• This show is on a hiatus break between 2 - 8 weeks as the creator has decided to continue his old series and try to stay committed to his KOTS work.

Beck 10 is an upcoming series created by Kris and partially Shay who gave him a delayed idea! It is set to premiere on March 4.


In the year 2012, a 10 year old Canadian moves to Hollywood Arts Elementary , a school for talented peformers who will blossom into renowned arts legends!

But the only reason Beck is associated with the school is because he can dance (of course) but he was shortlisted as one of the 200 Plumbers investigating a syndicate between the Chancellors/Presidents/Prime Ministers of the world. Beck is investigating the U.S. So with the help of his 14 year old Osmosian brother Jordan, will the syndicate end or will start a new civil war, around the world!



  • Beckory Nathaniel "Beck" Lordran (Plumber/Wartrix Wielder )
  • Kyle Timothy "Jordan" Lordran III (Plumber's Helper)
  • Uncle Harry "Uncle Mojo" Betherbanian (Retired Plumber)


  • Orbagine - An orb that spurts out toxic vegetables
  • President Harack Ojama - The leader of the worldwide syndicate!
  • Jamora - The 12 year old male assasin out to discover the plot against Ojama.
  • Tori Baka - The love interest of Beck who is working with Ojama.
  • Nadroj - The clone of Jordan.

Other Plumbers

  • Rookie Edrarn
  • Rookie Rextard
  • Rookie Ignatius
  • Rookie Jones
  • Rookie Perpict
  • Rookie Nordrime


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