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The Bellua System is one of the many solar systems in the Milky Way Galaxy.


This solar system has 2 suns one at the beginning of the other one on the other side. There is a total of 15 planets. 7 of them circle the 1st sun, while 7 more circle the other one. The middle one circles neither one of the suns. The system itself is dark, because the suns don't give much light. one of the suns is Purple, while the other is green.

List of Planets


The Home of a Ghost-like alien species -  Sp'Piritians. it circles the purple sun.


The home of Werewolf like aliens - Lupusunts. It Also circles the purple sun

Bellua Materra

The Home of mummy-like aliens. It Aswell circles the Purple Sun.


Home of vampire-like aliens - Lamians. It circles the purple sun.


Home of the Frankenstein's monster-like species. It is the last planet that circles the purple sun.

El Chupaterra

Home of the Chupacabra like species. It Circles teh purple sun.


Home of the Basilisk like species. It Circles the purple sun.


Home of the Skeleton like aliens - Ossibians. It doesn't circle any of the suns


Home of the zombie like aliens - Imurtuians. It circles the green sun.


Home of the creeper like aliens - Luzoniensians. It circles the green sun.


Home of the scarecrow like aliens - Superbians.It circles the green sun.


Home of the seaweed monster like aliens - Algisapiens. It circles the green sun.

Bellua Lupiterra

Home of the Goblin like species - Horisapiens. It circles the green sun.


Home of the Minoataur aliens - Tauromos. It circles the green sun.

List of Known Moons


The Moon of Algaterra and the home planet of Mud monster like species

Mantiprectus Luna

The Moon of Lupinoterra and the home planet of the predatory manticore like species.

Oculorestia Luna

The Moon of Simulacterra and the home of the cyclop like aliens - Oculorestispiens


  • The word Bellua means monster in Latin
  • same as the name of the System, the planet and the moon names are in Latin too.
  • All Planet names end with -terra, which means land
  • All moon names end with -luna, wich means moon
  • This might be considered as a rip-off of the Anur System, but it only has simmilar species to the ones.
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