Bear Mega
Bear Mega.png
General Information
Species Pollar
Home World Youuug
DNA source none
Body Humanoid Bear
Alternate Counterparts Honey Zap
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electricity
Enhanced Knowledge
Flight (via Propulsion)
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Durability
Voice Actor Johnny Depp
First Appearance Gwen 10 Again

Bear Mega is the Omnitrix Mark 12's DNA sample of a Pollar from the planet Youuug in Ben 10: Unlimited Control.


His arm wraps are orange, his boots are teal, and the Omnitrix symbol is on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

He has electricity powers that can enhance his combat or help him fly. He can also use his enhanced knowledge to solve tricky puzzles.


If he is zapped by his own laser, he will be weak and powerless.


This alien is rarely used.


  • Gwen 10 Again (debut)
  • Castlevannia meets Ben
  • 02 Rises


  • This is the first alien to be played by Johnny Depp.
  • This is the first alien that is based on a bear.
  • This is the second new alien that Gwen also has in her Omnitrix.
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