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Belugice is the Collectron's DNA sample of a Delphiwintra from the planet Cryos.


Belugice has a light blue beluga whale-like appearance.

Belugice has a bluish skin tone. He has a large melon which directly connects to his jaw. He has two yellow eyes on either side of his head. His body is long and slender. He has two blue fins, which have most of their skin covered by his red jacket. His jacket has a hood on the top. He has a whale-like tail and a black belt with a yellow stripe.

Belugice wears the Collectron emblem on his belt.


Belugice's voice is medium toned.


Belugice tends to make ice-based puns.

Powers and Abilities

Belugice can release and manipulate liquid nitrogen from the palms of his fins, which essentially acts as a freezing gas, meaning that anything that touches it will freeze up. It can also freeze liquid substances, such as a Morphian's water blasts without affecting anything else.

Belugice can generate and manipulate cold and icy constructs by ejecting liquid nitrogen into the ground.

Belugice is immune to hot and cold temperatures alike, as well as being frozen.

Belugice can breathe underwater and swim extremely fast.

Belugice can levitate off the ground normally. He is also capable of high-altitude flight by releasing enough gas at the ground so it generates icy towers he can use to gain altitude.

Belugice is extremely durable, as he was shown being able to withstand being thrown into a wall by Storm.

Belugice is quite strong as he can crush metal by either ripping it apart with his fins or hitting it with his melon. He can also locate and find objects by using his melon, via echolocation.

Belugice is very fast and agile, and his agility increases underwater.


Belugice has a hoodie. Putting on the hood gives him access to invisibility.

Belugice's hood is very durable and stretchy, allowing it to withstand being stretched before ripping apart.

The hood gives Belugice an extra layer of thickness against the cold.


Belugice is weak against electricity, such as that generated by a Morphian.

Belugice seems to have a durability limit, as he had to transform into Anglerdish thanks to the failsafe after being thrown against a wall.


Belugice comes from beluga, referencing his appearance and ice, referencing his abilities.


  • Belugice's name was coined by Moqy.
  • Belugice is based on Beluga Hood, Jay's beluga whale plushie with a hoodie.
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