Bemularians are a species of alien that appear in Ben 10: Alienverse and Omniverse: The Time Saga.


There are two types of Bemularians: the Bemulars and the Gyangos.

Bemulars resemble space lizards, with spike going from their heads to their tails, they also have short arms, they are known to evolve from their normal form, to their horned, blue Empowered forms to their six-legged Evolved forms.

Gyangos are similar to the Bemulars, except they have longer arms with pincers, ears resembling the iconic DNA sign, no spikes and no evolution.


Bemularians can fire Blue Heat Rays at the opponents.

Empowered Bemulars can use their horns for ramming.

the Bemularians can also use travel orb.


Bemularians have ticklish feet, meaning one little tickle at the achilles heels will make the Bemularians burst with laughter.

Notable Members

  • Slyceo (the Alitrix's DNA sample of a Bemularian Gyango)


Evolved Bemulars, the most powerful form of Bemulars.

Empowered Bemulars, the first evolution of Bemulars

Gyangos, the second type of Bemularians


  • The fact that Gyangos are a type of Bemularians is actually in Gyango's series Ultraman, Gyangos are modified suits of Bemulars.
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