Make Ford Shelby
Model GT-350
Vehicle Specifics
Engine Naturally Aspirated 5.6 Liter Shelby V8
Max Speed Est. 175 mph
Horsepower 526 HP
Drivetrain RWD
Owner Courtney Slash
License Plate FDF-989 NJ License Plate

Beast is a car from the series Tony Slash: Omni-Adventures that is driven and owned by Courtney Slash


Beast has a similar paint job to Beauty except it's a 2015 Ford Shelby GT-350 instead of the 2014 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 Super Snake. It has the 2015 Ford Mustang's fastback body, headlights, taillights and most of the rest of the body. If you want the rest of the appearance, it's in the pictures.

The kit on the car is the GT-350's Track Package, and it's ready to kick butt. It has removed the stereo from the interior of the car, making it lighter for performance.


This car was created by the Ford Motor Company. Beast's owner was taking this car to Tony's performance shop in Trenton because he was getting ready to sell it. He wanted to make adjustments to the car before he sold it. Tony let the man sign his car in to get it worked on when Courtney comes over and asks to buy the car, the owner said it was a brand-new car and it needed a tune-up. He offered the car for $56,365. Courtney accepts the offer and heads out to work on the Shelby.


The Shelby features a Naturally Aspirated Shelby 5.6-liter V8. It has a pretty nice splitter on the front end of the car. It has a Shelby grill, Shelby bumpers, a Shelby Manual, and many other Shelby features. It has an estimated top speed of about 175 mph, compared to Beauty's 234. It can go 0-60 mph in abou 4.3 seconds.

It also has a special track package for the track. Thank you captain obvious!!!!



  • The Shelby GT-350's paint job looks similar to Beauty's paint job.


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