Ben 10,000,000 is an alternate version of Ben and the future of Ben 10K. He appears in Ben 10 Evolution Generation.


Ben 10,000,000 wears a green T-Shirt with a white stripe in the middle. He wears dark green pants similar to Ultimate Ben. He has black metallic shoes similar to Ben 10K. He also wears a green belt with the belt buckle having the number 10M on it.


This Ben is similar to our current known Ben 10K. He was cocky and arrogant and all serious after the event that happened when he was 20. But over the years he has lightned up but he can be serious when he need to be.


It is confirmed he will appear later on in the series.

Powers and Abilities

This Ben is the strongest Ben 10K that will be introduced in the series. Like all other Bens, he wields an Omnitrix. Or the The Trix in his case.


  • TBA


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