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Ben 10: Alien Fusion
Creator AleSir19
Art Designer(s) and Others Rizegreymon22
Seasons 6
Episodes 1 (so far)
Created on 10/5/2016
Rating TV-PG
Preceded By Ben 10 Omniverse
Succeeded By N/A

Ben 10: Alien Fusion is a series by AleSir19 that follows Ben Tennyson. It is set up in six seasons, consisting of a ten episodes each. Each episode is in turn divided into locations. This series is written to be a spiritual successor to Ben 10 Omniverse, and takes place after Ben's galactic road trip. It takes place in Earth-10,000


The Universe is full of strange mysteries, Ben has comeback from a long "road trip" through the galaxy along Gwen and Kevin, trying to remember the old times from when he was a kid. But something has awoken from the shadows of the beginning of our universe, the last survivor of a forgotten alien race, The Conqueror.

Ben is back in Earth, know a grown Superhero of 18 years old and he is about to find out how the world has change while he was away...


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