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Ben 10: Alien Alliance


Makuza Minor




Criminal Mastermind



One of the Makuza Maffia's Dons

First Appearance

Hunting Season Part I

Last Appearance

Hunting Season Part II

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Voiced by:

Darren Dunstan

Beklube is a Makuza Minor from the criminal planet Noscao. He was one of the contestants of the AHC with Ben as target. As hunter, he choose one of his agents, the so called Slendermen. He appears for the first in Hunting Season Part I, Ben 10: Alien Alliance.


Beklude is an humanoid alien with the seize of six year old kid. He have very short limbs in comparisation with his head. His head is white with the black stripes, little ears, a small mouth but with huge black eyes. He wears always a tuxedo and has only two fingers on each hand. He also lack feet. He walks on his stumpy legs.

He have no mercy for his enemies but will prevent the death of every innocent victim, if possible. He also doesn't take revenge on Ben for the defeat of his henchman. Ben won fair and sqaure and Slenderman did a good try. There's a good reason why his species is known as the most respectful criminals of the galaxy. Only betrayers doesn't has to hope on longlivity.


About his origins is nothing known. Beklube is not even his own name, that is the name a Makuza Minor uses when he does bussines.

Powers and Abilities[]

He is a master planner, an economic mastermind, weapon specialist and a charmer. He always know what to do and isn't easily outsmarted. He is very intelligent and between the Makuza Minor and the Makuza Major there is a telepathic bound: the Link. It's also impossible to lie to him, he will notice.


He's no fighter

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Ben 10: Alien Alliance[]

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  • He looks and handles like a maffioso.
  • His name and appearance are based on the Black Eyed Kids urban legend.