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Ben 10:Ben's Collide is a 1 hour and 30 minute special

Ben 10:Ben's Collide[]

Ben 10: Ben's Collide is a 1 hour and 30 minute animated special. it is about all 4 bens in all four series meet together to stop vilgax and his evil plans of taking over the dimensions,worlds,and other places. there will also be older Gwn and kevin and Rook. when ben finds out how cool his aliens are they have to unite together and stop the evil thriving vilgax in order to save the whole galaxy and timestream. this special was very fun to create and i hope you guys like it so here is Ben 10:Ben's collide


XLR8: i'm back.

Gwen: Ben didn't grandpa say not to use your aliens your cheating by using xlr8.

Xlr8:it's only cheating when you get caught (looks at hills) uh oh here comes Grandpa better switch back (xlr8 presses omnitrix to turn back to ben) wooh that was close.

Grandpa: (out of breath and sweating) wooh that was a hard run so who won first.

Gwen: Grandpa Ben used one of his---

Ben: skills uh running skills yeah.

Kevin: hey guys what's up.

Ben: (rolls his eyes) ughh kevin levin.

Kevin:what you have a problem with me benny boy and you sweetcheeks Gwen.

Gwen: (blushing acting shy while looking down and rubing arm) uhhh hi kevin.

Grandpa:ok ok guys time to get ready for school.

(10 minutes later at school)

Ben: ughh i hate school i hate teachers and i hate you kevin.

Gwen: (smacks ben on the head) quiet doofus he has nothing to do with this.

Kevin: right on sweetcheeks.

Gwen: and don't call me sweetcheeks

(4 mintues later in class)

Ben: humm i'm bored (gets an idea) mmmmm uhh mrs. bakerwood can i go to the bathroom.

Mrs.Bakerwood: sure,ben

Ben: (walking and whispering to himself holding the omnitrix) how about feedback (presses the watch)

(transforms into feedback)

Feedback: ahh feedback at last haven't used you in like a month (feedback walks to bathroom) OK so lets start this (feedback put his hand in the water hole,then turns it on,and then shoots electricity getting himself shocked) ahhhhh that hurts (feedback recharges) ahh that's better now as----huh

Malware: hello feedback

Feedback: ah not you again

commercial break[]

your reading Ben 10: ben's Collide we'll be right back