Beelzemon (2010 anime) b

Beelzemon is an aloof demon warrior possessing terrifying destructive power. Although it is seen as having a serene personality as a result of its indifference to strangers due to its taciturnity, in actuality, it loves conflict more than anyone else. It is considered one of the strongest alien, and anyone who sees Beelzemon's figure and still challenges it to a fight is nothing but a fool. Also, Beelzemon will never run away from a battle it was challenged to.


  1. Death the Cannon: Fast draws a tremendously powerful shot from the Berenjena SDX, which is said to have almost godly speed.
  2. Darkness Claw: Paralyzes the opponent instead of granting their desires, whispering about their final rewards and making a complete fool out of them. Unable to move, that fool will be the target of its fast draw until they lay down life's burden.
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