General Information
Home World Abetbeaot
Body Monsterous Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Somewhat Enhanced Intellegence,
Enhanced Strength (sometimes),
Releasing a poisonous liquid


Beaotians are the color of human flesh with a brown "wig" on their head. On its arms and legs, it has two stripes per arm or leg. The of the stripes indentifies a Beaotians youth and gender.


Right from birth, they immediately learn fighting techniques and element mastering (element mastering meaning Pyrokinesis, Cyrokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Flight, etc) taught to them by its parents or others, including those not even Beaotians. They also are able to release their poisonous liquid via tail before that and practice this by secreting it on rocks to signify its and its family`s territory.


Certain Beaotians are strong and, technically, have enhanced intellegence. Their signature move is releasing a liquid poisonous to most lifeforms.


This alien is unable to evolve into 'Ultimate Beaotian'

Notale Beaotians

  • Unknown (the Omnitrix`s DNA sample of a Beaotian)
  • Jake
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