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Ben 10: Adolescence

The new series by Maximus Loo2012, this series explores Ben's life after Omniverse

This is a sequel of Ben 10: Omniverse made by Maximus Loo2012.


After Ben 10: Omniverse episode 29, Rad, Ben learns of Dr Psychobos' master plan, to resurrect his planet, destroyed by Attea, develop a mutant race of Way Bads and ultimately destroy all life, beginning with the Incurseans.

Episode List

Plans: Part 1

Ben realises Dr Psychobos' master plan and attempts to stop it.

Plans: Part 2

Azmuth, having realised the danger of Psychobos, gives Ben the new Eternatrix, which has an extra boost...

Pyronetic Displays

The Eternatrix teleports Ben and Rook to Pyros, who realise Psychobos is laying siege on it.

Diamonds are A Girl's Best Friend

Gwen, Grandpa Max and Ben go to Petropia on a democratic visit but encounter Way Bads instead.

Malware's Return

Khyber finally manages to restore Malware from his dry, dead state.

Red Nightmare

Malware absorbs all the technology of a small Plumber's Base and becomes as powerful as before.