Becoming Aruburia is the ninth episode of Evan Billion.

The title card


A villain named Ristego was searching for a new home ever since Aruburia was destroyed. Now, he has found Earth after searching every other planet in the galaxy. Jealous of it, he plans to destroy it.

Ristego in Space

Meeting Evan

Ristego tells Evan that he will live here, and leaves out that he will make it more like Aruburia.


This Will Be Aruburia

Trying to Recreate Aruburia

Ristego finds a swamp to use.

Attempt to Destroy Earth


Clickture is where two pictures become one animated one. All you have to do is click the arrow quickly.


Ristego rides on Evan, who is Clawnormous, to Chloria. There, Ristego meets Doiteain Plandai. The end.

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