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Ben 10: Superverse season 1, episode 4


Ultimatrix Ben's Benvicktor

Air Date[]

March 3, 2012


This episode starts off with a creature inside a blakc suit looking at a video of Ben with the omntrix, ultimatrix, and current supertrix. He walks toward a large tube and puts a photo of Ben into it and two rays zap the photo and 2 bens come out of the tube one with the omntrix and one with the ultimatrix. He orders them to defeat Ben and they walk away. Ben is at Mr. Smoothy's with Rook, Gwen, and Kevin when Ultimatrix Ben and Omntrix Ben walk towards him. Omntrix Ben turns into Humungousaur and he punches the table the team is at. Ben stands up and dials up Shocksquatch and then Ultimatrix Ben turns into Jury Rigg. Ben turns into Shocksqautch and has a fist fight with Humungousaur. Just then Jury Rigg begins taking apart Kevin's car which makes him fight Jury Rigg. Jury Rigg jumps over Kevin and Gwen and sees Rook aiming a mechanical weapon at him. He jumps at Rook and breaks apart his weapon and then goes after Shocksquatch. Just then Omntrix Ben turns into Goop and moves away. Ultimatrix Ben turns into Benvicktor and traps Shocksquatch in an electric shield. Ben turns into Terraspin and blows Benvicktor away. He sees Goop's anti-gravity shield and grabs it. Omntrix Ben quickly turns into Lodestar and takes apart a part of Mr. Smoothy's and smashes Ben with it. Ben turns back and sees Benvicktor walking towards him. Ben turns into Echo Echo and duplicates 5 times. He blasts Lodestar down and he turns back into Omntrix Ben. Echo Echo then nows has to fight all powerful Benvicktor and fastly beats him. Ultimatrix and Omntrix Ben's explode and the team gets more smoothies.



  • Ultimatrix Ben
  • Omntrix Ben
  • The Destroyer

Aliens Used (by Ben)[]

By Ben (Ultimatrix)[]

By Ben (Omnitrix)[]


  • Jury Rigg, Benvicktor, Goop, Humungousaur, and Lodestart make their first re-appearences since Ultimae Alien but not by Ben.
  • Ben turned into Terraspin and Echo Echo for the first time since Ultimate Alien

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Reservations Only

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