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Baz-ei destroy is second episode of Ben 10:power of E.V.O.


In start of epiode Ben watch have July is trining play tenis withc ship. Suddenly appear Baz-ei. He attack to Ben and July. His green stripes ar now red. His right hand now is gun. He looks diferent. Then he shot multiple times witch his gun.

Ben 10: power of EVO.
Season 1, Episode 2
185px-Retaliator original
Written by Petors
Directed by Petors
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Ben 10-Generator Rex-nanites Ben
Mission impossible.

Ben transform into jetray. He shot to Baz-ei. Ben says to July to she says to ship to he attack to Baz-ei. Ship transforms into armor to defend July. Ben then transform into four arms. Then he smashed Baz-ei. E.V.Omatrix say: active nanites in range. If jou want to deactive it say 10 0 0 0 10 10 12. Ben did so and from E.V.O matrix shots a ray. Baz-ei transform back in his normal aparenc. He say sory to evrybody and go awey. Ben knows that in his universe are nanites.



  • Ben Tenyson
  • July Yamamoto
  • Ship
  • Baz-Ei


Baz-Ei (EVO form)

Aliens used[]

  • Jetray
  • Four arms