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Ben 10:Dimension Breakdown[]

OPENING INTRO:One day,Ben,Gwen and Kevin fighting a Lion-man like creature and Humongousaur gives him a final blow,defeated and mysteriously vanish.Meanwhile at Smoothy's celebrating their Victory Fight and wondering what happen to the alien they fight earlier then sudddenly Paradox appears telling them that all dimensions is falling apart.


Ben asked Paradox what is he talking about then Paradox explains that their reality is changing after Eon sent some other Ben's in different dimensions,Ben said what's the problem about that and Paradox tells that their will be only one Ben in one dimension but after Eon sent other Ben's in our dimension and all dimensions in the whole universe it starts to fade away, and their dimension will be the next one to disappear.Paradox tells that the only way to stop this is to go back in time.,etc


-Big Bang

-Paradox Theory

-Knights of Dimensions


-Path Of Evil

-Ben's Nightmare

-The Eon Dimension

-Animo's Revenge

-HIghbreed Invasion

-The Plumbers

- Vilgax Dimension

-Rex's World

-Vengeance of EVOs

-Earth's Destruction

-The Fall of Plumbers

-Meet The Bens

-Ben 10's United They Stand