Benjamin Kirby Jireh Tennyson
Ben Tennyson - Poise Official Omniverse
General Information
Species Human
Age 1-17
Affiliations Ben's Team
DNA Force
Galactic Enforcers (Formerly)
Occupation(s) Hero
Elementary Student(formerly)
11th grade Student
Basketball player (Formerly)
Plumber as Magister of Bellwood,Magister of Arms and Tactics,Magister of Universal Relations
Powers and abilities
Abilities Advanced Intuition
Enhanced Eidetic Memory
Exceptional Leadership Skills
Exceptional Weapon Skills (in alien form)
Freestyle Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Armed/Unarmed Combatant
Spontaneous Learning/Understanding
Intuitive Aptitude

Strong body and health
Enhanced Brain Ability

Equipment Various
Relatives David Tennyson(Father)

Kate Tennyson(Mother)
Carl Tennyson(Uncle)
Sandra Tennyson(Aunt)
Frank Tennyson(Uncle)
Natalie Tennyson(Aunt)
Andrew Watson(Uncle)
Peggy Watson(Aunt)
Ben (Omnitrix-bearer)Tennyson(cousin)
Gwen Tennyson(Cousin)
Louis Watson(Cousin)
Roman Watson(Cousin)
Ken Tennyson(Cousin)
Max Tennyson(Grandfather)
Verdona Tennyson(Grandmother)
Manny Tennyson(Uncle)
Lili Tennyson(Aunt)
Gordon Tennyson(Grand-Uncle)
Betty Jean Tennyson(Grand-Aunt)
Vera Tennyson
Joel Tennyson
Dennis Tennyson(brother)

Alias Ben the Twin
The Twin
Ben the Cousin
Sir Tennyson
Alternate Counterparts Ben Tennyson,wielder of the Omnitrix

Ben Tennysons from alternate universes
Ben 23
Ben(Gwen 10)

First Appearance An Amazing Day!

 Benjamin Kirby Jireh "Ben" Tennyson(Born December 20, 1995)is the cousin of Ben(Omnitrix),Gwen,and Louis in The Amazing 18 Years.Like Ben,he was also a normal kid,until he was affected by Ben(Omnitrix)finding the Omnitrix.He Appears in Ben 10: The Amazing 18 Years .


According to the Writer/Director,unlike the Other Ben,he is going to be portraited as a kind,humble and mature boy who is serious in fighting.He doesn't get full of himself like the other Ben,and even sometimes hate attention.this attitude could make him wise,intelligent and popular within people(which he is),and this trait sometimes lead him into compliments from Gwen and Kevin.

Being son of David,an ultra-rich man that is number 2 in the Fortune 500 ,he always has everything he wants,although said to be disciplined of his riches,along with Andrew's,Carl's and Frank's companies,they form the Top 4 in the said list of people.He will be portraited as a charitable person,often giving his money to charities and government donations.

He is also friendly,according to the Writer/Director.

He is good-hearted,willing to save others in any way in need.Caring for other's lives,he saves them even if he dislikes them(e.g. Cash and JT).It makes have a strong hate for sacrfice of something to get things accomplished.He prefers to win via "diplomacy",rather than having to kill the enemy.

These are what he said so far.


Due to the fact that Ben the Cousin's and Ben the Omnitrix Bearer's parents are twins ,they almost hard to distinguish from each other,only through their clothes and for them telling their names.Their faces are exactly identical,as well as they grow tall almost exactly the same way,as well as their bodies becoming bigger.He has short brown hair,green eyes,pale skin,and quite skinny for his age,though having a lot of muscle definition due to being athletic.

His clothes are not permanent,meaning he changes his clothes almost everyday,having a replica of the same clothes,ranging from casual to formal.Depicted in the picture is him wearing Ben's clothing,including a replica clock watch of the Omnitrix,wearing it a day in a week.

Non-Appearing Episodes

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