Ben's Real Part 1: Telling Ya is the first episode of Evan Billion.

The title card


-Evan Levin and Kevin Levin are watching boring TV show-

Kevin: Boring. Change the channel.

-Evan switches channel-

-show about growing beards comes on-

Evan: Naaahh.

-Kevin switches channel-

-show about mutated alien pets comes on-

Kevin: Yaaahh!

Evan: Naaahh.

-Evan switches channel-

-Kevin turns TV off-

Evan: When did TV start getting boring?

Kevin: Ever since it was made.

Evan: We need some real fun. Nothing is ever fun anymore.

-Evan leaves-

Kevin: Wait!

-Evan leaves house-

-Kevin sighs-

Kevin: There's gotta be something interesting. Maybe I'll tell him the story about Ben Tennyson.

-Kevin writes a story about him-

-Evan is eating ribs at a diner-

Evan: These ribs are good.

-rib sauce leaks onto floor-

-Kevin runs into diner-

-Kevin slips on sauce and crashes into trash can-

Evan: Now that was fun. Fun-ny!

-Evan laughs hard-

Kevin: That wasn't funny.

Evan: Yeah, sure-sure. It wasn't.

-Kevin starts filling him in on Ben-

Evan: No way. That's impossible.

Kevin: No it's not. I'll make sure you find out.

-Kevin leaves-

-scene switches to where Kevin is-

-Kevin is working on new Omnitrix-

Kevin: This Billiontrix will prove the existence of aliens. Believing in aliens will get Evan to start believing in Ben!

-Kevin works all night-

-Kevin finishes-

Kevin: Doone! Now let me get by billion alien samples.

-Kevin pours DNA of aliens into Billiontrix-

Kevin: I'll just set this in Evan's underwear drawer.

-Kevin walks into house and does it-

Later that day...

-Evan walks up to Kevin wearing Billiontrix-

Evan: I bet this is a fake Omnitrix to trick me.

Kevin: No, it's the Billiontrix, turns you into a billion aliens. 20 current. Try it.

Evan: Alright.

-Evan activates Billiontrix and presses button-

-Evan transforms into Copy-Copy-

Kevin: Now do you believe me?

Evan: Nope, never will.

-Sunder rides in on a hoverboard-

Evan: Come on, I have to do something.

-Evan's stomach covers Sunder-

-Sunder gets pulled into Evan-

-two Sunders fall out-

Evan: Two Sunders?

Sunder: I feel lost.

Kevin: Evan took away 10% of you and made a copy with it.

Evan: Cool!

-Evan copies Kevin-

Kevin: Heeeeeeyyyyy!

-Clone Sunder attacks Clone Kevin and Sunder-

-Sunder attacks Evan and Kevin-

-good side wins-

Sunder: I won't be back.

-Sunder leaves-

-Evan detransforms-

Evan: Coooooolll.

Kevin: You already said that.

Evan: It doesn't matter. I still don't believe you.

-Evan leaves-

Kevin: I'll make him believe.

-Kevin starts working on robot-


-Evan is playing video game outside-

Kevin: Hey, Evan. I have something for you.

-Kevin appears riding on robot similar to the one from the first episode of Ben 10-

Kevin: See if you can defeat this. It's a replica of the robot Ben faced, only more powerful. His name is Drobot.

-Evan transforms-

Evan: Combinationer!

-robot shoots wacky gas-

-wacky gas rises to Kevin-

-Kevin leaves-

-Evan flies up to Drobot-

-Drobot shoots laser and knocks him down-

Evan: Now how about some smoke?

-Evan starts fire with two pieces of bark-

-Evan combines water in lake with fire-

-smoke makes things hard to see-

-Evan makes pieces of bark knock parts off of Drobot-

-Drobot shoots sticky substance that wraps up the bark and Evan-

Evan: Ahhh, gross!

-Evan combines himself with sticky substance-

-Evan blasts sticky substance from his mouth that jams controls in Drobot-

-Drobot heats up and makes substance melt off-

-Drobot controls Evan and makes him combine him with brick-

Evan: I can't control myself!

-Drobot rolls over Evan-

-Evan gains control of himself and runs away-

-Drobot sends two robots from his body to attack Evan-


-Evan is normal and slurping a smoothie-

Evan: I shouldn't have fought him. I'll just make him run out of juice and defeat him.

-one robot enters Mr. Smoothie-

Evan: Not right now! I'm busy!

-Evan absorbs wall and smashes robot repeatedly-

-Evan accidentally strikes Billiontrix-

-Billiontrix sends laser at Evan-

-Evan turns hand into mace-

Evan: Ah, sweet!

-Evan makes robot explode-

-Evan disabsorbs wall-

-Evan walks outside-

-robot flies towards him-

Evan: Not another one!

-Evan turns into Copy-Copy again and absorbs ground-

-Evan wraps stomach around robot and turns stomach into stone-

Evan: Sweet trick.

-Evan brings robot into his body-

-Evan spits robot from mouth-

-robot has a ton of parts missing-

Evan: That's what you get when you mess with me!

-Drobot runs at super speed up to Evan-

Evan: I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.

-Drobot stares at Evan like he's crazy-

Evan: Oh, right. You don't have eyes.

-Evan thinks for a second-

Evan: Ok, then just turn around.

-Drobot turns around-

-Evan transforms-

Evan: Useless! This is my first time as him, and I'm already hating him.

-Drobot is still facing the other way-

Evan(whispering): I don't think he heard me.

-Evan climbs up robot and presses button-

-Drobot shoot back laser-

-Evan falls onto ground-

Evan(whispering): I have to find the right button.

-Evan presses blue button-

-four dancing bananas jump out of four holes on Drobot's sides and dance-

-one banana holds an instruction manual-

Evan(whispering): Oh, well, that was convienent.

-Evan grabs manual and reads-

-Evan reads that Drobot's juice can be drained by pressing the red button-

-Evan tries to find red button-

-there are several red buttons-

Evan(whispering): It didn't say anything about several.

-Evan looks at manual-

Evan(whispering): Oh, it says that the buttons are red, scarlet, rose, ruby, raspberry, crimson, brick, maroon, vermillion, and cardinal. I never knew there were that many shades of red.

-Evan presses vermillion button-

-Drobot starts break-dancing-

-Drobot turns around and sees Evan-

Evan: Uh-oh.

-Drobot shoots lasers while dancing-

-Evan sneaks up to Drobot while he's lifting his legs and moving his arms side to side-

-Drobot uses dance to kick Evan-

Evan: You can do that, but you can't do the robot?

-a crowd around Evan starts laughing-

Evan: I never knew this form could be funny. What did one pile of stuff say to the other?

-crowd waits for answer-

Evan: I'm stuffed!

-crowd laughs even harder-

-Drobot starts doing the robot-

-Evan jumps at Drobot-

-Drobot uses robot to knock Evan away-

-Drobot swings arm-

-Evan jumps on arm-

-Evan jumps on Drobot-

-Evan's foot falls on raspberry button-

Evan: Not again.

-platform springs Evan away-

Evan: Where can you dance in California?

-crowd stops laughing-

Evan: San Frandisco!

-crowd starts laughing again-

-Evan swings on Drobot's leg onto his head-

-Evan presses rose button-

-Drobot shoots burger from hole-

-Drobot starts doing funky chicken-

Evan: Why didn't the flightless bird jump off a plane?

-Evan jumps on Drobot's elbow-

-Drobot flings arm up-

-Evan flings up into sky-

Evan: Because he was too chicken!

-Evan lands on Drobot's head-

-Evan rolls over button, making Drobot do a lot of things at the same time-

Evan: There's only one thing left to do!

-Evan leaps dramatically on red button in slow-motion-

-green liquid pours out of Drobot's head-

-Drobot falls to ground-

-Kevin walks up to Drobot-

Kevin: Oooh, a banana!

-Kevin picks up dancing banana-

Dancing Banana: NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

-Kevin eats banana-

-Kevin starts doing swirly dance-

-spin launches Evan into sky-


-characters leap into sky as episode ends-

-Evan falls almost toward ground and freezes-

Kevin: Now do you believe me?

Evan: We'll see.

-episode ends-

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