Beaks,are endangered race of metal bird-like aliens, in Aen 10: Fusion Force.

General Information
Home World Lodestar's homeworld (formerly)
Body Vaguely Bird-like
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength, Limited Flight, Digging, Claws, Magnetic Scream.


Beaks are giant (70') metal birds with 4 large wings and 6 limbs, each equipped with claws. Their colors range from blue & yellow to brown & green.

Powers & Abillities

Beaks are strong, as shown in their first appearance, they are able to fend off Humungousaur at max size. They can use their wings to fly but they tend not to due to the fact they are so heavy. They have excellent precision and can use their beaks to catch prey. They each have 6 razor-sharp claws they use to dig holes and make nests. Beaks are unmagnetizable and can let out a magnetic screech forcing magnetic items to be flung away.


They are weak to lightning and rust.


Beaks tend to live underground or in caves.

Known Species Members

  • Eddy
  • Hakjaw



  • Beaks were considered fun sport to hunt and this resulted in the near extinction of the species.
  • Beaks can be used by Nemetrix users.
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