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When Ben's Ultimatrix goes on the fritz, Ben becomes a slave of an overlord, after he is brainwashed. He soon escapes with other


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aliens, then is a wanted fugitive, going inter-dimensional.


  • Ben (Who constantly switches forms which his captor finds good for production)
  • Bat (An Opticoid who's father invented the glider in the alien planets and he now carries around a glider on his back)
  • Raptor (A Kineceleran who is smarter than the average one)
  • Wrench (A [Insert Jury Rigg's species here] who always carries a wrench, not for fixing, but for combat)
  • Hacker (A Galvanic Mechamorph who for some reason has a circuit board stuck to his under arm)


  • Welzk-A Diamondhead/Big Chill fusion who captures aliens and keeps them as slaves for his own profit.
  • Zynkt-A Biosovortian who is Welzk's right hand man and is the capturer who collects the slaves and brainwashes them
  • Welzk's Henchmen and Army


  1. Pilot
  2. Brainwashed



  • Originally there weren't supposed to be a Wrench or Hacker, but they were added in honor of Jury Rigg being shown on the latest episode and Hacker for Upgrade Fest