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Ben 10: Alien Universe (Ben 10 Alien Force: Hidden Universe for the first few episodes) was a short-lived Ben 10 fan-fiction series that ran alongside Ben 10: Alien Force. It first aired December 11, 2008, and was meant to be followed by sequel series Ben 10: Unleashed.

A sequel to the series, completely written, was announced in August 2012, with a premiere of August 29, 2012, titled Back in Action: Alien Universe.


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Seasons Episodes
1 12
2 12 (4 aired)
3 3 (0 aired)

Ben slaps a brand new Omnitrix on as he battles with colleagues cousin Gwen and friend Kevin to stop a plot to take over the world by squid-like aliens called the DNAliens commanded and created by the dreaded Highbreed.


Main Characters[]

Recurring Characters[]



The show had several villains throughout the story, a few of which appeared as main villains. In the first season (the only completed season), the show introduced a first episode much akin to the first episode of Ben 10: Alien Force, where Ben retrieves the Omnitrix to fight a DNAlien who attacks him during a boxing training session. In the first episode, Ben and Gwen meet Kevin for the first time in 5 years and Ben fights him solely using Swampfire. The gang drive off telling each other's stories of the past few years, when Kevin's car breaks down and the gang are forced to exit the car. Kevin is abducted, and Gwen and Ben as Jetray chase after him only to find him beating up so DNAliens. At this point, Kevin joins the gang as a member.[1]

Throughout the season, Ben, Gwen, Kevin, and at one point, even Grandpa Max, face off with DNAliens, Highbreed, Albedo, and even Hex. In this series, Albedo is at one point reverted to his Galvan form, but later revealed to have been changed back to his Human/Ben self with unlimited access to all alien DNA and their transformations. Albedo is the first villain met in the series, other than the DNAliens who appeared in the first episode, and he faces off with Ben in the second episode. At the end of the battle, Albedo's omnitrix powers out and malfunctions, leading to Ben eventually using Alien X's abilities to revert Albedo to a Galvan, and send him back to his homeworld.[2] In episode 3, a parody of "Gwen 10" is seen where the first episode plays out as if Gwen had gotten the watch first in that episode and Ben remembered the events of the last two episodes. Nonetheless, in the end, a blue mutated Cerebrocrustacean (Brainstorm's species) pinches the Omnitrix, removing it from Gwen's hold and returning it to Ben at last.[3] Later, in episode 4, DNAliens are met again when the gang meet Alan Albright akin to the third episode of Ben 10: Alien Force.[4]

In Episode 5 "Homesick Trilogy: Part 1," Ben is hurt by a Gwen who is revealed to be a DNAlien angered at the fact that his leaders were stopped and his purpose was no longer thanks to the fact that the Highbreed didn't need them anymore for their missions. In episode 6 "Feel My Ghostly Wrath," Ben faces off with Ghostfreak whom he believes is the cause of the loss of Gwen and the return of the DNAliens. There, Ben meets a Plumber who goes crazy and nearly kills Ben. In the last part of the Homesick Trilogy, titled "The Final Part," Ben and Kevin apprehend the most likely DNAlien group to have Gwen, where they find Gwen, and Ben uses Way Big to beat down the Highbreed behind all of it.[5][6][7]

In episode 8, Ben goes back in time using Eon and spars with his younger 10-year old self. The two Ben's each use a different set of aliens, including 15-year old Ben utilizing Big Chill to show his younger self what the future entails.[8] In "Alien Queen," a meant-to-be four-part story, Alien Swarm is parodied. In Episode 10 "Artificial Consequence," the gang meets up with Darkstar for the first time and faces off when Kevin is transformed into a giant hulking monster when he and Darkstar attempt to revert him to his proper human form.[9] In Episode 11, "X-Mas", the long-awaited Christmas special promised as one of the earlier episodes, the Cerebrocrustacean from the earlier 3rd epsiode returns for the last time and is revealed to be none other than Hex in a form he was trapped in by Ghostfreak/Zs'Skayr made to be his slave. The Christmas special featured lines that would later be counteracted by new stories told in the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien two-part special "Absolute Power."[10] In Episode 12 "Darkstar's Inside," Darkstar is seen again ripping aliens out of the watch using Azmuth as a hostage who's known to have the passwords and lockout keys to get inside.[11] In Episode 13, Octagon and Rhomboid Vreedle appear for the first and last time in the series in apprehending Ben as Rath in this "Con of Rath" parody for the Tiffin of Luoda. In Episode 14, the second episode of the second season, Darkstar is seen one last time in "Darkstar Falling," where his villainship is cancelled for the show thanks to Ben.[12] In Episode 15, Clancy returns.[13] In episode 16, the last known episode of the series, "Charmed to Perfection," Charmcaster returns and uses some spells to use Ben's aliens to defeat him. She is stopped by Ben, Gwen, and Kevin.[14]


Original Version[]

The original opening for the series featured the low-quality depictions of the aliens. It was used for the first eight episodes of the series and was similar to the Alien Force opening.

In Alien Queen, there was a unique opening featuring a title card from Ben 10: Alien Swarm as well as choreography similar to theAlien Swarm opening. The opening featured higher quality depictions of the aliens.

In episodes following Alien Queen, starting with Artificial Consequence, the opening was styled like the original (which was, in turn, styled like Alien Force's) opening, but featuring the same quality aliens as they had appeared in Alien Queen.

Re-Animated Version[]

In re-animated, the opening did not appear in the first episode, Ben 10 Returns, but is scheduled to appear in the second episode and so forth. It is, again, styled like the Alien Force opening, but featuring higher-quality aliens as depicted by art director SoRandom31.

Sequels and Adaptations[]

Sequel Series[]

See here: Back in Action: Alien Universe

On August 19, 2012, ilikestripes400 announced the return of Ben 10: Alien Universe in the form of a true sequel series. The series would return as part of a new series known as Back In Action, titled Back in Action: Alien Universe.

The series premiered ten days after the announcement on August 29, 2012.

Live-Action Adaptation[]

Main article: Ben 10: Hidden Universe

In late November of 2009, ilikestripes400 began promoting a live-action that was in production as part of between seasons 1 and 2 of Alien Universe. The live-action was to star Cokedragon and his friends and to be filmed in the following summer. Production of the movie was halted, despite the definitive statement that the movie would premiere January 31, 2010. This never happened, and the movie was eventually canceled.

On February 17, 2012, Stripes had this to say about the movie when asked about it ever being restarted:

No, I do not think it's possible for the movie to be restarted anytime soon. We have the equipment to do a quality recording, but we have lost the script for the movie. Yes, I recently found a good portion of the beginning of [t]he movie, and I do remember a good deal of the events after that, but there's also then the issue of the actors. The actor playing Traxel Shard moved away a while ago.-ilikestripes400