Ben's Team
Max Ben Gwen.png
General Information
Leader Max Tennyson
Other Info
Notable Members Gwen Tennyson
Max Tennyson
Ben Tennyson
Shiori Sakurai
Allies Tetrax Shard
Galactic Enforcers
Shiki Sakurai
Izumi Kurokawa
Cooper Daniels
Relative Groups The Plumbers
Objectives Go on a summer long cross country road trip while stopping all alien threats they encounter along the way.
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Ben's Team, dubbed Team Tennyson by Ben, is a team that was formed out of circumstance. Originally, the group was formed for the purpose of going on a cross country road trip for summer vacation, but after Ben found the Omnitrix, the group began encountering all sorts menaces during their travels both terrestrial and extraterrestrial in origin. Due to many of these threats wanting the Omnitrix in their possession and the insistence of Ben, the group decided to become part-time superheroes and would neutralize and threats they encountered during their trip.

Eventually the group disbanded after the Omnitirx was removed from Ben's wrist under unknown circumstances, but the group would later be revived by Ben, under orders from Max Tennyson, in order to combat an impending alien invasion.


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