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"Now look here sir. How dare you assault my peaceful, quiet neighborhood plus my hometown with your destructive, retro alter future-based machinery of death and committing a massive crime of disturbing the peace. From that, I hereby challenges you to a duel of fisticuffs. PUT UP YOUR DUKES!!!"- Beardchuck challenging Steam Smythe.

Alex's Mole-Stache alien form.


Shares the same appearance as Mole-Stache.


Shares the same personality as Alex.

Gentle. Kind. Nice.

Beardchuck's personality is a polite, civilized gentleman with a English/British accent.


Elastic Mustache Power-





Limits on carrying heavy objects with mustache. Carrying tank, no good. Carrying boulder, very good.


(Season 3)

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Beardchuck is a amalgam of Beard and Chuck.

Beard is a word describing the enlarged facial hair.


"Dear me, I feel parched. I must find myself a beverage for this manner. Speak-Of-The-Devil, a beverage shop, just what I need."

"A spot of tea please kind sir." BC "Ummmmmm sure, what kind...Mr.Mole?" "Hmmmm, what is your offer?" "We have Green Tea, White Tea, Masala Chai-?" "Oooohhh, that Masala Chai do sounded quite fancy, I'll have that."

To Ben

"Now see here you juvenile delinquent. You have tired my patients."



  • David Kaye reprise his original voice role from Ben 10: Omniverse.
  • He is the first non-canon Reboot alien in the Ben 10 Reboot series.
  • Beardchuck's personality can control Alex's mind just like Rath's personality.