General Information
Species Kabutian
Home World Beet
Body Humanoid Metallic Beetle
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Energy Manipulation
Energy Wave Emission
Robotic Manipulation
Hacking Intuition
Connector Manipulation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Enhanced Bite
Flight via Wing Manifestation
Sharp Claws and Feet
Voice Actor Henry Dittman
First Appearance Animal Fiesta

Beetlezure is the Dracotrix's DNA sample of a Kabutian from the planet Beet in Draconomenal.


Beetlezure is a humanoid beetle with an azure robotic body. His torso is azure with the symbol of a black beetle on the middle of the chest, alongside his belly being silver with three black cables on it. His forearms are azure with a black cable that links the shoulders to the wrists, black hands with four sharp fingers, azure legs with black cables that link the hip to the knee and black feet with two sharp fingers. His arms are silver with three black cables on it and he has a silver belt on his waist that has two cables on each side of the belt. His thighs and each side of the shins are silver and don't have cables. His head has an azure Japanese rhinoceros beetle's horn with mini horns in its middle, a large silver metallic mouth. On his back, he has silver wings, which are inside his back, red and silver boosters, which are inside his shins, red and silvers blades, which are inside his wrists, cyan eyes and the symbol of the Dracotrix is on his belt.

Transformation Sequence

Jay's body is covered by azure metal, forming the armor. His hands enter the arms and the black hands appear, and the same thing happens to the feet. The wings, boosters and blades enter inside the back, shins and wrists, the cables connect to their respective places. His horns are formed, the belt appears alongside the black beetle symbol and the transformation is complete.

Powers and Abilities

Beetlezure's main ability is energy manipulation, in which he can create blue energy spheres to launch at the enemies from his hands, shoot blue energy blasts from his hands, horn or mouth, use them on his fists for powerful punches or scratches, on his feet for powerful kicks etc. He can energize his horn into a blue energy horn to make it more powerful. Also he can impale things with his horn, launch them away or tackle them with it. He can also attack with energy waves to hit several enemies or enemies surrounding him with an energy explosion.

His second ability is to control machines or robots with the cables on his body. By inserting them into a robot or machine, he can control them or by putting too much energy, destroy them. He can use the cables to hack into them and to attack enemies with lashes.

He has enhanced strength alongside enhanced durability, which is more effective with him thanks to his metallic body. He also has an enhanced bite, capable of performing powerful bites that can break metal and rip things apart.

He has inside him silver wings, red and silver boosters and blades. He can fly thanks to his wings, slash thanks to the blades and to fly really fast thanks to the boosters. He can also use the boosters to burn things and launch the blades at high speed.

He can dig really fast thanks to his sharp claws and feet and he can dig using his horn.

He has sharp claws and feet which can cut through things like the blades.


Because of his metallic body, he can't get hit by water or he will be paralyzed. Also, he's very slow and can only move fast by the boosters. He can be lift by magnetic waves and get stuck in a magnet.

Others can grab him by his horn and toss him away.

His energy blasts can be reflected and when if an energy blast hits another, it creates an explosion. His explosion wave can hit both enemy and ally and cause serious damage.

He can't control machines that has virus on them because it can infect him, like Disker, and make him go berserk. Also, his cables are vulnerable to water because if it hits them, it will electrocute Beetlezure.

His blades, wings and boosters can get ripped of by strength or metallic waves, but will rebuild with time.

He can't dig through mud and his horn can get stuck in sticky things.


  • Beetlezure first appeared in Animal Fiesta, where he fought against Animo and his Mutant T-Rex.
  • In Freezing Memories, Beetlezure was used accidentally and fought against Shocker.



His name is a combination of the words Beetle and azure, referencing his appearance and color.


  • Him being a metallic beetle is similar to Eatle in Ultimate Alien. Also, his armor is inspired by Blue Beet from Juukou B-Fighter.
  • Like Eatle, he's capable of shooting energy beams from his horns.
  • He when his boosters, wings and blades are appearing is a reference to Blue Beet's Super Form.
  • Jay likes this form because he can use the cables to hack into things to satisfy his curiosity, like someone's phone or computer.
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