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Ben2 Tennyson
Ben Tennyson (UH).png
General Information
Species Human (3/4)
Anodyte (1/4)
Celestialsapien (unknown percentage)
Home World Earth
Current Residence Bellwood, Earth
Age 16 (BTSF)
Occupation Podcast Host
Alias Ben2

Ben Tennyson

Status Alive
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Unconscious Reality Bending (through Celestialsapien DNA)
Affiliations The Ben2 Tennyson Show (formerly The Ben Tennyson Experience)
Relatives Crazy Ben (cloned from him)
Ben Prime (clone)
Muslim Ben (clone)
Bomby (adopted pet)
Friends Albedo
Series Ben 10: Stupidity Force
Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future
First Appearance Ultimatrix Hax (BTSF)
The Ben Tennyson Experience (BTSFEOOF)

Ben2 Tennyson is a clone of Ben Tennyson and a recurring character in the Ben 10: Stupidity Force franchise.


Ben2 appears similarly to Crazy Ben, but without the glasses or the Ultimatrix.

In BTSFEOOF, Ben2 looks like Ben Prime, having aged alongside him, but again, does not have the Omnitrix.


Being Ben2's evil clone, Ben2 is, well, evil. He is generally more prone to aggression and impulsiveness than Ben is, as a result of his traumatic creation.

In BTSFEOOF, Ben2 appears much more laid back, having stability due to his podcast, although it isn't entirely clear where his intentions lie.

Powers and Abilities

Being a regular human, Ben2 has no unique abilities. However, being Crazy Ben's clone implies he has some level of unconscious reality bending.

His main advantage is looking similar to Ben Tennyson.


Ben2 was created when Jimmy Jones came up with a way for Ben to use two Ultimatrixes. By using Echo Echo and reverting, Ben cloned himself, and transformed the other copy into Goop, stealing the Ultimatrix off it. Ben then used Smartypants to send Ben2 to a mental asylum.

Seeking revenge, Ben2 joined forces with Albedo, who were later defeated by Ben.

In BTSFEOOF, Ben2 is revealed to have started a podcast imitating Ben, known as The Ben Tennyson Experience, along with Bomby and Albedo. After being threatened with a lawsuit by Jury Duty, Ben2 agrees to stop imitating Ben and renames the show Ben2 Tennyson Show.


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Ben 10: Stupidity Force: End Of Omnivangelion: Future