ben 10 alien force is a 2-section show with 3 seasons.

so far the first season has aired all episodes with

the other 2 being released soon.


ben tennyson is back on a hunt for grandpa max with his

cousin gwen, kevin 11 and plumber

rook blonko. and also join in

the action of ben,gwen and grandpa max in



​main:                                               main main

villains                                                          aliens

-ben tennyson (15 years old)                   -zombozo                                                                                -tigershark    

-gwen tennyson (15 years old)                   -malware                                                                                  -FINisher

-kevin E levin (16 years old)                        -hex                                                                                        -big chill

- rook blonko (23 years old)                        -vilgax                                                                                     -bullfrag

​secondary:                                      side villians:                                      -alien x

max tennyson (61 years old)                      -steam smythe                                                                       -jetray

ben tennyson (11 years old)                       -vil (flashback;cameo)                                                           -echo echo

gwen tennyson (11 years old)                    -dr. animo                                                                              -spidermonkey

rook blonko (19 years old)                         -malbot (fused with phil's robot creation)                               -humongosaur

phil billings                                                 -malbozo (fused with zombozo)                                            -astrodactyl

azmuth                                                                                                                     added aliens:

mr baunman                                                                                                                                         cannonbolt

tetrax                                                                                                                                                             upgrade

gluto                                                                                                                                                             grey matter

sixsix overflow

kraab ghostfreak

max Tennyson (65 years old) way big




"Big Chill!"



"alien x!"

"echo echo!" replaced with "cannonbolt!" in season 2 sneak peek

"spidermonkey!" replaced with "upgrade!" in season 2 sneak peek

"humongosaur!" replaced with "grey matter!" in season 2 sneak peek and trailer

-"astrodactyl!" replaced with "overflow!" in season 2 sneak peek and trailer



ben,tigershark,FINisher,big chill,bullfrag,jetray and alien x reference invizimals


yuri lowenthal as ben and upgrade

tara strong as young ben

dee bradely baker as tigershark and humongosaur

Daniel bailey as FINisher

john DiMaggio as echo echo and way big

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