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Hey Benboy11 here. Ben 10: Aftermath is going to be a series based after Ultimate alien in an alternate timeline. It will be sort of a "remake"of Omniverse. I plan the series to have two or three seasons. I have already planned the episodes for season one. Here are the season one episodes.

Ep 1: The end of the end ( 2 parts)

Ep 2: Don't attack the nest

Ep 3: Beware of the hive

Ep 4: Look out for the stones |

Ep 5:Too much fun is bad Logo

Ep 6: Stop playing with toys

Ep 7: Watch out for the whirlwind

Ep 8: Staring won't hurt

Ep 9: City of leaves

Ep 10: Control your anger

Ep 11: Break the temptation

Ep 12: Whatever floats your boat

Ep 13: No funny business

Ep 14: It's not the apocalypse!

Ep 15: Stop copying me!

Ep 16: Don't despise the metal

Ep 17: You should always believe

Ep 18: Last alien standing ( 2 parts)