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Behold, the Omnitrix! is the 1st episode of Kobra 10.

Kobra 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date March 16, 2012
Written by Midnightkobra
Directed by Midnightkobra
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Tony "Kobra" Kobrazini is tired of a life of being bullied. He runs away to the woods despite his friends warning. He discovers an alien device known as the Omnitrix. He accidently transforms into Wildmutt and starts freaking out. The Omnitrix times out eventually and he tries another alien. He then transforms into Heatblast claiming it as his favorite one so far.

After that he returns home and tells his friends Jack and Kim about the watch. They go to Mr.Smoothy where they show Dante, one of their friends who works there. Dante says that the transformations are not monsters, but aliens. Kobra asks how does he know and he just says "lucky guess". Kobra then goes home, eager to teach those bullies a lesson.

Aliens Used[]



  • Wildmutt is Kobras 1st transformaton
  • Dante may know a thing or two about the Omnitrix