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Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, currently known as "Ben 10,000" is the main character in Ben 10,000: Hero of the Heroes. He is 9 years older than Omniverse Ben.


This Ben is more similar to UA Ben 10,000 in Personality, he's still a cocky, arrogant and immature guy who tends to make jokes even when fighting. He easily gets full of himself and enjoys attention. It's unclear whether this still stems from the fears he still holds about certain situations. He has the gift to make the right choices at the right moments.


Ben, who is much taller than he was on age 16, has grown a slight beard, with his skin color still visible. His hair is smoother with a shorter, and better Haircut. He wears a shirt similar to the one UA Ben 10,000 wears, except that the grey is black, and the white is green. He has a black stripe going from his collar to his waist, with a  green 10 emblem on it. He wears black pants and green boots with black on them, on the logo. He has a belt on his waist with pouches for various missions. In certain pictures, he wears a blue pants and white boots with black on them. It is unknown which is the correct one.


  • Unknown so far.

Powers and Abilities

Ben 10,000, in episode 1, has an Unnamed Omnitrix that looks like a Gauntlet, that enables him to transform into aliens. It is said by the creators, that he will develop the Biomnitrix sometime between Episode 1 and 3.

Aside from that, this Ben has a great ammount of training with his aliens. For example, as Diamondhead, he was able to beat 7 Vulpimancers with one shard each, and dodge their attacks with relative ease. This can also hint that he has excellent skills in Archery, as he has experience in each and every melee Alien.


  • This Ben is a mixture of UA Ben 10,000, OS Ben 10,000, and OV Ben 10,000.
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