy told me about a General Warren that lived for, like, a decade after the Ectonurite invasion.
Azmuth: That was because control over the General's body was stolen by one of the Ectonurites after his death.
Tetrax: Azmuth, how exactly do you know this?

Azmuth sighs.

Azmuth: You are all aware of the Ectonurite transformation in Ben's Omnimatrix? Ben, Julie, and Tetrax nod, while Hope, Verdona, and Ship turn their heads. Ugh, Omnitrix, access Master Control.
Future Ben's Omnitrix (worn by Ben): Master Control already unlocked.
Azmuth: What? Wait, Benjamin, is that your future self's Omnitrix?
Ben: Possibly.
Azmuth: I guess this confirms you'll do something noteworthy within the next five years that'll gain you access to Master Control. Now, Omnitrix, Ghostfreak. Ben transforms into Ghostfreak. This is an Ectonurite.
Verdona: Oh, you were asking about Ectonurites in general? Well, I can say I've met quite the few in my time.
Hope: They look kinda cool. I wonder if I can make a spell to turn these into rock monsters...
Azmuth: So long as you do not attempt to control real Ectonurites. Allow me to go on. You see--Verdona raises her palm in front of Azmuth to indicate he wants him to stop. What?
Verdona: You wanted us to allow you to go on. We haven't allowed you yet.
Azmuth: It was an imperative statement, not an interrogatory one.
Verdona: Oh,'re allowed, then.
Azmuth: Ben, I can certainly see where some of your 'charm' is derived from. Ben: Thanks! Oh, hey, wait...
Azmuth: Now, the Ectonurite DNA sample was the first sample I had attained for the Hidden Universe in the prototype Omnimatrix, just centuries after the start of the Ectonurite invasion on the Thep Khufan home world. I am guessing this had some form of influence on its appearance in your original playlist, but the method of choice in the playlist is purely random. Now, as you have had the misfortune of learning, the sample for the Ectonurite was acquired from the Ecto High Lord of the Ectonurites, the master controller of them all, Zs'Skayr.
Tetrax: Why did you get it from him and not anyone else?
Azmuth: My original intent was to get it from any Ectonurite I could find. But not only did the Ecto High Lord manage to have the easiest to obtain DNA, he also presented an excellent case that showed he was the best candidate.
Tetrax: And what exactly was that case?

Azmuth drops his head as he recalls the events in full.

[We rewind to a point a few centuries after the start of the Ectonurite invasion and Calign Tenebrosi's accident while creating the at the time unnamed Tritadagen staff. A small elliptical ship arrives and lands on Anur Khufos in a rugged patch of land, which in spite of its jaggedness is the most even spot on the planet. After landing, a small door opens on the side of the ship allowing for the exiting of a small alien, a past Azmuth. He wears a suit that is green on his upper body, black for his leggings, and blue on the visor protecting him from the possibly unsafe air. He heads down the main path of the planet to the castle at the end, the home of the Thep Khufan army's leader General Warren. As he heads down the path, he spots very few Thep Khufans out in the open, let alone on the road. Few of them are being shoved back to the factories on the planet by Ectonurites wielding metal staves with electrocuted tips. Azmuth attempts to approach them while heading down the road, but they speed up as he arrives. After passing by several groups of Ectonurites and Thep Khufans with the same results, he simply continues down the path without disturbing those on the planet. He knocks on the front door and is welcomed in shortly after by two Thep Khufans.]

Thep Khufan #1 (past): State your name and reason for presence.
Azmuth (past): I am Azmuth of the Galvan. I simply wish to speak with the leader of your planet. I believe his name is Warren Tenebrosi.
Thep Khufan #1: Correct. Do you have any credentials?
Azmuth: I am a Galvan. Almost none of us seek war.
Thep Khufan #1: *Almost* being the key word. Do you or do you not have any credentials?
Azmuth: I suppose I do not.
Thep Khufan #1 (sighing): Then you will not be allowed.
Thep Khufan #2 (past): Oh, just let him by, Thorne. The Galvans mean peace. He's probably just doing something science-y.
Thorne/Thep Khufan #1: No, the General doesn't want any suspicious people in his room.
Thep Khufan #2: Then why don't we just follow him up there?
Thorne: But who's going to man the door?
Thep Khufan #2: Okay, then, why don't *you* follow him up there?
Thorne (sighing): I don't trust you to actually guard this place, Fearoah. Take him up. I'll watch this place.
Fearoah/Thep Khufan #2: Wow, man, that really means a lot to me. We've only been working together for a few centuries. No biggy or anything. Just come on, Azmuth.

Fearoah wraps his left hand around Azmuth's body and uses his other to grab onto a platform far above him. He proceeds to launch himself high up into the air, landing on one platform. He then repeats this with another far-off platform.

Azmuth: This is quite the use of the steps, err, "Fearoah," was it?
Fearoah: Yes. And don't thank me. Thank the General's brother. He thought of this fun way up.
Azmuth: Well, I must commend him on the idea. It's truly an exhibit of thinking outside of the box. Pass the message on, will you?
Fearoah (launching to the final platform that sits right in front of General Warren's door): Err, that might prove a bit difficult.
Azmuth: How so?
Fearoah: He...err, went missing centuries ago, and was finally declared dead a couple centuries ago.
Azmuth: Oh...then I send my condolences to the Tenebrosi family, the general in specific.
Fearoah: I'm sure they would be happy to hear that. But don't tell it to me, tell it to an actual member of the family. He knocks on the door in front of him. It's Fearoah, General!

The door opens. He lays Azmuth back down on the floor and proceeds to lead Azmuth to the center of the room. As they reach the point, General Warren, seated in his chair facing out the window, turns around to his guests.

General Warren: What is the meaning of this?
Fearoah: Of what, sir?
General Warren: Why is this Galvan here? He did not set up an appointment.
Azmuth: Apologies, Mr. Tenebrosi. I am here imperatively. I am working on a device that could bring peace to the universe.
General Warren: Is it a device that will wipe the Ectonurites off this planet?
Azmuth: Unfortunately not.
General Warren: Not unfortunately, Galvan. The Ectonurites are friends of the Thep Khufans. If that was the kind of device you were bringing in, I would permanently expel you from my domain. He looks up to Fearoah. You're dismissed. Fearoah bows to the general then leaves the room. The door shuts after Fearoah leaves. What is this device you speak of?
Azmuth: I call it the Omnimatrix. It will allow its user to transform into a member of any other species in the universe.
General Warren: How does it work?
Azmuth: I cannot detail everything at this point, since I haven't put it into a working copy--
General Warren: Then what are you doing here?
Azmuth: For me to allow the user to transform into alien species, I must have the DNA samples of every species in the galaxy. I wanted to start off with the Ectonurites since they seem to have one of the most different anatomical features of any species.
General Warren: Oh. So you're looking for the Ecto High Lord?
Azmuth: I was in search of any Ectonurite willing to do this, but the rest of the population fled at the sight of me.
General Warren: That was the work of the Ecto High Lord, whom I believe is the best to sample.
Azmuth: Why?
General Warren: Because the Ecto High Lord controls every Ectonurite in existence. If you don't have the top dog's sample, then your user will be in my control.
Azmuth: Your control?
General Warren: Yes, (the paper on his face peals away to reveal the bone face of the Ecto High Lord) my control.
Azmuth: What? Where is the Thep Khufan leader?
Ecto High Lord (in General Warren's body): Warren Tenebrosi? Long dead. After my kind arrived on this planet, we killed him, and I took over.
Unfortunately, his body is slowly overwhelming mine. I estimate that in a few centuries, I'll be trapped, unable to escape from this body.
Azmuth: Will your mind be under his control again?
Ecto High Lord: No, I will simply be unable to become my Ecto High Lord form. I am sure your Omnitrix will prove to be useful for this very purpose.
Azmuth: I assume, but I will need your DNA sample to do so.
Ecto High Lord: Yes, of course, because if not mine, the user will be under my control. Do whatever it takes.
Azmuth: Don't worry, there is not much to it. He removes a small rectangular device from his pants pockets. It expands into what resembles a Plumber's badge. With the press of the hourglass symbol, the device turns into a fairly small doctor's needle. He walks over to the Ecto High Lord's desk and jumps onto it. He pokes the Ecto High Lord's face with the needle, immediately causing a small amount of a green liquid to be drawn into the needle. Azmuth removes the needle and jumps up off of the desk. I thank you for your time, Ecto High Lord.
Ecto High Lord: The name is Zs'Skayr, Galvan. I do hope we meet again, by the way. The subsided papery skin of General Warren's body covers Zs'Skayr's face. Dismissed. Azmuth bows then exits the room.

[We return to the Little Trion with Azmuth raising his head to look at those regarding him as he concludes his anecdote.]

Azmuth (present): And so the General is actually the weakened Ecto High Lord.
Ghostfreak: And you're absolutely sure that that's where Albedo is headed?
Azmuth: Yes.

Ghostfreak presses down on his Omnitrix symbol, transforming into Benmummy.

Julie: Ben?
Benmummy: I know what I'm doing. Azmuth, I need you to do something for me.
Azmuth: And what would that be?
Benmummy: Well, you know how Albedo made Ultimates of all of the aliens I had unlocked when he was finishing the Ultimatrix?
Azmuth: Yes, I so lamentably must recall that.
Benmummy: Well, I had aliens like Jetray and Bugbite unlocked, even some of my originals like Cannonbolt and Way Big, but Benmummy was one of those guys I just didn't have.
Azmuth: So you want me to make an Ultimate for your Thep Khufan transformation?
Benmummy: Yes.
Azmuth: Is there anything in specific you want added?

Benmummy puts on a happy face as indicated by the way his eyes are bent.

Benmummy: I have just the thing.

[We transition to the interior of the Tertiary Wing, which flies over Anur Khufos. The rainbow-glowing Negative Obsorber and Sii stand in the throne room looking the planet below with the body of the Commander almost completely decayed, and the Unleashed's in a melting block of ice near the dashboard.]

Negative Obsorber: I must thank you for all you've done to help me, Sii.
Sii: You're welcome, Albedo. I'm glad to be of assistance.
Negative Obsorber: Any specific reason for going against the Commander?
Sii: I just want to kill Tennyson myself. The Commander said he'd be the one to do it. Nothing major or anything, not like your reasoning.
Negative Obsorber: Heh, yeah. Well, if you ever need anything, Sii, just call, alright?
Sii: Alright.
Negative Obsorber: Alright. And has Elena been contacted yet?
Sii (sighing): Yes.
Negative Obsorber: Something the matter, Sii?
Sii: No, no...Elena should be here any moment--The throne room door opens, and Elena steps in. Albedo turns around to face her. Now...
Negative Obsorber: Elena, what a pleasure it is to see you again.
Elena: Uhh, I guess it's cool to see you again, too. Albedo, why'd you send me the invite? Why can't I get in contact with the Commander? What are we doing on this lousy Tertiary Wing?
Negative Obsorber: Come over and I'll explain--
Sii: Albedo, we have an issue.
Negative Obsorber: Can it wait?
Voice Over Intercom: No.

Negative Obsorber's eyes widen as he hears the unfamiliar voice. He flips around and looks to the holo screen where he sees an active call with an unknown contact. He looks out the wide window behind the holo screen and sees the Little Trion floating on the other corner of Anur Khufos.


Part VI

[We open inside of the Little Trion with Tetrax standing over the intercom and relaying a message to the Tertiary Wing. Meanwhile, Benmummy and Azmuth are speaking at the end of the hallway where the Primugen had previously been holed up.]

Benmummy (to Azmuth): So, can you do that?
Azmuth: I believe I can. Omnitrix, create wireless link to 100.OX.01.1B.98.
Benmummy: What's that for?
Azmuth: As soon as I complete the update, I will send the patch. I'll warn you before this happens, as it may keep you in your current transformation or in your human form until the patch is complete.
Benmummy: Wow.
Azmuth: I know, I know, "how could the smartest being in almost twenty galaxies not know how a simple patch will affect the user of the device receiving said patch?"
Benmummy: Well, I guess that, too, but I was talking about you actually giving me a warning for once.
Azmuth: Oh. Well, if this patch occurs in the midst of battle, it means the end of hope for other planets in this universe, assuming you are reverted to your human form. I'm not going to risk that while Albedo is present.
Benmummy: So you're not doing this for my safety...
Azmuth: Not mainly. This will enact a war that Albedo will win without effort. Now, if we're done here, I'll--
Benmummy: Wait!
Azmuth: What now?

Benmummy transforms into Shocksquatch.

Shocksquatch: You know these guys, right?
Azmuth: If by that you are asking whether or not I am familiar with the Gimlinopithecus, then yes.
Shocksquatch: Yeah, well, for some reason, the first time I used him he looked like some awesome giant white yeti. Now he's--and, no offense intended if the "Gimlinopithecus" really look like this--a little, err, ugly.
Azmuth: Hmm...the Gimlinopithecus sample must have been replaced, or maybe I'm confusing this new species with the original inhabitants of Pattersonea, whom I'm guessing are the source of the original sample. Either way, Omnitrix, reset Gimlinopithecus sample to default.
Omnitrix: This action will require additional verification.
Azmuth: Hmm, my imminent alternate self appears to have regained paranoia in regards to the ownership of the Omnitrix.
Shocksquatch: Can you get through, though?
Azmuth: Very likely so. Omnitrix, verification code 013141.
Omnitrix: Verification code accepted. Gimlinopithecus sample reset to default.

Before Azmuth's eyes and right in Shocksquatch's own body, Shocksquatch widens, his belt breaking off and his Omnitrix repositioning itself on his chest. His fur color changes from a combination of yellow, white, and black to one of white, gray, and blue fur. His body becomes thick, including at his arms and legs. His head straightens out, beginning to protrude slightly out of his head. His face color becomes a reddish-pink color, with his eyebrow now having two ends as opposed to three. The eyebrow becomes white. Next, his teeth recede in his mouth, with his hips becoming wider as well as able to cover his teeth. Finally, the metallic gray conductive bolts on the side of his head flatten out and move down the side of his head to just below his fur-covered ears, now at level with his mouth.

Shocksquatch (losing his Canadian accent and taking on a scratchier, slightly deeper voice): SHOCKSQUATCH! Oh, yeah!
Azmuth: Is there anything else before I attempt to teleport then you interrupt again?
Shocksquatch: Yes, but this time I promise it's the last thing I'm asking for.
Azmuth: Just remember that I do not have much time to waste or even to work, so you should hurry this up.
Shocksquatch: I will. I just need something that will trap Albedo as one alien as soon as I strap it to him, maybe that looks like an Omnitrix. And make it so Albedo can't take it off of himself.
Azmuth: Would the locked alien be of your choosing or whatever alien he is at the time?
Shocksquatch: Uhh...both, I guess?
Azmuth: It's one or the other, Benjamin. I recommend the former choice, by the way.
Shocksquatch: Then I'll go with that one then.
Azmuth: Do you even remember what that option was?
Shocksquatch: Of course I do! Now, get to your lab. You have a ton of work to get to.

We transition to the intercom on the Little Trion where Tetrax is still speaking with the occupants of the Tertiary Wing. As Tetrax is speaking, Shocksquatch walks up behind him but pulls himself back before distracting Tetrax.

Tetrax (into intercom): We request that you turn around and leave Anur Khufos air space.
Albedo (over intercom): I know that's you, Tennyson.
Tetrax: I am not Ben.
Albedo: Whatever, you're one of your aliens, I don't care. You have no control over me.
Tetrax: I am not Ben, nor am I one of his aliens. Now, get out of this planet's air space, or we will use force.

We transition to inside the throne room where Negative Obsorber, Elena, and Sii are standing before the window in the room.

Elena (to Albedo): Albedo, what's going on? Where is the Commander?
Negative Obsorber: He's, err, unavailable at the moment.
Elena: Where is he, Albedo?
Negative Obsorber: That is completely irrelevant.
Elena: And whatever stupid thing you've gotten yourself into is?
Negative Obsorber: As a matter of fact, yes it is.
Elena: Sii, tell me what's going on.
Sii: Err...Albedo doesn't want you to know.
Elena: Sii!
Sii: I'm sorry, 'Lena.
Elena: Don't talk to me unless you're going to tell me then. Elena turns around and attempts to walk away. Negative Obsorber puts his hand on her shoulder. Get off of me, Albedo.
Negative Obsorber: Wait, Elena. I'm sorry. You really want to know what's going on?
Elena: Yes.
Negative Obsorber: I've taken over the Armada's operations. The Commander is no longer with us.
Elena: What happened to him? Negative Obsorber points to the Commander's still decaying body in his throne. Oh, my...wait, so he's dead?
Negative Obsorber: Yes.
Elena: Then I'm finally free!
Negative Obsorber: What?
Elena: I don't have to do anything for you guys anymore.
Negative Obsorber: What are you talking about?
Elena: I was loyal to the Commander because he knew how to break me. I don't have to do squat for you or this organization anymore.
Negative Obsorber: Wait, you won't even do this for a friend?
Elena: I don't see any friends in the area.
Negative Obsorber: What about Sii and me?
Elena: Look, Albedo, I know almost nothing about you, except that you're an obnoxious Galvan in the body of Ben Tennyson.
Negative Obsorber: But...all those times you...we...
Elena: I had to kept the act as long as the Commander was around, but now I don't. I'm out of here.

Elena transforms into a swarm of nanochips and smash through the window, speeding through space as an Aerophibian. Meanwhile, Negative Obsorber keeps his head dropped facing the opposite direction of the window.

Sii: Albedo...
Negative Obsorber: I tried everything to make her mine. He turns around to Sii, whose human hair the color of her normal body flows from the air being sucked out into space. He walks back over to the dashboard as he continues to speak. When I'm done here, Elena Validus will be mine.

Negative Obsorber arrives at Sii.

Sii: Or you could find another queen, Albedo.
Negative Obsorber: My heart belongs to that girl. I don't understand these human emotions, but I know they should be followed.
Sii (faintly): But why not just go for me...
Negative Obsorber: What was that?
Sii: Nothing.

Negative Obsorber sighs. He puts his right index finger on the intercom microphone button and speaks.

Negative Obsorber: Tell Tennyson he can meet me down on the surface. He releases the microphone button and turns to Sii. Take care of the Albino.

Negative Obsorber begins to fly. He shoots outside of the ship and soars down to the surface of the planet. We transition back to within the Little Trion.

Tetrax: It looks like two beings have left the ship, one resembling an Aerophibian and one an Osmosian.
Shocksquatch: The second one's probably Albedo. I don't know who the second one could possibly be.
Julie: It could be Sii. Tetrax, was the other one kinda glowing blue?
Tetrax: No. He or she looked like a plain old Aerophibian.
Shocksquatch: Then I guess that wasn't Sii. But it doesn't matter anyway. Our focus is on getting Albedo. We're not letting him get away with dooming another planet.
Professor Paradox: Then I shall be on my way.
Shocksquatch: Paradox, this isn't the time to be abandoning us.
Professor Paradox: I assure you, that is not what I'm doing. I'll be back just in time, though.
Shocksquatch: Wait, I thought you said this was the first time you're living through this? Paradox smiles, then teleports away. I swear, he's hiding something.
Tetrax: But, as you said, it doesn't matter.
Shocksquatch: Oh, yeah. I'm going to need Shocksquatch in a bit, but right now...He smacks the Omnitrix on his chest and transforms into Jetray.
Jetray: Jetray! He speeds over to the door and before opening it, he speaks to Tetrax. Everybody on the ship, Tetrax is going to fly you down to the surface. I've got a plan, so I'll tell you when I get there where we're going to meet up.
Julie: Wait, Ben! What about me?
Jetray: What about you? Why aren't you in your suit yet?
Julie: Because I want to come with you.
Jetray: That's why I'm still standing here, Julie. C'mon, put on your suit.

Julie smiles, and Galvanic Mechamorph patterns begin to cover her body starting at her torso, after which point Julie morphs the Mechamorph side into a full suit. She walks up to Jetray, who wraps his wings around Julie.

Julie: You were really waiting for me? You really wanted me to come?
Jetray: I wouldn't have it any other way, Julie. We said we were going to be partners till the end, didn't we?
Julie (smiling uncontrollably): We did. Jetray smiles at her. I just remembered.
Jetray: Alright, for what I have planned to work, we need to get down there. Jetray's wings turn blue while the rest of his body turns white. His eyes become spread apart bulbs at the top of his head and his golden 'mask' disappears. We can hear the sound of the four spokes beginning to jut out of the Omnitrix symbol as the transformation finalizes. Ben's head becomes more spread out like a manta ray.
Ultimate Jetray (same voice): ULTIMATE JETRAY!

Ultimate Jetray blasts out through the door, unintentionally knocking it into space as he pursues Negative Obsorber already close to his destination on Anur Khufos.

Tetrax: Because who needs asking before you unleash the void of space on several beings who can't survive in it under natural circumstances? He forms diamonds that cover the doorway. Hopefully this should protect us. He turns around, finding only Ship in the room. What happened to everybody else? Ship turns around and faces the hallway with the bedrooms. I see. He turns back around to the dashboard. Disengage autopilot. There is a brief silence. Oh, yeah, low-level...Ship, take over, will you? We need to get down quickly, which means we'll need to match Ben's speed.

Ship nods and jumps over to the dashboard, merging with it and gaining control of the entire ship. Tetrax takes a seat in the living room and straps in with a seatbelt that appears as he sits down. Ship blasts off towards Anur Khufos.

[We move to the top floor of General Warren's castle. We get a view of the entrance to his room and a silhouetted part of the General's face and as he faces out the window. The entrance doors are blasted down and in steps an initially silhouetted being that becomes clear as day: Negative Obsorber, holding the bodies of Fearoah and Thorne in his hands. He tosses them aside.]

Negative Obsorber: Hello, General. I've dealt with your men. It was a fairly easy task, especially seeing as I have a Dipterath in my arsenal. There is a brief silence. Have you nothing to say? With your age have you decided to become absolutely silent? There is yet again no response. Well I guess I'll make this quick. He steps over to the desk. The General turns around in his chair and faces Negative Obsorber, halting Negative Obsorber's movement. You're not the General.

The acting General makes his shoulder visible, showing the Omnitrix symbol.

Benmummy: I'm not.
Negative Obsorber: You just made a grave mistake, Tennyson.

Negative Obsorber transforms his right hand into a sword and runs after Benmummy who jumps up out of his chair and transforms into Rath. Julie at the same time rises from under the desk with her hand in the form of a gun. Negative Obsorber continues to run after them, though.

[We move back to outside of the castle where the Little Trion lands just at the base of the towering building. As it lands, the crystal that Tetrax had used to seal the door is removed. Tetrax steps out of the ship, followed by Verdona in her Anodite form, and Charmcaster Gwen. Ship detaches from the Little Trion and joins the team without having to go through the ship.]

Tetrax: Ben said to meet at the castle. The whole team look up into the sky as they hear a loud bang. A loud beam is seen flying out of the highest floor window. Falling from the highest floor on the building are the bodies of Rath and Julie. BEN AND JULIE!

Tetrax forms a crystal slide for Rath and Julie to fall comfortably down onto. Unfortunately, the slide does little to ease the pain from falling from such a high altitude. They slide down onto the ground and become absolutely motionless. Verdona floats over to them.

Verdona: They aren't well.

Negative Obsorber slams down onto the floor of the first floor of the castle after having bashed through several filler levels in the building. He stands up straight and aims at the whole team.

Negative Obsorber: Prepare to join them.

Albedo unleashes a large blast in our direction, with our view fading to black.


Part VII

[We open with Negative Obsorber unleashing a large Tritadagen blast from his body at Tetrax, who swiftly raises a large shield of his own crystals from the ground. Despite how tough the crystals are, they quickly begin to crack. Tetrax stands behind the shield with his hands on it, speaking to the group of Charmcaster Gwen, Verdona, and Ship behind him.]

Tetrax: This thing's going to break any moment now. You three are going to have to get away from here.
Verdona: I don't think so. I may not have had been able to put a dent in that alien who's responsible for the death of my granddaughters, but I am not going to allow him to get away with this. He's destroyed a world and my grandson.
Ship: Julie! Julie!
Verdona: Yes, and his girlfriend. Take that shield down, Tetris.
Tetrax: That's Tetrax, Tetrax Shard. And I'm not taking this shield down for a second.

Parts of the shield begin to chip away, but Tetrax mends the patches by raising more crystals out of the ground and sticking them in the way.

Verdona: You will perish attempting to hold back that kind of power.
Tetrax: So? An Anodite such as yourself may be able to sustain herself for a bit, but you're still going to end up feeling the effects of Albedo's rays sooner or later.
Verdona: I have worked with mana for over 70 earth years. You know not--
Tetrax: I don't care how long you've worked with magic. I'm here to stop anyone else from falling. It's the whole reason I was asked to help in the remainder of this mission. Now follow my command (eyes wandering to the Little Trion) and get out of here.
Verdona: I will not--Charmcaster Gwen floats over to Verdona and whispers something to her. Oh. I understand now.
Charmcaster Gwen: Ship? Ship turns to Charmcaster Gwen and growls at her for a bit. You may not trust me, but you have to for this. We're going to get payback for Chelsey.
Verdona: I don't think that Mechamorph cares for Chelsey as much as he does Jillian.
Charmcaster Gwen: Jillian?
Verdona: Ben's girlfriend.
Charmcaster Gwen: You mean, Julie? How could you forget her name? I just said it.
Verdona: No, you said "Che--"
Tetrax: I can't hold this much longer! Go already!
Verdona: Okay.
Charmcaster Gwen: Come on, Ship, you can do this. Remember Julie.

Ship nods with his brow curved downwards. He jumps onto the Little Trion and spreads his body along it, transforming it into the superspeed Ship he was unintentionally exposed to years prior when he was experiment on. Tetrax's strength begins to wane holding up his shield, which now itself is becoming compromised by Negative Obsorber's Tritadagen blasts. From the other side, Negative Obsorber stares with an evil grin at the shield as many crystals fly off of it. Seeing this, Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen realize just how serious the situation is and rush to inside Ship. Ship begins to hover, with Negative Obsorber seeing this at the side of his eye. He continues to unleash his Tritadagen blast at Tetrax's shield with his right hand, while beginning to use his formerly idling left hand to try and blast Ship out of the sky. Ship manages to blast a powerful beam that manages to hold off even the Tritadagen blast.

Negative Obsorber: Tennyson has some truly fiesty allies. He floats over to Rath's body and takes a strong step down on his chest. Or should I say "had." He focuses both hands' energy on Tetrax's shield, tearing it down immediately and knocking Tetrax onto his back. He steps up to Tetrax and looks at Tetrax's exhausted body. What a pitiful Petrosapien. Your species today have proven to be far stronger on average. You fell in a matter of moments.
Tetrax (weakly): Not a single one of my kind has had the chance to--

Negative Obsorber kicks Tetrax onto his back.

Negative Obsorber: I didn't ask for your take on this, Shard. Now...He bends down and holds his glowing left hand over Tetrax's body. At that very moment, Ship blasts at Negative Obsorber. Argh! He looks up at Ship who is now at least a mile over the ground and ready to leave for another side of the planet. You remain safe for the time being, but I will be back. You best not move if you want your death to be swift, though.

He looks up at the sky. He transforms into Jetray, who also glows with the Tritadagen's energy. He takes off after Ship, who begins his speedy course to another location on the planet. As Negative Obsorber leaves the area, Tetrax drops his head and succumbs to unconsciousness. Meanwhile, just feet away from him, an ID Mask slips off of Rath's face, placing an energized Chromastone in his place. Professor Paradox and Azmuth arrive at the scene between Chromastone and Julie.

Azmuth: Wake up, Tennyson.
Professor Paradox: What is this, Azmuth?
Azmuth: What do you mean?
Professor Paradox: The boy is clearly lifeless.

Azmuth shakes his head.

Azmuth (to Paradox): I would have never expected to be a part of a situation where you're unsure of an event, Timewalker. Now facing Ben.Tennyson, wake up!

Chromastone's sole eye opens ever so slightly.

Chromastone (whispering): Is it clear?
Azmuth: Yes.

Chromastone looks left and right. He jumps up onto his feet, reverts to human, and looks down at Julie.

Ben: Oh, man, is Julie okay?

Azmuth walks up to Julie and feels her wrist with two of his fingers.

Azmuth: She is definitely alive. I am unsure of whether she is conscious.
Professor Paradox: I assure you, Benjamin, she is perfectly fine.
Ben: Really? Hey, wait...I thought you said you haven't lived through this yet?
Professor Paradox: Azmuth, this was part of some elaborate scheme?
Azmuth: Yes. I didn't want Ben to have to be in battle while the Omnitrix was being patched. And by the looks of it, he'll be forced to live through the patch in human form.
Ben: Wait, what? I won't be able to use the Omnitrix? For how long?
Azmuth: Anywhere from one to five minutes as soon as it begins, which you will be warned of.
Ben: Can't you make it so I can stay some alien?
Azmuth: I cannot, but you can.
Ben: Really? How?
Azmuth: Simply transform. Didn't I tell you already?
Ben: You said I'd be stuck as me or an alien before. You didn't say--He cuts himself off. I feel so stupid.
Azmuth: Maybe I didn't clarify what determines this.
Ben: But I thought you didn't know.
Azmuth: Perhaps I lied then. Whatever the case, you haven't much time till the patch engages. I would transform now if you expect to stay an alien for the duration.
Ben: Alright. Let's go, Benwolf!

Ben pops up the tower on Future Ben's Omnitrix. He scrolls by Jetray, Big Chill, and an unfamiliar horse-like alien, arriving at Benwolf's icon. He smacks down on the hologram and finds himself as a horse-like alien with a long green saddle with black lines on various places on it and a mane running from above his forehead to his back and onto his tail. The green of the Omnitrix's hourglass darkens to forest green.

Azmuth (recorded message on the Omnitrix): Hello, Benjamin. The patch has gone through my detailed verification process and is ready to install. You will now be unable to use the Omnitrix for the next one to five minutes, but you will continue to be able to use your current form--including if you are human--as well as any additional powers given by the Omnitrix.
Omnitrix: Patch in progress.
Horse Alien: Thanks for that, Azmuth. Don't give me any warning.
Azmuth (real): I warned you that it was coming. I am not to blame for--
Horse Alien: Yes, you are.
Professor Paradox: Ahh, Benjamin, the Caballus Stallius transformation. You used him only once before this point, or was it more? I am not particularly sure. Let's just say you've used him before.
Horse Alien: Great, I'm going to have to use Abstallion more after today.
Professor Paradox: Nothing is ever set in stone, Benjamin. You do not have, too, but as you can already tell, some things are simply impossible to control.
Azmuth: I'm surprised you haven't used him before. He's actually quite--
Professor Paradox: No spoilers, Azmuth. We must find a safe place. You are very vulnerable in your current form.
Abstallion/Horse Alien: Great, you guys know a secret about his powers, don't you?
Azmuth: Of course not.
Abstallion: If you do, please tell me. This guy's just speed, some strength, and a bit of intelligence.
Professor Paradox: We can reveal nothing, as we know nothing.
Abstallion: Alright, have it your way. One day I'm gonna have a secret that you two won't know, and then you'll be sorry you didn't tell me your powers. Now, get on my back. And get Julie and Tetrax on, too.
Azmuth: Why?
Abstallion: We need to go somewhere.
Azmuth: Where?
Abstallion: Somewhere secret.
Professor Paradox: Hmm...He snaps his fingers, and Julie and Tetrax arrive on Abstallion's back with belts strapping them down. Azmuth climbs up onto Paradox's shoulder as Paradox hops onto Abstallion's back and buckles himself in. Onwards, Benjamin!

Abstallion straightens his face and looks ahead. He takes off into the distance at just above human speeds.

[We move to a cave far from the General's castle. Abstallion arrives just in front of it and comes to a quick stop just in front of it. He lets off Paradox with Azmuth on his shoulder.]

Abstallion: I spotted this place on the way down to the surface as Jetray. I remembered it, and I know it should be a good hiding place.
Professor Paradox: Just to note, only two minutes have passed.
Abstallion: This guy's fast, but that's just not enough. I've got XLR8 for that kind of thing.
Professor Paradox: Do not fret, Ben. Surely, you'll find a purpose for him eventually.
Abstallion: There you go again. You know something, don't you?

Professor Paradox looks to Azmuth then back at Abstallion, who looks at the two with a menacing look. Abstallion turns around, Tetrax and Julie still on his back, and looks into the dark cave.

Professor Paradox: It's better if you decide not to enter that cavity, Benjamin.
Abstallion: Why not? You've never been to these events before, so how would you know anything?
Professor Paradox: Just because I haven't experienced these specific events doesn't mean I haven't been here in the past or future.
Abstallion: Well I'm sure my powers will be pretty useful to use against whatever's in there right?
Azmuth: Not all abilities are for the offensive side, Benjamin. The ability to defend oneself using natural ability is quite the treasure.
Abstallion: So, that's my power? Making a shield? How?
Professor Paradox: I will not allow you to know, Benjamin.
Abstallion: Aha! You do know.
Professor Paradox: But that is far from important. Now, let us please stay here and just wait for the patch to be completed.
Abstallion: You know what? I think I'm going to go in there.
Professor Paradox: Please, Ben, no!
Abstallion: I think I am. Take Tetrax and Julie off of my back.
Professor Paradox: No. That would mean I am supporting your future actions.
Abstallion: Take them off, Paradox.
Professor Paradox: Do not go in there, Benjamin.
Abstallion: Alright. I'll just go in there with them.

Abstallion begins to walk into the dark cave. After being immersed in the darkness for only seconds, the bodies of Tetrax and Julie are tossed out off of the cave one by one in that order. Abstallion remains inside.

Azmuth: Do you suppose that...
Professor Paradox: Doubtful, Azmuth. The foes he will face inside aren't *that* violent.

Abstallion's body slides out on its side on the ground from the cavern. Stepping out of the shadows inside the cave are a Thep Khufan, a large Crabdozer-like alien wrapped in the same type of bandages as Thep Khufans, and an Ectonurite stand next to each other.

[We appear behind Negative Obsorber as he flies after Ship and his passengers. Negative Obsorber is repeated blasting Tritadagen energy, but Ship manages to weave around each and every attack.]

Negative Obsorber: I will get you eventually! Stand down now, and your demises will be swift!

Ship continues to weave around Negative Obsorber's balsts. We move to inside of Ship where Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen are standing at the dashboard analyzing the situation.

Charmcaster Gwen: I don't think we'll last much longer.
Verdona (Anodite form): That most certainly isn't the spirit, Hope. You lost your best friend to this monster, and you don't want to get any payback? You don't want to avenge your friend? Even if it means losing your life just to hold him until a solution is found?
Charmcaster Gwen: I'd love to do that, but look at his power. Not to mention, he's not even the one who's responsible for Chelsey.
Verdona: When has specifics ever been the deciding factor for you? What happened to the girl who would pick a fight with anything that would help her get even?
Charmcaster Gwen: Verdona, that's childish. You're asking me to beat him up for no reason.
Verdona: I'm not sure if that's a bit of Gwendolyn being shared with your own personality, but I know that certainly isn't the Hope I know. Charmcaster Gwen: I'll have you know that...She drops her head then immediately raises it, squinting at Verdona. I don't think this is me talking. Verdona: It must be now.
Charmcaster Gwen (turning around to face the back of the ship): So we're just going to try and go after him? Just like this?
Verdona: As Anodites, we're both very strong. Surely we can hold our own against him.
Charmcaster Gwen: But Tennyson wasn't even able to do it.
Verdona: Which one? My grandson?
Charmcaster Gwen: Yeah.

Verdona floats there for a moment, silent.

Verdona: We mustn't think about the limitations of others. She now turns to face the back of the ship as well. We must think only of our potential in the matter.
Charmcaster Gwen: And...hey, wait, I'm not an Anodite.
Verdona: What do you mean you're not an Anodite?
Charmcaster Gwen: I mean, I'm a regular person who knows how to use magic.
Verdona: You excel with magic, and so did my granddaughter when she learned of her potential. But you are in my granddaughter's body now. Charmcaster Gwen's eyes widen as she makes a realization. Looks like you understand.
Charmcaster Gwen: So you have a plan, then?

Verdona grins. We transition back to outside the ship where Negative Obsorber has begun to unleash larger blasts by using both of his hands.

Negative Obsorber: You can't escape this! He blasts Ship once more. Ship stays completely idle, and at the last moment, attempts to evade the blast. He is hit nonetheless, and a ball of smoke appears from the point at which he was hit. He begins to rapidly dip from the sky. Haha! As Ship begins to crash down, Negative Obsorber attempts to catch up with him. In the instance before Ship crashes into the ground, we see a faint ball of mna appear around Ship. Negative Obsorber, not having noticed the blast, continues to pursue Ship. He slowly drops onto his feet on the ground. A safe distance away from Ship, he blasts through the smoke and finds the Little Trion in pieces, each with Galvanic Mechamorph patterns on them. Rising out of the largest unscathed chunk lying in a pothole is Verdona in her Anodite form. I'm surprised you managed to survive that. What, did you create some field of protection for yourself only? Verdona unleashes a large blast of mana from her body in Negative Obsorber's direction. The blast creates a large gust of wind that manages to push its target a few inches away. Astonishing. An aging Anodite such as yourself, able to put some sort of a dent in myself? I wonder just how much energy you have in you. He floats over to Verdona. Might I have some of it? At this point, Verdona creates a large bubble of mana and slips it around Negative Obsorber. He sends the bubble flying with Negative Obsorber inside trying to break his way out by punching it. He eventually decides to punch downwards, pushing the bubble toward the ground until it begins to lose velocity, finally coming to a full stop. At this point, he blasts through the bubble using his Tritadagen energy, creating a massive explosion. Verdona turns around and moves toward the Little Trion and looks down in the ship. With her back turned, she finds that something taps her on the shoulder. Negative Obsorber, parts of his metal body chipped from the explosion, lifts her above him and tosses her to the side. He then blasts her several times. With each shot, she attempts to get up, but is continually weakened. Soon after, another Anodite rises out of the Little Trion's wreckage. What--what is this? He looks to Verdona's body then back to the Anodite rising out of the ground. Charmcaster. Dawn should've taken care of you when he had the chance.
Charmcaster Gwen's Voice (from the weak Anodite body Negative Obsorber is still blasting on the floor): I would've liked that.
Verdona's Voice (from the Anodite rising out of the wreckage): You are in a world of trouble for what you did to my family. She blasts him with several sharp mana blasts, each sticking to and impaling him in the chest. The blasts manage to push him back and halt his onslaught on Charmcaster Gwen's Anodite body. You are to blame for the loss of an entire world. She shoots a ray at Charmcaster Gwen's Anodite body on the floor which, rather than hurting, slowly heals her. She blasts another set of sharp blasts at Negative Obsorber. You are to blame for the loss of my grandson and granddaughters. She produces a ten feet tall mana sword over her body and swings downward, just missing Negative Obsorber who manages to jump out of the way of the melee attack. She continues to swing horizontally and vertically at Negative Obsorber until he is finally hit and knocked onto his back on the ground. Verdona's sword disappears, and Verdona flies over to Negative Obsorber. Charmcaster Gwen in her Anodite form floats over to Verdona's side. But none of that amounts to most heinous of crimes you have committed. Verdona's and Charmcaster Gwen's bodies face each other, while Verdona's head continues to face the languished Albedo. Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen begin to increase the size of a ball of mana. After moments of buildup, with Negative Obsorber attempting to get up, Verdona speaks before she blasts. You killed the perfect mate. You killed my husband. She and Charmcaster Gwen unleash the blast on Negative Obsorber. As the blast burrows a hole with Negative Obsorber in it, dust flies around in the area, and we hear the Omnitrix activation sound and see a bright red glow from Negative Obsorber. With a powerful clap, a gust of wind blows the dust out of the area, allowing Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen to see down into the crater they had formed. In the center, the body of Negative Obsorber becomes visible. His lower body has become purple with black lines and black dots. When the dust is completely cleared, we see the silicon based alien with pink crystals on his back and one large red eye on his head--Negative Chromastone. The glow of the Tritadagen energy surrounds his body. He weakly gets up onto his feet and unleashes a mix of the Tritadagen energy and the mana Verdona had blasted. Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen float away to try and escape the blast. To Charmcaster Gwen: It was fruitless.
Charmcaster Gwen: No, Verdona. We got somewhere with that. We put a serious dent in him. Was this all you had in mind for the plan?
Verdona: Unfortunately, yes.
Charmcaster Gwen: I told you we had no hope.
Verdona: We can repeat what we did before. It seemed to have an effect, like you said.

Negative Chromastone rises out of his crater, coursing with vigor.

Negative Chromastone: Miss me?

Negative Chromastone is suddenly knocked down onto the ground, sliding headfirst into the ground towards Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen, who now stand by the Little Trion's own crater. Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen turn around and find Abstallion standing with one leg up and an angry face on. Professor Paradox, with Azmuth on his shoulder; Tetrax, awake once more; and Julie, still unconscious, lie on Abstallion's back. Tetrax jumps up off of the saddle and takes Julie off of Abstallion's back, putting her onto the floor under a small, safe crystal hut. Professor Paradox time travels to get himself and Azmuth out of his seat and into a standing position.

Abstallion: Albedo, I don't think you've had a chance to meet Abstallion or his hooves. We scroll to the left of Abstallion, with the Crabdozer-like alien standing on all fours, with the Thep Khufan and Ectonurite from the cave on his back. And let me also introduce you to Rex, Plasma, and their pet Fossil, natives of the planet who have been working their butt off for a thousand years to take over the rest of the planet and bring peace back to this place. Rex/Thep Khufan (deep voice): Fossil, sic 'im.

The Thep Khufan, Rex, and the Ectonurite, Plasma, hop off of the Crabdozer-like Fossil and watch as Fossil rushes after Negative Chromastone and begins to scratch at Negative Chromastone's body, attempting to break into his tough exoskeleton.

Azmuth: Alright, so you're holding off Albedo for now. But what about when he is released of your control?
Omnitrix: Patch complete. New evolution available: Evolved Thep Khufan. Normal functions now available.
Abstallion: Time for you to find out. He smacks his Omnitrix and transforms into Jury Rigg.
Jury Rigg: Jury Rigg!
Azmuth: Incorrect transformation? Maybe the patch is--
Jury Rigg: No, Azmuth. I have a plan. Did you ever finish that *other* project I told you to make?
Azmuth: Yes. Rather than build it, though, I created a blueprint. I just need to get to Ship and give it to him.
Jury Rigg: Alright. You get Ship to make that then choose Ghostfreak, and on my signal, strap it on.

Azmuth nods in response and hops off of Professor Paradox. Jury Rigg repeats the action to Azmuth then runs to a safe spot and begins to tinker with the Omnitrix. Meanwhile, Azmuth runs through the battle now ensuing between Negative Chromastone and the seemingly indestructible Fossil and finds the closest piece of the Little Trion attached to Ship. Azmuth pokes the piece, and soon after, every piece of Ship slides over to that one piece and rises up to Ship's normal shape.

Azmuth: I am not a fan of following Tennyson's plans, but in this case, I must. He removes a piece of paper folded several times. He unfolds it to reveal a 8x11" blueprint of an Omnitrix-like device, with each and every piece of the device having some sort of description. Create this.

We get a view of Azmuth's face as Ship's body glows and transforms. We do not get a view of the final device, but only the wide grin on Azmuth's face. We move to Jury Rigg who has the tower popped up out of the Omnitrix, with 10 green circular lights along the silver band around the hourglass piece. After twisting the Omnitrix back and forth very careful, he finally finds the Omnitrix's hourglass flashing light blue, then back to its normal green color. A few green sparks fly out of the Omnitrix at this point.

Jury Rigg: I sure hope this works. He smacks down on the Omnitrix symbol and a bright green glow results. After the glow fades out, the green lights on the Omnitrix's band fade to nothing. Hope Azmuth's ready.

We move to Negative Chromastone who has knocked Fossil over onto his back, unable to get up. Negative Chromastone is now facing off with Tetrax, blitzing him with several large crystals; Verdona and Charmcaster Gwen using their mana; and Professor Paradox, who simply distracts Negative Chromastone by running around him at unmatchable speeds reached through his time travel. Jury Rigg walks up to behind Negative Chromastone and signals Azmuth, who stands on Professor Paradox's rapidly moving shoulder. Professor Paradox comes to a complete stop, and everyone else stops barraging Negative Chromastone.

Azmuth: Albedo, I today, but you've done is wrong.

Azmuth throws Ship, in the form of an Omnitrix symbol with Galvanic Mechamorph patterns, onto Negative Chromastone's back. Negative Chromastone feels a large shock on his back, and finally, he transforms into Negative Ghostfreak, who is also encompassed in Tritadagen energy.

Negative Ghostfreak: You think you have won? He flashes red, signifying a transformation, but after the flash fades, he is still Negative Ghostfreak. No matter, Azmuth. I have much practice with an Ectonurite. He becomes intangible. You will not be able to hurt me.
Jury Rigg: You're wrong there. Negative Ghostfreak turns around, shocked to see Jury Rigg. Jury Rigg smiles and smacks down on his Omnitrix. Exploding out of the Omnitrix is green electricity, which touches each member of Ben's team, save for Azmuth. Every person on the team--including Jury Rigg--is slowly transformed into Benmummy, each person even having their own Omnitrix symbol.
Benmummy (Ben): You ready to give up?
Negative Ghostfreak: To Thep Khufans? You've put this at a standoff, Tennyson.
Benmummy (laughing): That's what it looks like, doesn't it? He smacks his Omnitrix once more. Four spokes emerge from the four corners of his and each of his teammates' Omnitrix symbols. Each Benmummy becomes taller, has their chin become sharper, their eyes hidden under their mask which now resemble Benmummy in his form before the Omnitrix's original recalibration, and finally, begin to have glowing hands.
Ultimate Benmummy (Ben): I'd like you to meet Ultimate Benmummy.



[We open with each Ultimate Benmummy (with the outfit of his or her normal form stretched to fit his or her transformation) leans forward and aims at Negative Ghostfreak, who simply floats in place in the center of them all. They unleash an ectokinetic blast that slowly deteriorates Negative Ghostfreak's body. Cries of pain erupt from Negative Ghostfreak.]

Negative Ghostfreak: PLEEEASE! STOOOOP!
Ultimate Benmummy: You left most of us with nothing to lose. When you reach that point, you'll do anything to win.
Ultimate Benmummy: Then it's time to finally put an end to this.

Ultimate Benmummy transforms into Alien X, while his teammates remain blasting Negative Ghostfreak as Ultimate Benmummy.

Alien X (voices of Bellicus, Serena, and Ben): Alien X!

Negative Ghostfreak looks up and gasps at the sight of the alien he had not once transformed into or known existed. We look through his eyes as well at the menacing Alien X floating over the ground. We zoom in on his face and finally transition to within his head.

[We are inside Alien X's body, where Ben stands before Bellicus and Serena.]

Bellicus: Benjamin.
Serena: Ben, we apologize for trying to stop Professor Paradox.
Bellicus: No we don't. He's not supposed to be anywhere near us. He would be obliterated by now if Serena wasn't acting so childish now.
Serena: I am sorry, Bellicus, but I believe it is you who is acting childish in this matter. There is no reason to banish him from his existence. I mean, do we truly have control over such a thing? He is a Time Keeper after all.
Bellicus: If it really mattered whether or not the Timewalker was destroyed then one of the Lyonkeepers would have informed us. Not that it matters, as we are omnipotent and control all.
Serena: Within reason.
Bellicus: Yes, where Tennyson must unfortunately come in. Speaking of which, why are you back in here so soon? Finally decided you'd like to take part in one of our discussions?

As Ben nearly says "no," Serena mouths "yes" to Ben. Ben looks to Bellicus and speak.

Ben (awkwardly): Err, yes?

Bellicus' eyes widen.

Bellicus: Well, that is great news. Let's move to motion 3,000,000,906 to rid Professor Paradox from existence.
Serena: Bellicus!
Bellicus: Oh, okay.
Serena: How about motion 3,000,000,907 to allow the ancestors of humans to have 'super powers' such as pyrokinesis or cryokinesis?
Bellicus: Nay.
Ben: Definitely!
Bellicus: Motion defeated.
Serena and Bellicus (in unison): Good vote!
Ben: Wait, what?
Bellicus: Oh, are you kidding me, boy? Have you forgotten how these motions work? It's a two-third vote system. If two people--
Ben: I know that, but there were two for yes, weren't there?
Serena: No, there were two for no, hence "Motion Denied."
Ben: You weren't on the good side?
Serena: Oh, of course not. So much of the Earth's history relies on how you haven't adapted and gathered any significant "alien" abilities yet.
Bellicus: So much war could be caused by humans if they are given these powers were in the hands of man. Possibly even spanning to space.
Serena: As much as I'd like to believe man can be trusted, they simply can't.
Ben: Alright. So can we move to my motion?
Bellicus: I suppose.
Serena: At this rate we'll be done in no time!
Ben: Was that sarcasm?
Bellicus: Boy! Get on with your motion!
Ben: Alright, motion to never allow the Tritadagen to fall into Albedo's hands.
Serena and Bellicus (in unison): Motion defeated. Good vote!
Ben: Wait, why not?
Bellicus: Kid, you're going to have to realize how cause and effect works sooner or later. If that guy doesn't get the power, then who does?
Ben: I don't know. Maybe Tersce's dad?
Bellicus: You must be the stup--you know what? Forget it. Motion to display the events that immediately follow in a universe where the Tritadagen staff fell into the hands of Calign Tenebrosi, version 121-1.
Serena: Seconded.
Bellicus and Serena (in unison): Motion carried.

[Appearing between the faces of Bellicus and Serena is a screen displaying the middle of space where the Tertiary Wing swims around asteroids in the cold, starry void. We move to within the Tertiary Wing, where the Thep Khufan Commander and the Unleashed Calign, with the Tritadagen staff in hand, stand looking out the window.]

Unleashed Calign: The conquest of the universe is nearly complete.
Thep Khufan Commander: Well, that is not our goal, but yes. We must return to Anur Khufos, father. It's time we paid Warren a visit.
Unleashed Calign: He may not be the nicest Khufan in the bunch, but my brother still deserves to be referred to with some sort of honor. Address him as Uncle Warren or General Warren, at the very least. He is not one of your little colleagues.
Thep Khufan Commander: Apologies, father. I had assumed you no longer cared.
Unleashed Calign: Of all the things that a Khufan never forgets, the greatness of his brother is among the top of the list.
Thep Khufan Commander: Again, my sincerest apologies. Forgive me.
Unleashed Calign: Forgiven. He turns around and faces the sliding door entrance to his room. Where are our honored guests?
Thep Khufan Commander: On the way, I would believe. He walks over to and seats himself in his throne. He faces the holo screen, and using controls on his throne's arms, he sends a message across the ship. Echoing in the room over the speakers. If my men aren't in here within the next two minutes, there will be several people getting the boot out into space without a suit. He releases his microphone button and presses another button that shuts off the holo screen. To Calign. The deed is done.
Unleashed Calign: I am not deaf. I realize that.
Thep Khufan Commander: Apologies, father.
Unleashed Calign: I truly hope your brother is less spineless than yourself.
Thep Khufan Commander: Understand that I am the one who established all that needed to be, that set up and worked on this operation for over a year, that composed a team of the most revered--or the most hated--beings in the universe. I am far from spineless, father.

Calign squints and looks to the Commander.

Unleashed Calign: Watch your tone with me.

The sliding door is rung. The Commander presses a button on his left throne arm that opens the door. In the doorway is the Thep Khufan Black Leader and two Thep Khufan Black members.

Thep Khufan Commander: Noir Squad, enter.

The Thep Khufan Blacks/Noir Squad members enter the room, the two regular members hiding something behind them. The Noir Squad's regular members walk up to the base of the Commander's altar and bow. The Noir Squad Leader walks up the altar to the top step where the Commander and the Unleashed stand.

Unleashed Calign: I respect you, Noir leader. I know nothing of your identity, but what I do know is that you are an amazing squad leader. But I ask you this, why are you up here on the altar?

The Noir Squad leader faces where the holo screen had just previously been. From his forehead, he projects live imagery of the kindled remains of the Max Force's ship. Also among these pieces is the severed robotic arm of Manny Armstrong, and articles of clothing from Manny as well as the rest of the team--including three Plumber badges. The Noir Squad leader ends the projection.

Noir Squad Leader: And yes, we did collect what remained of those Plumbers, as well as two of the five Plumber badges.
Thep Khufan Commander: What did you do about the Pyronite? Surely, he must have been able to sustain himself in the blast.
Noir Squad Leader: We flooded the ship before we began planting. When we were sure the Pyronite's light was out, we pulled the trigger.
Thep Khufan Commander: I have never seen you as such a fierce leader. You've always had some relentlessness, but you also knew went to hold back.

The Squad leader turns to Calign.

Unleashed Calign: What?
Noir Squad Leader: You are Calign Tenebrosi? You are The Unleashed?
Unleashed Calign: Indeed. Who told you this?

The Squad leader swallows loudly and drops to one knee as he bows to the Unleashed.

Noir Squad Leader: I would have never thought I'd get the chance to see you again...father.

Calign's eyes widen at the unexpected term.

Unleashed Calign: "Father?" My son? Loitus?

The Squad leader rises to his feet. His helmet slides back, revealing his Thep Khufan face.

Loitus/Noir Squad Leader: I...I missed you, father.

Calign floats over to his son Loitus and hugs him. Calign shortly after distances himself from his son and looks to Tersce.

Unleashed Calign: What's the matter, son? You look as if you're unwanted, as if you are neglected.
Thep Khufan Commander: Now why in the world would I feel like that?
Unleashed Calign: I don't know. Maybe because I just showed which of you two I prefer over the other.
Thep Khufan Commander: It was a sarcastic, rhetorical question, father. He leaps out of his chair and lands in front of Calign. I would think you would know what that is. He raises his hand and faces it at Calign. Bracio! Metal chains fly out the Commander's hand and wrap around Calign's body, forcing him to release the Tritadagen staff. The staff begins to roll down the altar. The two Noir Squad members manage to completely ignore the sight, but in spite of this, the Commander blasts in front of them to warn them of what's to come if they choose to reach for the staff. You won't have my prize! I worked too hard for this. He kicks his brother Loitus down onto the ground. Bracio! The chains fly out of his hands once more, this time wrapping up Loitus and tying him to his father Calign as well. I have worked too hard to be pushed around by the very thing I've strived for for all these years.
Unleashed Calign: You think just because you work for something that you must get it? If you believe that, then you have been fooled, my son. Life is filled with twists. Unfortunately, this seems to be the first for you. The Commander growls at his father then walks over to the Tritadagen staff. Just inches away from it, Calign continues to speak. Depacto! The Tritadagen staff breaks up into the eight crystals that compose it. The Commander attempts to wrap his bandages around them, but Calign continues to speak. Acendus!

Each of the crystals is flown to the ceiling, impacting, impaling, and phasing through it.

Thep Khufan Commander: Oh, father, how you put me in a situation I don't want to be in. Can you not just 'lay off' and let me win for once?
Unleashed Calign: Why do you think you deserve to win? I SET UP THAT PLAN A MILLENNIUM AGO. YOU WOULD NOT BE HERE IF IT WASN'T FOR ME AND MY PLAN.
Thep Khufan Commander: I think I'd like it better if I never was here. At least then, parts of this galaxy wouldn't have been pointlessly removed from existence.
Unleashed Calign: Look at you, you suicidal brat. I give you life and you wish to take it away because boo hoo, you're not getting what you wanted. You are an absolutely child. You always have been. You think you're ahead of everybody else, but if a person truly even knew about strategy, they'd know how to work their way ahead of you. I don't understand how you got this far, but I assure you you won't be getting any farther.

The Commander growls audibly. He turns around and faces his father, his eyes glowing pink. The glow begins to extend past his eyes, with a bright white wavy glow at the back ends of his eyes.

Thep Khufan Commander (voice echoing demonically): You know what, father? You don't have to see me go any farther. You can sit here, (he raises one hand and faces Calign) and rot like the old, useless pile of rags you are.
Unleashed Calign: Are you suggesting you're going to kill me?
Thep Khufan Commander: I'm not suggesting anything. His hand begins to glow. I'm plainly stating that I will terminate you.
Unleashed Calign: You couldn't hurt me. You could hurt your little minions, like that Galvan and that girl Rojo who you destroyed senselessly. You might even be capable of putting some sort of dent into your brother. But you wouldn't dare put a scratch on me if you knew what was good for you.
Thep Khufan Commander: I've already confined and bound you, father. You are not in the position to say what I am incapable of.
Unleashed Calign: So what if you've wrapped me a few fetters? You've tied me up, but that's not killing me. It isn't even harming me. You're simply holding me back. And the moment where you yourself hold back is the one where you let me free, and I teach you a permanent lesson in respect.
Thep Khufan Commander: You think you own me, father. You walk the place like you lead everything, but in reality, you are respected because we fear you.
Unleashed Calign: So what? Should I start giving out hugs as pay for all my men? Is that your method? Is that the motherly method?
Thep Khufan Commander: This is the kind of thing that led my mother away. But I am not her. I am not her gender, nor am I as easily hurt by such minor insults.
Unleashed Calign: If insults don't phase you, then why are you throwing such a sissy fit?
Thep Khufan Commander: Because I. Demand. Respect.

The Commander holds out both of his hands now, both glowing bright.

Unleashed Calign: Go ahead, Tersce. Hurt your father. I dare you, you treacherous Khufan. You are no more honorable than the ones who betrayed you. You deserve the same fate as them.

The Commander thrusts aside Loitus' body to a corner of the room.

Thep Khufan Commander: I am sorry, brother. This is not between you and me. He looks his father straight in the eyes. This is between him and me. Time for you to take a nap, father. Permanently. He vents his full power at the wrapped up Calign, whose eyes widen as the bright mana approaches him. Moments later, we get a view of the Commander, who turns around and looks to the Noir Squad's still-bowing members on the floor. Rise, what is left of my followers. Display the traitors, and the *former* hero. The Noir Squad members step to the side, revealing Ben, Albedo, and Sii, all on their knees in their respective human forms. At this point, the eight Tritadagen crystals fall from the sky once more. How did that spell go, father? The one that

We get a view of just behind the Commander, where the decaying yet still alive Calign is just barely standing in his chain bindings.

Unleashed Calign (weakly): You...(coughs) you're a weakling. You'll never make it in real life.
Thep Khufan Commander: I don't believe you're one to talk, father. You didn't have much of your own life to live after all.
Unleashed Calign (coughing): Find your quips while you still can. I...I'll heal.
Thep Khufan Commander: That is only if I allow you to. What I have planned won't allow you to heal. Now, what was that spell?
Unleashed Calign: I'd rather die than reveal this. The Commander sends a small blast toward Calign's stomach. Alright, alright...Pacto.

The Tritadagen crystal's pieces are reformed into the staff. The Commander extends his arm, and the Tritadagen flies over into his hand.

Thep Khufan Commander: Ahh, that new power smell. He begins to hover over the ground. He uses this to swiftly make his way over to Ben, Albedo, and Sii. Where is Bandit and that future Omnitrix?
Noir Squad Member #1: The Omnitrix is being removed from Bandit, sir. Your engineers have cracked the first safeguard. They say as soon as they get through that, everything from then on will be quick, but of course not painless.
Thep Khufan Commander: Good. And what Albedo?
Noir Squad Member #2: He isn't actually able to control his body at this very moment. He is slowly succumbing to neutralizing pills. After he is knocked out, your scientists will crack him open and make all your soldiers able to transform just like Albedo here is currently able to.
Thep Khufan Commander: Then all is good. None of the heroes capable of stopping me stand any longer. The Plumbers of this quadrant have all been eradicated, unless some have taken up work in the void of space.

The first Noir Squad member receives a call. In the meantime, the Commander approaches Ben and lifts up his head, showing a face that has been beaten up. The Commander smiles then floats back as the first Noir Squad member ends his call.

Noir Squad Member #1: The men on the lower deck want to know something, Commander.

There is a brief silence.

Thep Khufan Commander: Well? Spit it out!
Noir Squad Member #1: Ahh, yes. They want to know what our next destination is.

The Commander's grin spans even more of his face now than before.

Thep Khufan Commander: We're heading for Anur Khufos. It's time we pay my uncle and those dirty Ectonurites a visit.

[The scene pauses. We pan away and return to the view of inside of Alien X. The screen disappears.]

Bellicus: And the rest is all some boring stuff. The Commander manages to take over the Thep Khufan army, sends the Ectonurites off the planet after learning that Warren was truly Zs'Skayr, and then is killed and usurped just like Warren by a new Ecto High Lord born only days later from an egg left behind by Zs'Skayr in the General's room.
Ben: So...if it weren't for Albedo...
Bellicus: You'd be just about to die, or if we were to be referring to when this new Ecto High Lord takes over, you would be dead already.

Ben's eyes dilate.

Ben: Then I have a course of action for taking down Albedo. First off, I move we bring back planet Earth.

Bellicus and Serena look to each other.

Bellicus and Serena (in unison): Denied. Motion defeated!
Bellicus: Alright, look here, kid. You don't seem to be getting far with this, so I'm going to give you a free 'Seconded' pass, alright?
Ben: Wow, Bellicus, really?
Bellicus: Sure. Go ahead.
Ben: Alright. I move we bring back planet Earth.
Bellicus: No bringing back old motions.
Ben: Err...alright...I move...we bring back my cousins, Gwen and Chelsey. I saw how my grandmother and one of my worst enemies Charmcaster managed to hold their own against Albedo. They nearly took him down, and with him as Ghostfreak right now, he's just about ready to, well, lose. I don't want to kill him, though. I just want that power taken away from him. Gwen, Chelsey, Charmcaster, and Verdona would all be able to do that, probably even in one hit.
Bellicus: Any seconds? There is a brief silence. Motion def--
Ben: HEY! What happened to the "free seconded pass?"
Bellicus: You didn't specify you wanted it redeemed. And remember the terms: you can't bring back old motions.
Ben: Bellicus...please. Or better yet. Serena, why won't you help me here?
Serena: I would love to, Ben, but your cousins both sacrificed their lives so that Charmcaster could be the savior of it all. It will have meant nothing if they are just brought back.
Bellicus: They'll think they can just sacrifice their lives all the time and just be magically brought back. And that's not how we operate. We must deliberate.

Ben sighs heavily.

Ben: Then I guess I really only know one way to help this. He sighs once more. I've got to speak your language, Bellicus.

Bellicus grins.

[We transition back to outside Alien X, where the Ultimate Benmummies continue to barrage Ghostfreak. The Professor Paradox Ultimate Benmummy, distinguished by the lab coat and goggles stretched to fit his alien body, stops blasting.]

Ultimate Benmummy (Professor Paradox): Everyone, cease fire!

All the Ultimate Benmummies look to each other. They shrug and hold themselves back. They watch as Ghostfreak continues to be hurt by some other force. Ben reverts to human. Sparks fly from the Omnitrix. Subsequently, each Ultimate Benmummy is reverted to his or her human form. Professor Paradox, now in his human form, walks over to Ben.

Professor Paradox: I believe this was the right time, Ben. I am not entirely sure. I haven't been here before, after all.
Azmuth (on Professor Paradox's shoulder): What did you order as Alien X, Benjamin?

Ben listens to the cries of Negative Obsorber, whose skin begins to peel back and appear as the Ecto High Lord's.

Ben: The one thing I hoped I would never have to order. He lowers his head, now facing the ground, and sighs. Still facing the ground, he speaks. I had to ask to...kill Albedo.
Negative Ghostfreak (Ecto High Lord): YOU THINK YOU'VE WON! YOU'RE STILL AT A LOSS!

Beginning to burn up as if exposed to an extreme amount of light, Negative Ghostfreak unleashes a Tritadagen blast that phases through Tetrax's shield over Julie and blasts Julie.

Ben (facing Julie): JULIE!

Ben looks to Negative Ghostfreak in the form of an Ecto High Lord. He prepares the Omnitrix with Eye Guy, but Professor Paradox holds him back.

Negative Ghostfreak (voice pitch rising): YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF MEEEEE!

Negative Ghostfreak absorbs his final blow. He falls to the ground on his side, with rips straight through his body visible all along him. His pulse stops. His movement halts. The Tritadagen energy shrinks to a ball size and floats away from Negative Ghostfreak. The rainbow-colored Tritadagen energy floats over to Ben then transforms into the Tritadagen staff, landing right in Ben's right hand.

Professor Paradox: I assume you know what must be done with that.

Ben nods. He walks over to Charmcaster Gwen, who has reverted to Gwen's human form. He holds the Tritadagen staff in his hand.

Charmcaster Gwen: What, Tennyson?
Ben: I...I want you to bring Gwen and Chelsey back.
Charmcaster Gwen: You want me to use dark magic?
Ben: Whatever it takes to get Gwen and Chelsey back. I think this Tritadagen staff should be enough of a bargain for whoever's managing the dead now.
Charmcaster Gwen: Okay. Ben rolls the staff into Charmcaster Gwen's hands. She straightens it out, now holding it vertically in her right hand. She taps it on the ground twice. She then holds the staff up over her head, still vertically held in only one hand. I hail the great overlooker of the defeated, deceased, and defunct. I wish to make a bargain for the lives of two.
Ben: No...wait. Charmcaster Gwen lowers her head and looks to Ben. You were able to make a big trade of people once. How about one more? We need Earth back. Ask for it, and Julie, too.
Charmcaster Gwen: But Julie's not--
Ben: I just have to be sure.
Charmcaster Gwen: Okay. As she looks up to the skies, she is surprised to see the pink mana clouds spotted once before when summoning the "Old One," previous overlooker of the dead. The Old One.
Overlooker of the Dead: That is the title of my predecessor. I prefer the "Safeguarding One."
Charmcaster Gwen: My apologies, oh great Safeguarding One.
Safeguarding One/Overlooker of the Dead: What shall you be receiving today?
Charmcaster Gwen: I want the planet Earth to be restored, with all its inhabitants. I would also like the lives of Gwen Tennyson, Chelsey Tennyson, and Julie Yamamoto. All humans from Earth.
Safeguarding One: The human Julie Yamamoto is a still living entity. I do not control living beings. Would you like to continue this trade?
Ben: Julie's still alive? Even though Albedo hit her?
Safeguarding One: Yes. I cannot relay her condition, since I overlook the dead. Hope, would you like to continue?
Charmcaster Gwen: Yes.
Safeguarding One: What does your end give to the trade?
Charmcaster Gwen: I offer the Tritadagen staff, in exchange for the lives of over seven billion people.
Safeguarding One: I...(there is a brief silence) accept. The offeror holds the least mass part of the trade. The offeror's trade will be drawn first. The Tritadagen staff is raised to the skies and joins the mana clouds. And finally, the lives of Earth, as well as Gwen Tennyson and Chelsey Tennyson. A circular opening appears in the cloud. A white glow radiates from it. Lowering from the skies are two silhouetted people. After a few seconds, the silhouetted bodies touch down on the ground, still made hard to see through the glow. The deal is done.

The clouds part, and the white glow disappears. The two people who had been released from the heavens are Gwen Charmcaster (Gwen in Charmcaster's body) and Chelsey, both back to their full glory. Ben runs up to Gwen upon seeing her and gives her a hug. Hope follows suit with Chelsey and hugs her. Verdona floats up to between the pair.

Verdona: Sorry to break this up, but I must fix a little issue here.

With the snap of Verdona's fingers, Gwen Charmcaster transforms into Gwen in her normal body, and Charmcaster Gwen transforms into Charmcaster in her own normal body.

Gwen:'s nice to see you, after that whole ordeal.
Chelsey: It's just nice to see life in general. It feels like it's been forever.
Gwen: Yeah, right? Ben, where's Kevin?
Ben: Back on Earth.
Gwen: "Back?" Where are we now then?
Ben: The Thep Khufan home planet. He points to Negative Ghostfreak's breathless body on the ground. We, err, we won. It's over.
Chelsey: I'm surprised you haven't jumped into Julie's arms yet, or at the very least the other way around.

Ben releases Gwen.

Ben: You're right. She must still be out.
Professor Paradox: I just remembered. Anodites as powerful as Chelsey, Gwendolyn, and Verdona should be capable of waking Julie.
Charmcaster: Hey!
Professor Paradox: Are you an Anodite?
Charmcaster: No, but--
Professor Paradox: Come along, Anodites. You have just one last job before we complete the job here. He walks over to Julie, who lies on the floor. Ben, Gwen, Chelsey, Verdona, and Charmcaster follow Paradox over to Julie. You three should be able to do this.

Gwen, Chelsey, and Verdona enter the Anodite transformations and begin to use healing rays on Julie. Charmcaster chimes in, while of course not in an Anodite form.

Ben: Can I help?
Professor Paradox: Benjamin, it's to a point where you no longer need to help. You have exhausted your powers and saved the universe. You can leave at least this task to--

The Anodites stop using their healing rays at once.

Gwen (Anodite form): It's...not working.
Ben: What?
Gwen (Anodite form): We don't feel her getting any better.
Chelsey (Anodite form): Oh, my...
Ben: What? What is it?
Verdona (Anodite form): Ben...we don't sense life in Julie at all.
Gwen: Ben, she's...gone.
Ben: What? No. No, no, no, no.

Ben dials up Alien X and smacks down on the Omnitrix.

Omnitrix: Error while trying to access Celestialsapien transformation. Bug report failed to send.

Ben looks up to Negative Ghostfreak's dead body. Pure rage is seen in Ben's face. He walks angrily up to Negative Ghostfreak. When he arrives, he transforms into Way Big, then immediately Ultimate Way Big.

Ultimate Way Big: There's a line for what you can and can't do. He bends over and manages to get his face down at Negative Ghostfreak's body. When you even lay a hand on a guy's girlfriend, you know you're getting a beating. He slams his right fist into Negative Ghostfreak's face, creating a crater with Negative Ghostfreak now in it. Ship slips out of the hold unharmed. When you hurt a guy's girlfriend, you know the guy's going to throw all he's got. He pounds Negative Ghostfreak farther into a crater using his left fist. And when you kill his girlfriend, you take the cake. You throw away your life. He begins to use his left and right hands interchangeably to pound Negative Ghostfreak into the crater, further and further down, until he reverts to Way Big. He continues on for a minute, until finally, he is forced to revert to human. The Omnitrix shoots several sparks and simply stops working. Its hourglass symbol cracks, and the entire Omnitrix loses its stick. It slips off of Ben's hand and breaks as it hits the ground. The final sound from the gauntlet is that of the device timing out. Gwen walks up to behind Ben.
Ben (not even turning around to face whom he's speaking to): You said she was alright, Paradox!
Professor Paradox: It was the only way I knew you would continue the battle with full force and a straight mind. Knowing she was gone, you would have been far too aggressive, and you would not have been thinking straight, and you would have perished as well.
Ben: So this *IS* your fault!
Professor Paradox: Benjamin. Professor Paradox sighs. He snaps his fingers, bringing himself and the whole team--save for Fossil, Plasma, and Rex--back to Bellwood in front of Ben's house. I'm sorry, Benjamin. The battle is won.
Ben: But at a cost.
Azmuth (on Paradox's shoulder): A victory in war never ends without one.
Gwen: She would want you to move on.
Ben: Just...just leave me alone.

Everyone looks at Ben with awkward faces.

Azmuth: Ben, I'm going to let you on a break. It appears the universe is safe from any threats. I'll update you over the course of the next three months on the progress of your new Omnimatrix.

Ben doesn't acknowledge Azmuth's statement in any way.

Ben: Paradox, do you know what happened to those kids? Those three kids that Albedo wouldn't let me take back?
Professor Paradox: The Grand boy, the Rogh boy, and the Reymann girl?
Ben: Yes.
Professor Paradox: I am sorry to say this, Ben, but...(as Ben drops his head, Paradox raises his own hand, which begins to glow blue as he creates an image of the three friends appearing in the middle of downtown Bellwood, all being greeted and surrounded by family and friends) they are all completely safe.
Ben (smiling for a moment): sure know how to do a good trick, Paradox. He turns around and faces Julie. His smile diminishes, turning to a straight lipped mouth. I just wish that part was a trick, too.

Professor Paradox walks over to Ben and pats him on the shoulder. He sighs as he feels empathy for Ben, then speaks.

Professor Paradox: Will you be taking Julie to the nearest hospital or would you rather--
Ben (head dropped, silently weeping): I'll do it. He begins to walk up to Julie's body, which lie peacefully on the floor with the Galvanic Mechamorph patterns still covering her. Meanwhile, Professor Paradox teleports away with most of the other members of the team. Some remain from Ben's team. Ship, Gwen, Chelsey, and Charmcaster stand behind Ben still. I'm...going to miss all the fun we had, Julie. I just wish I...wish I could have helped. He drops on his knees in front of Julie and lays his hand on her heart. His hand slowly heads for Julie's face, until he finds himself leaning over for one final kiss. He slowly moves away. He watches afterward as the Galvanic Mechamorph patterns brighten up. Julie, (wipes his face) is that you?

The Galvanic Mechamorph patterns slowly jump off of Julie's body and transform into a hoverboard floating inches over Julie's body.

Gwen: Julie?

The Galvanic Mechamorph in the form of a hoverboard idles in the air for a moment. It then speaks.

Galvanic Mechamorph (hoverboard form; serene male voice): I am sorry, everyone.
Ben: That's...that's not Julie's voice...
Galvanic Mechamorph: I am sorry, Ben. Unfortunately, Julie is gone.
Gwen: Then who are you?
Galvanic Mechamorph: I, am Ken Tennyson, Ben's son. I hope while his partner is no longer with him, that he can still appreciate me and allow me to partake in battles with him. I promise you, I have observed much from battling with Julie, and I believe I can recreate all of her moves. I only ask that you let me join your team.

Ben sighs.

Ben: Sure. He gets up back on his feet and lifts Julie off of the floor and into his arms. He walks up to his car the DX Mark 10, which sits right in front of his house. He attempts to open the passenger door with his foot, but Gwen manages to do this with her mana after first lifting the car keys out of Ben's hand and clicking the door unlock button. Ben looks to her and nods, connoting "thank you," and returns to his car to put Julie in the passenger seat. He shuts the door and runs around to the other side of the car. He enters through the driver's door and seats himself into the driver's seat. He starts the car up, shuts the driver door, and locks all other doors. He immediately finds Gwen knocking on the passenger window. He rolls down the window. What is it?
Gwen: You don't think you're going to go the hospital without us, are you? Ben: Please, Gwen.
Gwen: Ben, I hung out with Julie a lot, too.
Chelsey (popping into view in the window as well): Me, too.
Charmcaster (popping into view next to Chelsey): And Chelsey's my friend, so...yeah.
Ben: You guys aren't coming.
Gwen (smiling, her hands now glowing pink with mana): And who's going to stop us?
Ben: Gwen. Please.

Gwen puts on a serious face and lowers her head a bit. Her hands cease to glow. She puts her head in the window.

Gwen: Alright. Take care, Ben. Don't get too beat up about this. It's not your fault.
Ben: Yes, it is.

Gwen sighs. She gives Julie's lifeless body a hug then pulls herself out of the window.

Gwen: If you need us, we'll be at Kevin's.
Ben: Yeah, you do that, while you still have somebody.

Ben rolls up the passenger window and proceeds to speed away down the street, with Gwen, Chelsey, Charmcaster, and even Ship waving goodbye.

Chelsey: You think he'll be alright, Gwen?
Gwen: I've never seen Ben this far with a girl before. He's gotten dumped by girls he's never even dated, or gotten over girls he just had crushes on, but he never, well, loved a girl like this. [We begin to pan away to the dark skies as Gwen utters her last statement.] All we can do is hope he gets better. Rest in peace, Julie. Rest in peace.

[We transition to the interior of the Tertiary Wing where we find the real Thep Khufan Black Leader/Noir Squad Leader entering the ship with his squad. He finds Professor Xonode's lab, where Bandit is being analyzed. The Noir Squad Leader/Loitus walks up to Bandit and picks him up. Bandit puts on a smile.]

Bandit: No one needs any of this to continue. It's over. We hear a click and see Bandit raise a detonator in his hand.

[We get a view of the Tertiary Wing from outside. It is blown up from the core of the ship and begins to fall on its nose toward Anur Khufos. When it comes in contact with the ground, the rest of the ship is truly affected and explodes. We find ourselves looking at an area just in front of the wreckage of the Tertiary Wing, where the clouds of the overlooker of the dead/the Safeguarding One disappear over Professor Paradox and Azmuth, who stand near the wreckage. We find one being who has just been dropped from the clouds in a large cape and a helmet.]

Professor Paradox: It's a pleasure to have you back.
Revived Person (with cape and helmet): Thank you for bringing me back.
Professor Paradox: You are welcome. We have some bad news, though.
Revived Person: I know, I know. Past me broke the Omnitrix. I lived as him, remember?

Professor Paradox and Azmuth look to each other then back to the revived person.

Azmuth: Ben, we've got worse news.

A blue flash appears next to Paradox, and another Azmuth fades in existence.

Azmuth (time traveler): Ben.
Future Ben/Revived Person: Azmuth? My Azmuth? Why is he here?
Professor Paradox: We thought it would be best if he broke it to you. Or at least, I thought it would.

Professor Paradox snaps his fingers and disappears, leaving Future Ben with present and future Azmuth.

Future Ben: What news is so bad that Paradox doesn't even want to tell me?
Future Azmuth: You are no longer Ben Tennyson's future.

Future Ben's eyes widen.

Future Ben: What are you talking about? I didn't go through all that for nothing!
Future Azmuth: We don't want to have to tell you, but it's true. You are no longer--
Future Ben: I heard you the first time. And there is no way you're telling the truth.
Future Azmuth: We are. Something occurred during the final battle between Ben and Albedo that caused the change.
Future Ben: You think that's all that's going to stop me from being Super Ben's future? I'm going to be his future, just watch.

Future Ben reveals a time traveling watch on his wrist and presses a button on it, disappearing from the area. Future Azmuth looks to Azmuth.

Future Azmuth: So I believe you wanted to know what the secret to a power source that isn't the Primugen is?
Azmuth: Most certainly.

Future Azmuth begins to teleport away with the present Azmuth.

Future Azmuth: Come, I'll show you.

The two fade away. We float over to the top floor of the Thep Khufan army's castle and find Rex seated up there, smiling as he watches the Ectonurites be taken down with the lack of an Ecto High Lord.



The 10 Squad assembles for the final showdown against the Thep Khufan armada, whatever the costs.

Major Events

  • Julie Yamamoto is slain in the battle against Albedo. In retaliation for her death, he is killed.
  • Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi, Unleashed, and Noir Squad die.
  • Ken is separated from Julie.

Minor Events

  • Mosquito dies.
  • The Polymorph Plumbers die.

Assault Omnitrix Alien Debuts



  • Albedo (killed)
  • Sii (presumably killed)
  • Elena Validus
  • Unleashed Calign (killed)
  • Thep Khufan Commander Tersce Tenebrosi (killed)
  • General Warren (flashback)
  • Noir Squad (killed)
    • Loitus
    • Tilees
    • Yix
    • Vic
    • Unnamed Thep Khufans
  • Thep Khufan Guards (flashback)
    • Fearoah
    • Thorne

Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Diamondhead (x2)
  • XLR8
  • Clinger (first appearance)
  • Ultimate Echo Echo
  • Echo Echo
  • Humungousaur
  • Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Diamondhead
  • Articguana
  • Obsorber (x2)
  • Alien X (x2)
  • Jetray (x2)
  • Ghostfreak
  • Benmummy (x3)
  • Shocksquatch (changed appearance)
  • Ultimate Jetray (first appearance)
  • Rath
  • Abstallion (first appearance; accidental transformation, selected was Benwolf)
  • Jury Rigg
  • Ultimate Benmummy (first appearance)
  • Way Big
  • Ultimate Way Big 

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Ultimate Humungousaur
  • Negative Anos (x2)
  • Negative Atomhammer
  • Negative Buzzshock (cameo; accidental transformation, selected by The Unleashed)
  • Negative Wildvine (cameo; accidental transformation, selected by The Unleashed)
  • Negative Upgrade
  • Negative Obsorber (x3)
  • Negative Bugbite (x2; second time: offscreen)
  • Negative Upchuck
  • Negative Chromastone
  • Negative Lodestar
  • Negative XLR8
  • Negative Heatblast
  • Negative Diamondhead
  • Negative Spidermonkey
  • Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey
  • Negative Swampfire
  • Negative Ultimate Swampfire
  • Negative Ghostfreak

(by Ben's Team)

  • Benmummy
  • Ultimate Benmummy

(by Bandit)

  • Diamondhead
  • Big Chill


On October 25, 2012, it was confirmed that the movie will go into full-swing production on March 1, 2013, with a planned premiere at some point in September or October 2013.

On November 27, 2012, the movie was pulled back to Spring of 2013, but rather than on a Friday, it will appear in all 8 parts on one Wednesday, likely May 15, 2013.

On December 13, 2012, the movie was pulled forward a month to an approximate April 6, 2013 premiere, with 5 parts premiering starting the first week of April (1-5) and the final 5 during that week (8-12) to emulate an episode's proper premiere schedule.

On February 7, 2013, it was confirmed that the movie would be longer than Ten Plus Twenty, but likely only barely part-wise (sitting at most at 8 parts), while still considered two episodes. The schedule remains the same, though each week, four episodes will debut instead of the previous five.


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