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Episodes of Ben 10,000 Rises.

Season 1[]

The Revolt Rises[]

Ben and Co. fight a Plutonian, but it's harder then they thought.

The Tacos Are Evolving[]

Ben has to fight some living tacos. Written by Solo.

An Animo Wrapped in Mystery[]

Ben has to fight Dr. Animo, who's build a ship full of puzzles and riddles that Ben must solve to get to him.

The Revolt Revealed[]

Ben and Co. find out the intentions behind the Plutonian Invasion after being attacked by a group of them on Earth.

Plan X[]

Ben gets stuck as Alien X.


When the Plutonians attack Galvan B, Azmuth activates a security plan known as "Sigma-111". However, the Plutonians retcon it, and everything goes wrong.

A Fish in The Sea[]

The Plutonians attack Piscciss.

Long Shot[]

Ben protects a Plumber academy.

Sewer Monsters[]

Bellwood is attacked by Piscciss Premanns.

Death Reigns[]

The Plutonians attack the Anur system.

The Plutonian Revolt, Part 1[]

The Plutonians unleash their wrath upon Earth.

The Plutonian Revolt, Part 2[]

It's Ben against the Plutonians in this epic season finale!