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Ben 10:The Omnis is a series by BenjiOmri ,as a "fourth installment" to the Ben 10 franchise.

Like most fan created series, this series was preceded by Ben 10: Ultimate Alienthat follows Ben Tennyson team up with his cousin, Gwen Tennyson, bestfriend Kevin Levin and an alien named Rook, a well trained rookie. It is supposed to have 3seasons,50+episodes and was created on 10/9/2012


The plot follows on from Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, a few months after the events of the last series. Rook was introduced to Ben tennyson and his team, the new member to the team is going to be a big help as the universe is about to face yet another threat from external forces and principalities.


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Season One[]

Episode one:

Old Czech Time

Gwen and Kevin were about to leave for college, before they do ..Ben , Gwen and Kevin have something to do.. Something intellectual.


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Main Characters[]

Ben Tennyson

Gwen Tennyson

Kevin Levin

Rook Blonko

Recurring Characters[]

Main Villains[]

  • Omnivox
  • Exotormin
  • Googolius
  • Quanaze
  • esplip
  • Excelsius
  • Quattuorvigin

Secondary Villains[]

  • Doctor Animo
  • Protogon
  • Theta
  • Lambda
  • Upsilon
  • Mu