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Ben 10'000 is the name worn by most future versions of any given Ben Tennyson. Multiple characters wear this title across the Earth-1010 multiverse.

The current future that Ben Prime is headed towards is unknown.

Main Ben 10'000s

Closely Related Characters

  • Ben 23'000 - The future of Ben 23.
  • Eon - The future version of Ben Tennyson from a ravaged timeline that, prior to the Heaven Wars was the Prime Timeline in Earth-1010.

Other Relevant Characters

  • Gwen 10'000 - The future version of Gwen 10.
  • Future Albedo - A future version of Albedo from the same aborted timeline as Former Future Ben 10'000. Due to an accident during development of the Ultimatrix MK3, he is permanently transformed into an Evolved Arachnichimp.
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