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Ben has just turned 25 and the Ultimatrix recalibrates allowing him to change forms by just thinking about it. Gwen Is just wondering what happened to Kevin. Ben and Julie become engaged after accidentally creating a new villain.Bellwood 2.0 is becoming more and more technologically advanced due to the Galvan species moving to Bellwood 2.0.Aliens are also taking up residence in Bellwood 2.0 and are treated as normal people.Azmuth also tells Ben that he is now the Magister of Earth.Things are looking up for Earth until a chemical overload happens in Bellwood 2.0 and causes things to change.He went to Galvan Prime and stole the Omnimatrix 10,000.

Old Villains

  • Charmcaster
  • Kevin 11000
  • Zs'Kayr - ghostfreak"s species

New Villains



Batking30 = B30

Waiyenoo111 = W111

Season 1

  1. Gwen and Kevin's Wedding (Batking30)
  2. Hawaii Ten-O (Batking30)
  3. Dude, What's Destroyed? (Waiyenoo111)
  4. Steve-Cabob (Batking30)
  5. In a Galaxy, Fly Fly Away... (W111)
  6. A Baby Story (B30)
  7. New Aliens in Town (W111)
  8. A Chemical Overload (B30)- Arc Starts Here
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