Ben 10: power of E.V.O.
Season 1, Episode 1
Written by Petors
Directed by Petors
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Baz-El destroy.

Ben 10/Generator rex- nanite ben is first episode of Ben 10: power of E.V.O.


In start of episode appear big gab in sky. From it jump Rex. He say: "were a heck am I"? Then appear Ben and team. Ben say: "Hi Rex." Ben's team is suprised. Ben and Rex say all to team. When they are stoping talk show alpha. It start absorbing energy. Ben, team and Rex attack to it. Alpha shot them back. Rex then say to Alpha give up, but hi is laughing. He made copy of Ben's ultimatrix. Then he transform into E.V.O fourarms, and attack to Rex. Gwen shot with mana and Kevin hit him witch hamers. E.V.O fourarms hit them awey. Ben transform from swampfire to humungosaur. Alpha transforms into E.V.O Humungosaur. It easy take down humungosaur. Then he transforms into E.V.O heatblast and shot fire to Rex and Ben's team. Then he say: i absorb energy of this dimension, and now i can transform into alpha omega. Ben then activise ultimatrix sdm and trow it in alpha mouth. He exsplode.

Ben and Rex are in space ship. They are flying to asmuth. Asmuth take E.V.O matrix and take it to labratory. Then he takes it bake and give it to Ben. He say that it have featur to transform aliens into E.V.O forms. In it is feature to transform aliens in they E.V.O form. It has got some aliens from Rex's world. Rex is transformed to his world. Ben say: it's hero time. In end of episode is seen that in Ben's universe are nanites now.



  • Ben Tenyson
  • Rex Salazar
  • Gwen Tenyson
  • Kevin Levin



Aliens used

Be Ben

  • Swampfire
  • Humungosaur

Be alpha

  • EVO fourarms
  • EVO humungosaur
  • EVO heatblast.


  • This is a first episode of Ben 10: power of EVO.
  • Rex is in Ben's world.
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