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Behind the Shelves
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General Information
Original broadcast October 26, 2018
Season 1
Episode number 5
Overall episode number 05
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5 & Runny
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Behind the Shelves is the fifth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Nikki’s new job as the librarian’s assistant, leads Ethan to investigate after he discovers a series of magical attacks that maybe connected to him.


[In a dark, grim room, a sliver of light shone through as the sound of a creaking door echoed. A dark figure walked down a dimly lit set of stairs. The figure approached the middle of the room. He lit some candles and lined them up into a circle, then sat down in the middle. A magic circle appeared below him while glyphs begun to appear, surrounding the circle. The candles turned from soft yellow flickers into dark red flames. The flames grew brighter and revealed the figure to be an african american male. He raised his hand in the air with a red aura surrounding his fingertips. A book went flying towards him until he lost his grip and it dropped to the ground. The candles turned back into a warm yellow color and the symbols disappeared as he took a deep breath. He then held his hand back in the air, causing everything to light back up. The book floated back to him, and this time he managed to catch it.]

Male: My magic has grown weaker. But soon, I shall reign supreme again and be far more powerful than anyone can comprehend. But first, I require something to fortify my power...

[The book floated in the air and the pages moved at quick speed. He then wagged his finger and as he pointed at the book, it stopped at a page. He held the book and it showed more glyphs and images of a stone.]

Male: Ah, yes. The Piatrănic Sorbere, a rare gemstone only to be held by those who are worthy of its power. I have travelled a long way to find you. Somewhere deep inside this school of arts lies one of the most powerful stones of this world, and with it I shall craft my own work of art and rule this land with an iron fist.

[The lights, to his surprise, turned on, and a female-like figure walked down the steps.]

Figure: Hey, Mr. Xavier, I was wondering if you knew where the…

[The figure revealed to be Nikki. Nikki turned to notice that Mr. Xavier was sitting on the floor. In the room, the walls were gray with small bookshelves and a desk surrounding most of the room. The candles on the floor glew a normal color and the magic circle just appeared to be markings on the floor.]

Nikki: Uh, what’s going on in here?

Mr. Xavier: Oh, it’s none of your concern.

[He stood up and wiped the dust off his pants.]

Nikki: Right... So, one of the students was wondering where you were keeping Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”

Mr. Xavier: Oh, uh...

[Mr. Xavier searched his bookshelf, grabbed the book and handed it to her.]

Mr. Xavier: It’s right here.

Nikki: Thank you. And Mrs. Pippin wanted to speak with you. She's waiting at the front desk.

Mr. Xavier: Oh, tell her I’ll be there shortly.

Nikki: You got it.

[Nikki went back upstairs and the male exhaled, raised his hands up against his head and sighed.]

Mr. Xavier: Once I find you, my gemstone, this school will be the first to feel my wrath.

[The male left the room as the scene pans over to the side of the bookshelf, revealing a red hood and drapes hanging on the wall.]


Ethan: No.. I... I can’t do it… I can’t take it anymore!

Alice: Come on Ethan, you can do this, you have to!

Ethan: I can’t! Agh! That’s it! IT'S ACTION TIME!

[Ethan raised his arm up, but before he could slam down on the watch, Alice grabbed his hand and stopped him.]

Alice: No, Ethan.

Ethan: Aw, come on.

[We zoom out to reveal that the setting took place inside the library.]

Alice: You have to study! You know you can’t get out of doing your book report.

Ethan: But the struggle… it’s REAL! [Faceplants into the desk.]

Nikki: Man, you two are so noisy that I can hear you from the other side of the room. Be thankful I haven’t kicked you out yet.

Alice: You can thank the child over here.

Ethan: So… much… work… [Makes a fist.]

Nikki: Does he always make things so difficult?

Alice: Unfortunately… So, how’ve you been Nikki?

Nikki: I’ve been doing well. Although working here is taking away a lot of the time I could be spending with my friends, it’s okay. Hannibal comes to see me anyway. And on the plus side, I get all my work done.

Ethan: I feel like I heard you say that before.

Nikki: And what about you, aside from all the screaming and shouting?

Ethan: Well, for my first semester here, I’ve been doing alright. Except this report won’t write itself.

Nikki: How many years have you been at college?

Ethan: Three.

Nikki: Then this shouldn’t be half as bad as your other school.

Ethan: Except I was at a community college and the laziness is real!

Alice: Well, laziness or not, you asked me to help you and you can’t “XLR8” your way out of this one.

Ethan: Oh! But I could use Wildmutt and say the dog ate my homework?

Alice: I don’t think “the dog ate your homework” excuse is going to work Speaking of which, I was wondering where you got the name Wildmutt?

Ethan: I… I couldn’t think of any other dog names….

Nikki: Wait, so you actually named your dog “Wildmutt?”

Ethan: Yeah…

[There was a slight pause and Nikki raised her eyebrow, smirking at his response.]

Nikki: That’s wild.

[Ethan glared at her and Hannibal approached the group.]

Hannibal: Sup, fellas.

Nikki: Ay. Hello, you.

Alice: Hey, how’ve you been? I felt like we haven’t seen you in forever.

Hannibal: Yeah, well, I’ve been keeping myself occupied, seeing as you two are always busy and Nikki is working as an assistant here. But I still come to visit. Plus she gave me a half price discount on all her books.

Ethan: Aw, lucky! I wish I had one of those...

Hannibal: I was just about to go purchase one now. Wanna help me pick my research topic?

Ethan: I’m in!

Alice: Ethan…

Ethan: Come on! It’ll just be a few minutes, I’ll be right back here before you know it.

Alice: Fine, but only because you haven’t ran out on me, yet. But I’m watching you.

[Alice gave him a look and Ethan drops a bead of sweat nervously.]

Ethan: Alright…

[Ethan and Hannibal left the scene. Nikki takes Ethan’s seat and approaches Alice with a curious look.]

Nikki: So, I gotta know, what’s been going on between you and Ethan?

Alice: What? Nothing!

[She turned red and hid her face in her book.]

Nikki: Oh come on, you two are always sneaking off together.

Alice: Oh, like you and Hannibal? I’ve seen the way he looks at you.

Nikki: Girl please, Hannibal is like a brother to me. We go way back.

Alice: How far back?

Nikki: We’ve known each other since we were little, and then we became best friends in High School, and even after all that he’s still been there for me. He went to all my dances, and even helped me get into my school.

Alice: That’s so nice.

Nikki: Yeah, it’s just we’re so close that I can’t see myself going out with him. Now, enough about me, you’re the one trying to turn the subject around.

Alice: No I didn’t! [Sweat drops.]

Nikki: Oh, really?

Alice: Yeah… I…

Mr. Xavier: Excuse me, Nikki, can I request your assistance for a moment?

Nikki: Coming! [Turns to Alice.] We’re not done yet.

[Nikki gave her a smirk and left. Alice stroked her hair to the side and continued studying. Her cheeks were still red. We move to Nikki approaching the counter of the library where Mr. Xavier was standing.]

Nikki: Whatcha need me to do?

Mr. Xavier: I would like you to find a certain book for me. I remember putting it in this library a while back, but I don’t know where it is.

[Nikki made a curious look.]

Mr. Xavier: The book has no title, and it has a peculiar gem embedded on the front.

Nikki: What do you need it for, and why can’t you just find it yourself?

Mr. Xavier: Well, I wish to dispose of it, as it has never been checked out. And I have tried searching for it, with no success.

Nikki: Well, let’s see if I have better luck.

[Nikki began searching through a shelf of books, and after a little while she had finally found a book with no title, and a peculiar gem in the front.]

Mr. Xavier: Did you find it yet?

Nikki: I just did. Here you go, Mr. Xavier.

Mr. Xavier: [Large gasp] Yes!

[Mr. Xavier gave out a laugh that almost sounded devious as he held the book in the air. Nikki gave him an odd look and he turned around, clearing his throat and put his arms on her shoulders.]

Mr. Xavier: Thank you Ms. Beecher, I will forever be in your gratitude.

Nikki: It was no problem...

[Mr. Xavier walked away and Nikki took a sigh of exhaustion. She noticed Ethan and Hannibal were making conversation and walked over to them. Hannibal was searching for books.]

Hannibal: And then, after I hit Spiker, he went flying across the football field, like it was nothing.

Ethan: Damn.

Hannibal: Yeah, so now I’m trying to write my own report on technical equations and tie how well my football experience works better with technology. [Grabs a book.] Does this one look okay?

Ethan: Don’t ask me, I’ve never read it. Why don’t you use Google to find research about your paper?

Hannibal: Because this teacher is so old school, she made sure all of our answers couldn’t be found through even Wikipedia, man!

Ethan: Yeesh!

Hannibal: Right?

Nikki: Hey, Hannibal, did you find out what you’re doing for your write your book report?

Hannibal: Not yet. Man, how is it that almost every class right now is assigning book reports?

Ethan: Sounds like some kind of bureaucracy! They’re making us write book reports to force us rely on other things besides technology…

Nikki: Actually, it’s so they can increase the fundings for the school library. Things have been kinda down right now and with our new librarian, he suggested that in order to keep our fundings, we would have to do at least one book report every semester.

Ethan, Hannibal: BUREAUCRACY!

Nikki: Well, anyway, you should get back over and finish your studying with Alice.

Ethan: Why?

Nikki: Because if you don’t, she’ll drag you back over upside the head and make you eat those words. You do not wanna mess around with that girl.

[Ethan glanced over and Alice was cracking her knuckles while she had an intimidating look on her face.]

Ethan: [Eyes widened.] On my way!

[Ethan walked swiftly over there and Hannibal turned to Nikki.]

Hannibal: Girl, why do you gotta be such a mood killer?

[Nikki raised her eyebrow at him. The track ended. Meanwhile, Ethan walked over with a disappointed look on his face, with his hands in his pockets. He turned over to see that Mr. Xavier gave him a look and headed down towards the back side of the library. Ethan saw an engraving on his book and as Mr. Xavier disappeared, Ethan continued walking back to Alice. Soon, Mr. Xavier returned back to the dark room and set everything back into place. The candles glowed purple and the markings on the ground also glowed below him. Mr. Xavier floated into the air with the book flying toward him. Without a touch, the book turned to the page and the necklace fell to the palm of his hand and he gazed at it. Mr. Xavier started to chuckle.]

Mr. Xavier: Finally, the Piatrănic Sorbere is mine. With it, I can increase my power and soon control this world with the snap of my fingertips. But before I can use its full power, let’s have some fun first.

[The scene shifted to outside Horizons with clouds covering the skies. Ethan and Alice were shown walking out of the library.]

Ethan: Thanks for giving me a break, Alice. Ugh, I’m starving!

Alice: Yeah, well I’m getting hungry too. Plus that way we can increase your brain energy, and we can finish off that book report!

Ethan: Aw, come on! Do we have to?

Alice: Yes, Ethan. Otherwise, you’re just going to put it all off and get a bad grade, again. And I’m the one who’s tutoring you, so I can’t let you make me look bad.

[Ethan groaned. Back inside the library, Mr. Xavier put a necklace around his neck and placed a red hood over his face. The stone began to glow as Mr. Xavier’s eyes glew red and he waved his hands in the air, with his hands glowing gold.]

Mr. Xavier: Silicus Milez Sasitatio!

[The scene turned back outside with Ethan and Alice.]

Ethan: Look, Alice, I’m just saying, we don’t have to spend all of our time together trying to study or fight bad guys. Why don’t we go do something fun?

Alice: What do you mean?

Ethan: Well, since we are on break, and since we’re getting something to eat, why don’t we grab that place that’s a few blocks off from my house? They make great burgers!

Alice: At this point, anything sounds good.

[An explosion came out from the library and Ethan and Alice turned over to it. Two 20-foot tall rock monsters, standing on all fours, had pink markings surrounding their bodies and had doglike faces. They began roaring at their loudest.]

Ethan: On second thought, I think we’ll have to reschedule that...

[The rock monsters continued roaring their mightiest roars. People outside began running away from the building.]

Student: First a giant robot, and now there’s giant rock monsters?! Aaaahh!

Ethan: You go ahead and keep the students safe, I’ll take care of this.

[Alice nodded and ran out of the scene. The rock monsters began approaching Ethan, looking hungry. Ethan turned to his watch and began dialing an alien. He turned the dial from Heatblast to Four Arms. He raised his arm in the air and slammed down.]

[FOUR ARMS TRANSFORMATION: Ethan’s eyes opened, revealing his eyes turned pure green. Ethan’s left arm became ruddy and muscular, and his right arm followed. An extra arm sprouted out of his lower torso area, which made a fist. The same thing happened on his right side. Everything zoomed out as Four Arms finished transforming, and he raised up his arms. A green light flashed and blinded the screen.]

Four Arms: Alright, you crazy-looking dog-things! Time I sent you back to the pound! [Cracks knuckles.]

[Four Arms dashed toward the rock monsters. One of the craggy beasts tried to grab Four Arms, but he ducked under the attack in time. Four Arms countered with a giant punch through the rock monster, but to his shock, the attack only created a hole in its body. The rock monster wildly swung Four Arms in the air and threw him back into another part of the campus, and he fell flat into the ground. Four Arms stood up and rubbed his head. He looked over to see the rock monster charging his way. Just in time, Four Arms grabbed it with all four of his arms. He let go of it for a moment and smacked it in the face, turning it into rubble. Inside the library, Mr. Xavier began to feel its pain.]

Mr. Xavier: Agh! No… what is happening!?

[Mr. Xavier closed his eyes and saw Four Arms fighting the rock monsters.]

Mr. Xavier: That creature? Where did he come from?!

[We resume back to Four Arms fighting the rock monsters. Another one charged at him with its mouth wide open.]

Four Arms: Ew, nasty dog breath! Aren’t you creatures supposed to be made of stone? Doesn’t your master take you to a vet or something?

[Four Arms took a look at the rock monster and saw magic glyphs surrounding its forehead.]

Four Arms: Hey, those are the same magic engravings I saw on that librarian’s book! Are you working for him? Talk!

[The rock monster grabbed onto Four Arms with his teeth and swung him back to the other side of the campus.]

Four Arms: [In the air.] OKAY! YOU DON’T LIKE QUESTIONS, GOT IT!

[Four Arms screamed until he fell flat onto the grass, then got up. Soon, he heard the rock monster charging his way.]

Four Arms: Okay, I’m gonna have to think of how I’m going to defeat this thing. Come on, Ethan, use Pokemon logic here. Fighting types beat Rock types. Normal type moves don’t do anything to Rock types. Wait a minute…

[Four Arms looked at his arms and raised them back.]

Four Arms: A Boomburst! That’ll show it. But this one will be super effective!

[It charged closer toward Four Arms. Four Arms began timing his attack just right.]

Four Arms: Steady… Wait for it…

[As soon as the rock monster jumped toward Four Arms, he clapped all four of his hands together and it created a shockwave, demolishing it into pieces. Meanwhile, inside the library, Mr. Xavier grew a massive headache and held onto his head.]

Mr. Xavier: NOOOO!!!

[The Piatrănic Sorbere stopped glowing and changed back into its normal color. The track ended.]

Mr. Xavier: No, the stone! This can’t be! My power! How is this possible!?

[He closed his eyes and saw Four Arms changing back into Ethan, taking deep breaths.]

Mr. Xavier: That boy! How is it that he was able to defeat my magic? Wait, something isn’t right here...

[Mr. Xavier turned over to his book and read paragraph by paragraph and saw the words flashing in glittery gold colors.]

Mr. Xavier: Ah, I see. It’s not just a matter of wearing it. In order to obtain its true power, I must be able to defeat a challenger through combat, whether he loses or chooses to flee. Only then can I activate the spell that’ll grant me the energy I desire. And seeing how that boy defeated me so easily, he shall be the first to suffer my wrath!

[The scene then faded to Nikki grabbing her bag and approaching the exit. Mr. Xavier was sweeping up some of the mess.]

Nikki: Hey, you sure you want me to leave early? I don’t mind sticking around to help out.

Mr. Xavier: While I do appreciate it, I have some matters I need to attend to. Besides, you and the students should remain safe and not have to worry about such primitive matters as this.

Nikki: Okay. Good night, Mr. Xavier. See you tomorrow.

[Nikki left the room and Mr. Xavier’s face turned from a smile to a frown.]

Mr. Xavier: Indeed.

[Ethan creeped around the front of the building, saw Nikki leave, and snuck inside. Ethan crawled below the countertops to dodge the librarian, with him murmuring in the background. Ethan snuck behind the bookcases and raised out his arm, revealing that the watch had recharged. Ethan began to turn the dial.]

Ethan: There, now with Nikki leaving, I can find out who this guy really is!

[The core raised up and he slammed down, transforming into Wildmutt in a flash.]


[Wildmutt sniffed the ground and snuck to the back of the countertops. He traced the librarian’s scent towards the other side of the library, to his surprise. He continued sniffing around the area and it lead to a large shelf of books laying in front of him. Wildmutt made a grunt noise and then sniffed around the area. Wildmutt used his sensing abilities to try and figure out which book was the right one to pick. While Wildmutt was picking up multiple different scents, he found the librarian’s scent in one particular book with dust and fingerprints. Wildmutt used his paw to remove the book and it opened up a secret entrance, leading downstairs. Wildmutt made a laugh that sounded like Muttley’s and walked down the stairs. Inside, everything was dark with a small light shining around the room. Wildmutt sniffed around the area. He snuck his head into the bookshelves and found nothing. He then dragged his head across his desk and created a mess with papers flying all over the area. Wildmutt’s claws started ripping off the carpet. Suddenly he heard a noise and turned toward it. Wildmutt moved closely towards it and found an open book.]

Wildmutt: Rawwrrrooff! Grrrr-ruff!

[The hourglass symbol on Wildmutt’s chest glowed green and he changed back into Ethan in a white light.]

Ethan: I changed back on my own? That’s new.

[Ethan held the book and saw the words “Grimoire of Archamada” with a skull symbol on the front of the cover.]

Ethan: That can’t be good.

[Ethan looked through all the pages and saw handwriting he couldn’t understand.]

Ethan: What does all this mean?

[Ethan turned the page and saw images of a stone granting power to a human figure. He noticed strange magical glyphs and a man seeking power. Ethan turned the page to see the world being enslaved by an evil ruler and set the book down. Ethan gasped. He saw a necklace with the stone surrounding it, laying on his desk. Ethan grabbed it, then ran up the stairs and put the book back to hide the secret lair. Ethan sneaked off into the aisles so he could find his way out.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I knew it, he was up to something. Those magic symbols, he’s trying to use those stone’s power to turn it into his power and then rule the world, or something like that. Whatever it is, I can’t let that happen. I just gotta get out of here and bring this back to Lieutenant Steel.

[Ethan saw the exit in front of them.]

Ethan (Thoughts): I’m almost there… I think I’m going to-

[Mr. Xavier appeared in front of him.]

Mr. Xavier: Leaving so soon? And we didn’t get a chance to chat.

[Ethan turned around and stepped back with fear.]

Mr. Xavier: What are you doing here at this hour? The library’s closed.

Ethan: I’m turning this into the authorities!

[Ethan held the stone in front of him. Mr. Xavier’s eyes widen.]

Mr. Xavier: I don’t know what your intent is, but you must give that back! That stone holds more power than you can comprehend.

Ethan: Like turning the whole world into puppets to do your every bidding?

Mr. Xavier: You snuck into my lair. Very well. I guess I don’t have to put on this charade any longer.

[Red energy surrounded Mr. Xavier fingertips and he launched an attack at Ethan. Ethan jumps to dodge.]

Mr. Xavier: I guess I should properly introduce myself then. Your school knows me as Harold Edward Xavier. But I simply used my real name as an acronym so that I could acquire this job and finally take what is rightfully mine.

Ethan: You mean your real name is Hex?

Hex: Precisely.

Ethan: Gotta say, that’s the coolest villain name I’ve heard so far that wasn’t from a comic book or TV adaption.

[Ethan ducked when Hex tried to blast him again. Ethan continued to run while Hex was talking while he repeatedly fired his attacks.]

Hex: That stone you hold is the Piatrănic Sorbere, an ancient stone that my family and many powerful magicians have held before me for many centuries.

[Ethan hid between the aisles, trying to dial an alien.]

Hex: You see, several hundred years ago a dear friend of mine had put a curse on me that prevented me from touching any object used to hide the stone.

Ethan: You’re hundreds of years old?

Hex: Thousands actually.

[Hex located Ethan and sent a blast of magic at him. Ethan rolled under the attack and began to run. Hex’s palms glew a menacing red; suddenly, inanimate objects like the bookshelves and carpets tried to grab at him. Ethan kept turning at every corner dodge the attacks.]

Hex: It was only a matter of time until I was able to locate that stone. But I couldn’t have retrieved it without your dear friend Nikki. She was able to remove the stone, and with it I can now rule this world and right the wrongs of humanity.

[Hex phased through the ground and appeared in front of Ethan as soon as he finished talking. Ethan took a few steps back.]

Hex: So give me that stone, boy! And I may just let you live.

[Ethan popped up the watch’s core and AmpFibian was selected.]

Ethan: You’re gonna have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

[Ethan slammed down and it blinded Hex in a flash.]

[AMPFIBIAN TRANSFORMATION: Ethan spun around with his arms raised in the air as 3 cloth like tissue grew onto Ethan’s body. It created an electric pattern as two pairs of tentacles grew on both parts of his body, first his left then his right. Eyes then opened out from his head and stood back, revealing to be AmpFibian. The background faded behind him.]

Hex: Enoi Inspiratione!

[Hex launched a large energy blast. AmpFibian ducked for cover, and the energy surrounded AmpFibian’s entire body. The energy turned blue and AmpFibian launched it back at Hex. Hex was thrown back into a bookcase. He looked up and saw AmpFibian was charging with electricity.]

AmpFibian: Had enough, old man?

Hex: Combibo Potentia!

[Hex launched another blast at AmpFibian, and AmpFibian begun to absorb it.]

AmpFibian: Shoot me all you want, dude. I got all day to absorb your blasts.

[AmpFibian soon felt like the life was being sucked out of him.]

AmpFibian: Hey! What’s going on?

[AmpFibian’s electricity turned red as the electricity began flowing into Hex’s body.]

AmpFibian: I can’t move…

[AmpFibian began falling to the ground as he continued to grow weaker.]

Hex: That’s because I used an energy siphoning spell that can not only free people from their shackles, but can also absorb your energy.

AmpFibian: Hey! I’m the energy feeder here!

Hex: Not anymore.

[AmpFibian then ran out of power and transformed back into Ethan, taking deep breaths. Hex kicked Ethan into the ground and took the stone back. He then wrapped it around his neck.]

Hex: I’ll leave you alive today. But rest assured, if you ever cross my path again, I’ll make sure you suffer a slow and painful death.

[Hex blasted Ethan out of the building, with blood spilling from out of his mouth and his body covered in bruises. Ethan looked dead in his eyes and fell to the ground. Hex smiled and walked away as Ethan slowly shut his eyes.]

[The next day, Ethan had arrived to campus, covered in bandages around his arms, with scrapes on his head. Alice then walked over and saw bruises on him.]

Alice: Ethan, what happened?! Did the rock monsters… Did they?

Ethan: No, it wasn’t them. It was something else.

[Ethan and Alice walked towards the library, to notice the place was surrounded with cautionary tape on the outside.]

Alice: This place looks pretty banged up.

Ethan: Yeah, I guess I kind of overdid it with the rock monsters, huh?

[Ethan’s eyes turned to the side and Alice noticed his soft tone of voice. They soon made it inside, and they saw Nikki finishing a conversation to a social worker outside the library. She turned to see Ethan and Alice making their way in and Nikki walked over to them.]

Nikki: I know what you did, Ethan.

Ethan: What?

Nikki: You went and snuck into Mr. Xavier’s office to investigate him. How could you even think of doing that, Ethan?

[Ethan’s eyes turned to the side.]

Alice: Ethan! Is that what you did?

Nikki: Yes, he found a way into the library after hours, snuck into Mr. Xavier’s office and attempted to steal his very expensive necklace that he was going to give to his wife for her birthday.

Ethan: Wait, he told you that? That’s not what happened.

Nikki: Then what did happen, Ethan?

[Ethan turns his gaze to the floor.]

Nikki: Yo, some of the staff inside are talking about it, and they’re gonna make sure this thing goes out to the public tonight.

Ethan: Tonight!? Look, this is all a misunderstanding. I can go in and explain everything, just let me-

[Ethan tried walking past Nikki but she stopped him.]

Nikki: Nuh-uh. No you don’t.

Ethan: Nikki?

Nikki: You are banned from ever setting foot in this library again.

Ethan: Then where else am I going to buy my books?

Nikki: The store? The internet? Your choice. I don’t really care.

[Nikki left and went back inside the library.]

Ethan: Nikki!

Alice: Ethan, did you really spy on Mr. Xavier?

Ethan: [Sigh] Yes.

Alice: Ethan!

Ethan: But you have to understand, none of what Nikki said was true. Mr. Xavier, he’s hiding something very dangerous, and if I don’t stop him, he’s going to end up ruling the entire planet! Come on Alice, you have to believe me. You know with all the crazy stuff that’s out there, that this is definitely something I have to look into.

Alice: I want to believe you, but Nikki’s part of the story could still be true.

Ethan: But it wasn’t! Alice, you know me! Why else would I break into the library?

Alice: So you did break into the library.

Ethan: Yes, but-

Alice: I don’t wanna hear it, Ethan. Just back off for right now.

[Alice walked towards the library and Ethan looked away upset. The scene then faded to Ethan sitting alone at lunch, eating a slice of pizza. Hannibal saw him eating alone and took a deep breath.]

Hannibal: I know I’m going to regret this.

[Hannibal approached Ethan and sat down.]

Hannibal: Hey, Ethan. How you doing?

Ethan: Terrible. Everybody believes in that stupid sob story.

Hannibal: Can you blame them? Practically half the school knows about what you did.

Ethan: Well, it’s not true.

Hannibal: Wait, so you didn’t break into the library and stalk the librarian?

Ethan: Well, no, that did happen, but… the story he’s telling isn’t true.

Hannibal: So, what did happen, Ethan?

Ethan: [Sigh] What if you knew someone that was going to hurt someone you cared about, and you were the only one who knew about it? And no matter what you try to say, nobody believes you.

Hannibal: Well, for one, I would say get the evidence and try to prove to them that this person was trying to hurt someone. And two, I would definitely make sure I’d get my point across, because if somebody tried to hurt my girl Nikki, I would beat the ever living shit out of them.

Ethan: So, I have to prove it.

Hannibal: Pretty much.

Ethan: Huh, Thanks man.

Hannibal: Anytime.

[The track ended. The scene changed to Hex back downstairs, opening his grimoire and powering up the stone.]

Hex: Yes! It’s almost time. Defeating that boy was easier than I anticipated. Now that I can finally tap into the stone’s power, I can be myself again. Once the clock strikes midnight and the full moon shines at its brightest, I’ll finally have the power I’ve been waiting for a millennium.

[That night, Ethan was sitting in his bedroom with his phone in his hand. He took a deep breath and tapped Alice’s contact number. Meanwhile, Alice and Nikki were at a shopping mall, holding tons of bags and making conversation.]

Nikki: And so then I said, Hannibal, if you’re gonna get into tie-dying, at least make sure that the colors look good!

[Alice and Nikki both laughed then Alice heard her phone ringing and saw Ethan was calling.]

Alice: It’s Ethan.

Nikki: Girl, let it go to voicemail. I’m sure he’ll understand.

Alice: [Sigh] Sorry.

[Alice answered the phone and put it on speaker.]

Nikki: Aw, for real! Dammit!

Ethan (Speaker): Nice to hear you, too!

Alice: What is it?

[From Ethan’s side.]

Ethan: Listen, I just wanted to let you know that… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have tried to put Nikki’s job on the line and investigate Mr. Xavier. I should’ve let you guys know before I did anything. You guys probably hate me, don’t you?

[From Alice’s side.]

Nikki: Listen, What you did was stupid and almost unforgivable, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to start hating you for it, not yet anyway.

Alice: Yeah, come on, Ethan, I know you’re not the type of guy to try to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it, I hope. But we’ve - I’ve known you for months, I’m not just going to leave you.

[From Ethan’s side.]

Ethan: Thanks, guys. Now listen, there’s something I’ve gotta do, and I need to tell you this before something happens to me. I need you and Nikki to go meet me at the library, tonight.

[From Alice’s side.]

Alice: Tonight?

Nikki: Are you going to go after Mr. Xavier again? Have you no shame, fool? And here I thought you were a changed person.

Ethan (Speaker): Just listen, there’s something there that I have to show you, and I know it sounds crazy, but it’s urgent. Just please trust me and tell Nikki to grab her keys so she can unlock the library.

Alice: Okay, we’ll meet you there in 30.

[From Ethan’s side.]

Ethan: Got it, on my way!

[Ethan hung up the phone and everything faded to black. The track ended. The scene then faded into Ethan waiting outside the library, with Alice and Nikki walking towards him.]

Nikki: I got the keys.

Ethan: Good.

Nikki: You sure you’re not gonna go in there and run off with anything?

Ethan: Promise.

Alice: I believe him.

Nikki: Okay, then.

[Nikki put her keys in the lock and unlocked the door.]

[The group walked inside the building to notice that everything was dark. As they approached the library, Nikki unlocks, then opens the dark room and they enter inside.]

Ethan: Follow me.

[Ethan led the group towards an aisle that lead to the bookcase.]

Ethan: Let’s just say when I was last in here, Wildmutt and I found Mr. Xavier’s hidey-hole.

Nikki: You brought Wildmutt with you?! Poor thing!

Ethan: He’s fine, don’t worry. There are some pretty dark secrets he hides that are going to surprise you.

Nikki: Oh please, I’ve worked in here for the last two months, there’s nothing in here that’s going to surprise me.

[Ethan grabbed a book and the bookcase opened up and lead to a secret stairway.]

Nikki: Except that.

Ethan: Shhh!

[Ethan, Alice and Nikki walked down the stairs slowly and quietly. They heard a voice deep down inside.]

Alice: We probably shouldn’t be in here, Ethan.

Nikki: Yeah, if he kept this place so quiet, why would he want anybody to know about it?

Ethan: Just trust me. You’re about to find out.

[Soon, the three entered the bottom of the stairs and heard Mr. Xavier speaking to himself. They saw him wearing a red cloak around him and the stone worn around his neck.]

Hex: Ah, yes. It is almost time, midnight is approaching sooner by the hour. That boy thought he could stop me, take everything from me like I was some underling to him. But instead, I managed to take everything from him. He will soon have nothing left. Once the board kicks him from the campus, he will never be allowed to reenter Horizon, and I will have the immense power I’ve ever been waiting for!

[Hex made his evil laugh as loud as he ever made it before. Nikki and Alice faces were filled with shock and Ethan eyed them. Nikki looked down in shame.]

Hex: I can already feel the overflowing energy. In less than 20 minutes now, I will be able to demolish this world and everything along with it.

Nikki: Sorry, Mr. Xavier, but that's not going to happen.

[Hex turned around surprised to see Ethan, Nikki and Alice standing in front of the entrance.The track shifted.]

Hex: Nikki, what are you doing here?

Nikki: I should be asking you the same to you, that is until I overheard your plans. Now, I don’t know who you really are, but I’m putting a stop to all this.

[Nikki grabbed her phone and Hex blasted it to dust, terrifying her.]

Hex: It’s funny that you brought them here to witness your demise. I guess you didn’t listen. I told you that if you stepped into my library again, that I would show you no mercy. I am now only minutes away to reaching my full power, and I will not let you interrupt me.

Ethan: Go ahead, I’d like to see you try!

[A large energy blast throws Ethan, Alice and Nikki back into the main lobby, falling back. Hex floated before them laughing, Ethan attempted to get up.]

Hex: Did that not stop you? Pity. It’s a shame really, Changesman. Here you are trying to prove your innocence, only to meet your demise.

Ethan: Are you trying to stall time to get your little whatchamacallit to work?

Hex: No…

Ethan: Dude.

Hex: Ah! Don’t you judge me!

[Hex launched another energy blast and Ethan rolled out of the way. Hex clenched his teeth and looked up at the sky.]

Hex: I’ve miscalculated! The full moon is already out! I’m only seconds away from gaining my true power! 5...

[As Hex was counting down, Ethan, Alice and Nikki had terrified looks on their faces.]

Hex: 4… 3… 2… 1!

[The Piatrănic Sorbere began flashing on Hex’s chest and it unleashed a bright yellow light. The stone then soon turned a dark pale gray and shattered to dust as the yellow energy moved into Hex, overflowing him with power. His skin turned pale as his facial skin changed into a skull-like face. The yellow energy turned red and he unleashed a small energy wave, throwing the group back.]

Hex: This power is unbelievable! I can do anything!

[Ethan looked down at the watch as it finally turned green. Ethan stood back up.]

Ethan: Get Nikki out of here, now!

[Alice nodded and ran over to Nikki’s direction.]

Hex: Leaving so soon?

[Hex launched an energy blast and Alice grabbed Nikki and ducked, they ran to hide behind a aisle, the two took a look at Hex as his laughter grew.]

Ethan: No, I was just about to kick off the show with...! [Slams down]

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised out his arms as diamonds grew from his body as they begun to surround his left arm, then his right. Ethan then waved his arms in the air as everything spun into a 180 degree angle as shards began growing from his back. He turned back to the front as diamonds finished forming around his face, and he finished transforming.]

Diamondhead: DIAMONDHEAD!!!

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: We zoom out to Diamondhead’s full body where he had his arms raising out as he striked a pose. A green light blinded the screen.]

[Nikki gasped with her eyes widened and surprised. Diamondhead’s hands formed into shooters and began firing diamond shards at Hex. Hex created a forcefield to block his attacks and unleashed his forcefield into an energy blast, launching at Diamondhead. It surrounded Diamondhead’s arms and it reflected off him as his own blast, blinding Hex.]

Hex: Gargelia Vortium!

[Books went flying towards Diamondhead. Diamondhead turned his arms to blades and he sliced them into pieces.]

Diamondhead: Sorry, but I’m not much of a reader!

[Hex launched another blast and Diamondhead dodged it. He created large diamond stepping stones and started jumping towards Hex. Hex launched a gust of wind at Diamondhead, throwing him backwards until he created a rope made of diamonds and swung himself towards Hex, knocking him to the ground. Diamondhead began punching him.]

Hex (Thoughts): This boy is more powerful than I originally thought. It seems I underestimated him. Before I bested him so easily. I believed this would have been easier, so I held back. But even so, he’s exceeded my expectations. What is it about this boy?

[Hex remembered Ethan using Four Arms to defeat the Rock Monsters, then he remembered AmpFibian being thrown back by Hex and now he remembers Diamondhead’s most recent attack.]

Hex (Thoughts): The watch. It’s that watch that makes him so powerful. I think I’ll take it.

[Hex smirked and phased through the ground.]

Diamondhead: What!?

[Hex appeared from above and launched another energy blast at Diamondhead.]

Diamondhead: Gah!

[Meanwhile from afar, Nikki and Alice ran into another aisle of the library to avoid the fighting.]

Nikki: We gotta go help Ethan!

Alice: Ethan’s doing everything he can to protect us.

Nikki: Well who’s gonna protect him?

Alice: Not us. Unless you have any ideas.

[Nikki began looking around and saw a mechanical machine laying over by a set of bookshelves, standing at the top.]

Nikki: I think I just got one.

[Diamondhead is thrown back by a punch, taking a few steps back.]

Diamondhead: Okay, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to try this, but you’ve left me no choice.

[Diamondhead created a diamond cross from his hands and raised it above Hex.]


[Hex reacted with a confused look.]

Diamondhead: Aw man, that always works in the movies!


[Hex’s spell threw Diamondhead to the back of the library, as the ground starting to held his legs back. Branch-like arms grew out from the bookshelves and grabbed onto Diamondhead as he was struggling to break free. Hex levitated toward him.]

Hex: This was all in good fun, but I have a world to conquer, and I can’t let you stand in the way.

Nikki: Too bad, because I was just starting to have some fun! Hit it, Alice!

[Hex turned over to Nikki and Alice, who were standing by a mechanical device. Alice pushed the button, and the device pushed over a large bookcase and it went flying over towards other bookcases, knocking them down like dominos. Diamondhead surprised, grew shards out of his body to break free from the bookshelf-branches. Diamondhead ran away and Hex looked up at the falling bookshelves in shock. They fell onto Hex, and they created a large trail of dust. Diamondhead ran over, staring at the other side of the room with Nikki and Alice.]

Nikki: Did we win?

[The bookshelves exploded as Hex floated in the air with intense aura surrounding his body, enraged.]


[Diamondhead stood over protecting the girls from Hex.]

Hex: Fabecio Kai!

[Diamondhead to his surprise began melting to the ground. He was powered down to normal with Ethan exhausted on the ground.]

Ethan: What did you...?

Hex: I turned your transformation into a pile of melted tissue paper, but it seems it forced you to change back. No matter, I got a better spell up my sleeve that’ll put an end to you!

[Hex stopped glowing]

Hex: What, what is this?!

[Hex took deep breaths as sweat dripped down his face. He flew to the ground on all fours looking at the palm of his fingertips.]

Hex: What is happening? Where is my power?! [Raised out his arm.] KILLIS ULTIMATUM! [Nothing happened.] FURIOUS PYRAS!

Ethan: [Stands back up] Guess your little pick me up wasn’t the item you needed.

Hex: Blasphemy! No, that isn’t correct… I’m too weak to continue…

Nikki: Then you better say your prayers, because we’re hauling your ass to jail.

Hex: Till’ the next book children. We will meet in our sequel!

[Hex snapped his fingers and sparkling red dust surrounded his entire body. The three started to cough and wipe away the dust. The dust cloud faded and Hex was nowhere in sight. The track ended. The scene shifted to the next day at Horizons, as the sun shined brightly on the screen. The scene panned to Nikki meeting the group at their lunch table.]

Nikki: I now renounce your ban from Horizon’s library, you are free to enter inside as long as you wish.

Alice: Woooo!

Hannibal: You did real good man. [Raising arm against Ethan and nooges him.]

Nikki: Not to mention, because of the false information, the faculty has decided to give you a discount on all your books for the next year.

Ethan: Sweet!

Terence: Dude, I can’t believe you got banned from the library. That’s so pathetic. [Snickers]

Ethan: Laugh while you can, but once you get yourself banned, don’t come crying to me to help you out.

Terence: Won’t need to. [Turns to Nikki] So, the feds finally caught up with Mr. Xavier, huh?

Nikki: Yep, since now that everybody knows Hex’s true identity, the cops are scouting all over California to try and find him. [Turns to Ethan] For what it’s worth, I’m sorry we didn’t let you explain yourself, Ethan.

Ethan: Nah, it’s fine. Besides, Hannibal was right, actions do speak louder than words.

Hannibal: Ay, don’t drag me into this. All I did was give you good advice.

Ethan: Well, still. I would’ve never been able to prove my innocence if you haven’t told me what to do. So, thanks.

Hannibal: Don’t mention it, you would’ve done the same for me.

Terence: [Stands up] Hey so, I finally got my Design Presentation done. Wanna check it out?

Hannibal: [Stands up] Sure.

Ethan: [Stands up] I’m down!

[Alice grabbed Ethan’s hand.]

Alice: Actually, hey Ethan? Would you mind staying here with us for a second? We need to talk to you about something for a second.

[Ethan looked down at Alice and Nikki who were giving him a serious look.]

Ethan: Oh, um sure. I’ll catch you guys later.

Hannibal: Alright.

Terence: Later, man.

[Terence and Hannibal left the area and Ethan sat back down.]

Nikki: So, that magnetic guy from two months ago, that was you.

Ethan: Yeah.

Nikki: How long until you were going to tell us?

Ethan: I was never planning on telling anybody until the time came, so I guess the time came, huh?

Alice: Ethan’s been very secretive about this thing. See, this agency that fights aliens, they asked him to keep it on the down low for his own safety, and others.

Nikki: Nah, I hear you. So you know, too?

Alice: I’ve known since the day we first came to Horizon.

Ethan: Truth is, I’ve only had my powers for the last five months. I’ve had to be very careful about using this thing. I don’t wanna accidentally hurt someone...

Nikki: So, does anyone else know?

Alice: Just Terence.

Nikki: Oh. So only Hannibal doesn’t know?

[They look over to see Hannibal and Terence laughing in the background.]

Nikki: How long until we tell him?

Ethan: Give it time, I don’t think now’s the right time to tell him.

Nikki: I know. But, Hannibal’s my best friend, I can’t keep secrets from him.

Alice: Please, just enough time until we can tell him properly. We don’t wanna cause a panic.

Ethan: Yeah, please? For Hannibal’s sake, and mine.

Nikki: Alright, for Hannibal’s sake…

[The track ended. The scene fades to inside a dark room where Hex lays exhausted and out of breath. His hands start sparking up like static bolts.]

Hex: My power is slowly starting to come back. I need to use this time to master my new found power, so when the day comes… I can finally seek my vengeance and take that kid's blasted watch…


Major Events

  • Ethan discovers one of Hex's secret lairs.
  • Diamondhead makes his watch debut.
  • Nikki learns about Ethan's powers.
  • Hex plots to go after the watch.


  • Nikki is still seen working at the library.
  • Nikki is aware of Ethan and Alice sneaking off together.
  • Ethan reveals how he named Wildmutt.
  • Students are aware of the Mechadroid attack from Day One.
  • Hannibal is still unaware of Ethan's powers.
  • I'll Protect You coincidentally plays when Alice promises to protect Ethan, that the group promises to protect Hannibal.



  • Hex (first appearance)

Aliens Used


  • Hex's teacher named is based on Professor Xavier from X-Men.
  • Four Arms decides to use Pokemon types to defeat Hex's Rock Monsters. He also uses the move, Boomburst to defeat them.
  • Wildmutt's laugh is a reference to the Hanna Barbera character, Muttsley, from Wacky Races.
  • One of Hex's spells Force Awakas is a reference to Star Wars: The Force Awakens.
  • Diamondhead's transformation is the same one from Out to Launch, before he becomes Omni-Enhanced.
  • Diamondhead calls back to when Swampfire faced Hex in Ben 10: Alien Force when Swampfire says he isn't much of a reader.
  • Various Pokemon movie tracks are used from this episode.
    • A Closed Heart
    • Everyone Are Friends
    • Don't Cry
    • Th-The Horn!


  • Offscreen, Ethan had to face charges for sneaking into the library after hours, but those charges were revoked thanks to the SACT. But he did have to do community service for the next week.
  • This episode was originally titled "The Rise of Hex" but the crew wanted to keep the Mr. Xavier reveal a surprise, so they had changed it the day before Inspire Me came out.
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