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Beagle is from an unknown race from the planet Earth in Ahmad 15.


Beagle was believed to have visited Earth many years ago and given humans advanced technology. He is believed to have sworn to come back to Earth to bring the "Golden Age". He claimed he will bring alien technology so that Earth will not have war, nor disease, just peace.

He is in fact an extra-dimensional demonic entity who tried to invade this dimension with the help of his Pyronite army during Earth's medieval era. In addition, He is virtually immortal, he can't be killed by conventional means. He also possesses great knowledge of magic and commands an army of Pyronites. He is a near-omnipotent extradimensional "demon". His heart alone is said to have the power to reshape the universe itself, and he claims that "his substance is power".

About the time his weakness is revealed to be water.


  • Ultimate Legend
  • Ultimate Inferno
  • Ultimate Detective
  • Ultimate Failure
  • Ultimate Weapon
  • Ultimate Battle pt. 1
  • Ultimate Battle pt. 2