Ben 10 Generator Rex Heroes Stranded
Season 1, Episode 3
Written by skleiman
Directed by skleiman
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As Time Goes By As Time Goes Back
The High Tech Device
Ben discoveres the secrets of the ultinatrix.


Ben was in a plumber base.

Dinasaur bot

dinosaur bot

(Ben): Stupid ultimatrix.

(Ultinatrix ) Ultinatrix nanite overload stopped. Nanite shield activated. All main functions now avilable.

(Ben): Ultinatrix?

(Ben, transforming): Humangasaur!!! What's this new stick thing?

(Humungasor, turning mechanic): Di-na-sa-ur-bot! Pro-se-cing-da-ta. scan-com-plete this-life-form-is-me-cha-ni-cal. Why-am-I-to-king-like-that. Brain-not func-tio-ninig-pro-per-ly.

(Dinasour bot, turning back): What a headache that was. Well when Rex is of trainin to be a plumber I might as well figure out how this thing works now.



(Ultinatrix): Ultinatrix recharge mode entered.

(Ben): Wha?! But I wasn't even an alen!!!

(Ultinatrix): When nanites are active they charge battery.

(Ben): Well that explains it.

A few minutes later.

(Ultinatrix): Battery full. all functions now avilable.

(Ben): Now let's see how this mechanical form works.

(Ben, transforming): Chromastone!!! O.K then I just turn this stick left and...

(Chromastone, turning mechanical):Robot Of Stone !!

(Robot Of Stone): Now let's see what this thing can do.

Ben fires a blast and suprisingly the blast is grey not colorfull.

(Robot Of Stone): Wow! That was so acurate like I fired at the exact microscopic position I was aiming at!

Ben turns the setting to organic and then he slaps the omnitrix and turns back to normal.

(Ben): Thats enough training for one day.

The End


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