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Ben 10-Generator Rex 2: Alpha Returns is the first special in Ben 10: Ultimate Destruction and the sequel to Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United.

Ben 10: Ultimate Destruction
Season 1.5, Episode 1
Written by Anon
Directed by Stop asking me silly questions
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Upchuck Norris Rising


We see a little metal ball floating around in the Null Void. It suddenly started cracking and out of the smoke we see... Alpha!

(Alpha): Free!

He started flying around until he saw Incarcecon.

(Alpha): Ah, just what I need.

He flew over to a control panel and clicked a few random buttons and a portal, he flew threw and it closed behind him. Then the seen cuts to Gwen and Kevin fighting a Yellow Techadon.

(Gwen): Hey, where's Ben?

(Kevin): Probably bailed on us like always.

Kevin changed his hand to a mace and whacked the Techadon, then Gwen shot some mana blasts at the Techadon.

(Gwen): This is hopeless!

(Familiar Voice): Oh, no it isn't!

Suddenly green lines appear on the Techadon and then a Ultimatrix symbol appeared on the Techadon and suddenly the Techadon fell apart and then Upgrade appeared.

(Ben, detransforming): Too easy.

(Kevin): Yeah well, we were fighting that for ONE HOUR.

(Ben): Oh...

An hour later we see Alpha floating to where Ben and co. was and the Techadon scraps were still there, Alpha smiled.


Major Events[]

  • Ben meets Rex again.


  • Ben
  • Rex
  • Gwen
  • Kevin


  • Alpha
  • Techadon
  • E.V.O.

Aliens Used[]