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I'm Lego Master, and I'm the creator of Ben 10.5, obviously. If you would like to use any character, alien, villain, etc from this series, please ask me before-hand. Secondly, if you would like to do a crossover or any other kind of event with Ben 10.5, please contact me, but keep in mind that this specific series may not be ready for those kind of things yet.


Ben 10.5 is a series created by Lego Master that started on September 3, 2012, and takes place after the flashbacks of Omniverse.


Welcome, to Earth-2. Well, as it says above, this series takes place 6 months after the flashbacks of Omniverse! Ben, after messing with the Omnitrix, accidentally causes it to undergo a slight recalibration of its playlists. Unlocking new aliens, Ben must once again protect it and his life, which are both being hunted down by the mysterious bounty hunter Xilar, who was hired by The Omega to kill Ben, and take the Omnitrix from him. So, this guy is on the same league as Khyber, basically.


Main Characters[]

Minor/Recurring Characters[]


Main Villains[]

Season One[]

Season Two[]

  • Xilar
  • Nigel Kravos
    • Malbot

Minor Villains[]


Normal: For the aliens that Ben has transformed into in BT5. Italic: For the aliens that Ben has not yet transformed into in BT5.

Returning Aliens[]

New Aliens[]

To Be Completed


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Episodes, Fan Episodes, and Movies[]

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Video Games[]

See Ben 10.5: Dawn of The End, and Ben 10.5: Universal Genesis.


Yes, there will be polls for Ben 10.5. See Ben 10.5/Polls.

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