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Battle of the Bands
General Information
Original broadcast November 8, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 6
Overall episode number 26
Written by Ebomnitrix, Alanomaly, TranswiththePlans & ZZ
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Battle of the Bands is the twenty-sixth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Ethan uses Zerox to enter the upcoming Horizon event, Battle of the Bands! Meanwhile, a new villain emerges when he doesn't get to participate.


The Echoing Distraction - Alice Sees Vulkanus (Ep 26)

[At nightfall, we zoom down from the night sky to the setting taking place outside a warehouse. We zoom inside to see a group of red Pickaxe Aliens carrying in crates filled with taydenite crystals. One of the Pickaxe Aliens accidentally dropped the crates and the other Pickaxe Aliens came to look and muttered at him. A large figure stepped forward to them.]

Voice: Careful with that!

[We zoom up to the voice, and it was revealed to be Vulkanus, standing before him.]

Vulkanus: We don’t want to risk anything happening to our Taydenite! I didn’t have you slay hours just so you could make a mess! Now, clean it up and get back to work.

[The Pickaxe Aliens were muttering at Vulkanus.]

Vulkanus: ALL OF YOU!

[Vulkanus’s scream scared the Pickaxe Aliens and they went back to work.]

Vulkanus: Yes… my plan is perfect. Thanks to scouting over that damaged mineshaft, I managed to clean out a whole truckload of Taydenite. Guess my buyer was right about Earth crawling with this stuff. Soon, I’ll be able to use this Taydenite not to just spend the rest of my days in retirement, but I can also use it to build a super death-ray that will give me control over the entire solar system. All species will bow down to me, and there’s nothing anybody can do that could stop me!

[Suddenly, Vulkanus could hear the sounds of an engine coming from nearby.]

Vulkanus: Wait, what is that?!

[The door bursted open as six familiar looking motorcycle drivers entered the building, while Hypnotick also flew inside. The motorcycles drove around Vulkanus and some of the Pickaxe aliens.]

Vulkanus: Aw, man! Who are these guys?!

[Ethan parked his motorcycle and took off his helmet, as he gave Vulkanus a smirk.]

Vulkanus: E-10?! Agh! What the hell are you doing here?!

[As the two spoke, Alice, Terence, Maria, Hannibal and Nikki had also parked their cycles beside him.]

Ethan: What can I say? I’ve got nothing else better to do.

Vulkanus: Ergh, I won’t let you foil my plans again! And this time, I’m prepared!

[We zoom out to Vulkanus’s raising his gauntlet out as all the taydenite went flying into his fist. Vulkanus raised his arm out and fired multiple crystal shards. Alice raised her hands out and created an energy forcefield. They noticed the Pickaxe Aliens running toward the group.]

Alice: Here they come!

[Terence and Maria charged their fists.]

Terence: Let us handle this.

[Alice dropped the shield, and while Terence blinded them with a white flash of light. Maria created an energy explosion sending the Pickaxe aliens back. More of the Pickaxe aliens headed their way. Hannibal threw some back with his giant fists, while Nikki used her fast reflexes to knock them out. Pickaxe Aliens began to surround the Pickaxe aliens and it sprayed a red powder until eventually they fell asleep. Meanwhile, Ethan went running toward Vulkanus as he was dialing an alien from the Omnitrix. Four Arms’ icon was selected.]

Ethan: Time for a good ol’ fashion, beatdown!

[Vulkanus grabbed Ethan with his left hand.]

Ethan: Agh, hey!

[Vulkanus lifted his other arm and all the taydenite went flying into his gauntlet.]

Vulkanus: You were saying?

[Vulkanus punched Ethan in the stomach, which sent him flying into the wall.]

Ethan: [Spits out blood] Agh, I’m going to feel that tomorrow…

Vulkanus: For you, there is no tomorrow!

[Vulkanus lifted Ethan against the wall and held him back.]

Vulkanus: I told you I came prepared. I told you I’m not going to let you foil my plans again. You should’ve went alien right from the start! Now what are you going to do?

[Ethan looked at his Omnitrix, noticing both of his arms were free. He turned the dial, and had Lodestar selected.]

Ethan: First rule of E-10 warfare, never leave the arms free!

[Ethan slammed down, and the two were surrounded in a green flash of light. It revealed Ethan had transformed into Lodestar as he separated his magnets to free himself from Vulkanus’s clutches. Vulkanus tried to grab him, but he was too late.]

Vulkanus: No fair! Shapeshifting!

Lodestar: Are you upset?!


[Lodestar created a magnetic wave and slowly started to split Vulkanus’s armor into pieces. It eventually exploded, and Vulkanus fell to the ground, revealing he had a tiny body. Vulkanus groaned. The Pickaxe Aliens and everyone else took notice to this. The Pickaxe Aliens were terrified and made a run for it. Alice groaned and shot an electrical net, trapping all of them in one place. Meanwhile, Vulkanus tried to make a run for it, but Maria grabbed him by his underwear which lead to him swinging in circles. Vulkanus waved his arms and legs back and forth as he began to throw a fit.]

Vulkanus: Ergh! I’ll get you E-10, if it’s the last thing I do!

Maria: Aw, what’s wrong? Is the little baby upset?

[Vulkanus screamed to his frustration, and everything went black.]

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Another Day at Horizon - S2 (Ep 26)

[The next day, the setting shifted to outside at the Horizon campus as Ethan, Alice, Hannibal and Nikki were sitting at their usual table.]

Nikki: So you guys are never going to believe who we ran into the other day.

Hannibal: So Nikki and I bump into Steven, and guess what?

[There was a moment of silence.]

Nikki: He’s getting married.

[Ethan spit takes his drink.]

Ethan: WAIT WHAT?!

Alice: Seriously?!

Ethan: Isn’t he a bit too young to be getting married?

Nikki: You’re not wrong, but love comes in all shapes or form, and sometimes once you’ve eventually meet your soulmate, things happen in the blink of an eye.

Hannibal: Yeah, take a look at me and Nikki, we’ve known each other since we were kids and we eventually fell for each other.

Ethan: Yeah, after a bounty hunting time travel tried to erase you from existence.

Hannibal: What?!

[Alice elbowed Ethan from the side of his stomach and he held onto it pain.]

Ethan: AGH! Nothing...

Hannibal: I’m just saying, Ethan, it can happen to anyone at any time, and it’s only when you’ve found the right person is when you know what you’ve got to do.

Nikki: Funny, that this is coming from the only other person in the group who’s gotten a girlfriend.

Ethan: I’m still trying… [Turns away] Shut up… [To himself] Baka.

Alice: Well, I don’t have anything to worry about, because I have my Hypnotick. If only it could snuggle with me warm at night.

Ethan: How is Hypnotick by the way?

Alice: She’s fine, the SACT caretakers have been treating her very nicely. They give her baths a couple times a week, and they feed and change her litter box twice a day.

Ethan: Nice. [Beat] Wait, an alien needs a litter box?

Alice: Well it’s not like it can go anywhere else. I hate that it can only go out on missions. I just wish I could spend more time with her than just a couple times a week.

Ethan: Well, maybe I’ll talk to Lieutenant Steel and work something out.

Alice: [Turns to Ethan] You’d really do that?

Ethan: Why not. I think she deserves some fresh air at least.

[Alice smiled, Ethan took notice of this and blushed with an awkward smile on his face.]

Hannibal: Oooooh I see that sparkle in their eyes.

[Nikki elbowed Hannibal.]

Hannibal: Hey! What’d I do?!

[The song shifted.]

Rise to the Challenge! - Episode 26

[Terence arrived to the table holding a flyer in his hand. Terence pressed it down against the table.]

Terence: Guys! Check it! I’ve finally registered myself for Battle of the Bands.

Hannibal: Cool.

Terence, Alice: Nice!

Ethan: Wait, what’s Battle of the Bands?

Terence, Alice: Wait what?!

Hannibal, Nikki: Are you serious?!

Alice: Ethan, don’t you remember what the Dean announced last week?

[Ethan shrugged.]

Nikki: Ethan, how have you not heard about Battle of the Bands? It’s all Terence has been talking about for the past week.

Ethan: What, I have a short attention span and a terrible memory. I don’t even remember the names of half the guys we go up against. Like the guy with the Thanos gauntlet thingy. Who was he again?

[Nikki rubbed her eyebrows, while Hannibal and Alice facepalmed and Terence rubbed his head.]

Terence: Why do I bother even talking to you...?

Alice: So, because of your guys’ performance in Peter and the Starcatcher, the Dean wants to make a first ever Battle of the Bands.

Nikki: Contestants will go and sign up to compete in who will participate in Battle of the Bands. Whoever participates and is declared the winner, will win a $1,000 cash prize.

Terence: And I’m signing up!

Nikki: Terence, you think you’re going to win that prize with those vocal chords.

Terence: Hey, you’d be surprised at how good I can sing. Besides, I’m not after it just for the money, I also want to make myself look good.

Nikki: Right…

Alice: Well, I’m signing up for it.

Ethan, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki: WHAT?!

Alice: What? It would be good writing experience, and it would be tons of fun. [Turns to Hannibal and Nikki] Oh you guys should sign up! You’d be a great singing duet.

Hannibal: Well…

Nikki: I mean we could…

Hannibal: Actually, no.

Nikki: Yeah, lets not.

Ethan: [Stands up] If no one else will, then I guess I better get in on the competition.

Nikki: You too?!

Terence: Aw, come on!

Ethan: What?! There haven’t been any big missions lately, and none of the artifacts have shown up. So, why not?

Terence: He’s probably going to use Echo Echo to win the competition.

Hannibal: He doesn’t have him anymore, remember?

Nikki: And how do you think Maria is going to feel about all this?

Ethan: She’ll be fine. Besides what she doesn’t know won’t kill her.

[The others sighed.]

Nikki: Then how are you going to form a band when all you’ve got is your composing friend online friend?

Ethan: Uh, he and I aren’t talking right now… But relax! I’ve got this covered. I’m a one man band after all. Besides, have I ever let you guys down before?

Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki: Yes!

Ethan: Okay, then I won’t this time…

Terence: Dude, how is your one man band going to work? Even if you used your aliens, it’s going to be just you. There’s no way you can do it.

Ethan: Oh, you’ll see.

Alice: Agh! This is going to be so much fun! Three friends battling it out to determine who can create the better song! I’m so hyped!

Terence: And I’m so irritated.

[Terence rubbed his eyebrows, and exasperated.]

Terence: Okay, I’m going to start practicing… If I’m going to win against you two, I’m going to need all the help I can get.

[Terence walked away with an annoyed look on his face.]

Ethan: Then I better get to it too. [Stands up] Can’t let Terence hog all the glory! [Runs off]

Alice: Good luck!

Hannibal: Does he really think a one man band is going to work?

[Dexter walked beside them trying to carry all his instruments, and then fell over.]

Nikki: I don’t know, but he’ll sure do better than Dexter.

[The song ended. The scene shifted into Ethan’s house as Ethan arrived inside his garage. Ethan walked down the stairs and all that was inside was an empty space with garage boxes on the side.]

Ethan: Alright, this’ll be a perfect place to practice. Now before I get the instruments, I’m going to need a band.

E-10 Transformation

Ethan: That means I’ll need someone to help me on such short-notice. [Ethan began turning the dial.] And who better to trust then myself of course!

[Zerox was selected from the Omnitrix and Ethan slammed down.]

[ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: Ethan held onto his head as four tubes grew out from his head as they stretched out, wiggling in the transformation. We cut to Ethan pressing his right hand down on the ground as it changed shape. Ethan grew a third eye between his two as his hair disappeared and his mouth changed. We zoom out from his body.]

Zerox: ZEROX!!!

[The background faded behind him, ending the transformation.]

Zerox: Aw, yeah! Time to show Terence how a one man band really works!

[The song ended. Zerox walked up to a mirror.]

Zerox: Let’s go make some copies!

Antic Battle - Zerox Creates an Alien (Ep 26)

[Zerox shot a laser from his mouth, scanning the mirror. Slowly something appeared to be coming out from his tubes. And in Zerox’s suspense, it appeared to be a glass clone of himself. Zerox glared at it, and it shattered into bits.]

Zerox: Okay… that won’t work. What about…

[Zerox looked down and scanned the Omnitrix symbol on his chest. From one of his tubes it popped out a spare Omnitrix.]

Zerox: Huh… that could come in handy, but… no.

[The Omnitrix glowed green and disappeared in a flash of flight.]

Zerox: Agh! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong! Can Zerox not create physical scans of himself?! C’mon, Ethan focus! There’s got to be a way you can do this… Maybe I could try a mental scan, but how am I going to do that!? It’s not like I can rip my head open or something! Or… can I…

[Zerox grabbed his head and he slowly tried to remove his head off. As Zerox struggled and groaned, the tubes on the side of his began to open. It eventually lead to Zerox detaching part of his face, then grabbing it with his hand.]

Zerox: WHOA?! Uh…

[Zerox turned his face around to see the insides of his head.]

Zerox: It worked! It worked! But ew, man that’s nasty.

[Zerox took a deep breath.]

Zerox: Okay, here goes nothing!

[Zerox’s arm raised his face just right, and Zerox shot a laser from his mouth and began to scan his brain. Zerox shut his eyes as all four of his tubes raised out into position. Zerox began to push out as hard as he could while maintaining his scan. Eventually a chubby disformed Ethan shot out with multiple limbs sticking out of both arms. Zerox stopped scanning as he noticed the clone that appeared before him. Zerox had a terrified confused look on his face.]

Zerox: Me as Smokey Quartz? Nope!

[The deformed Ethan disappeared.]

Zerox: Again!

[Zerox tried again, as his sweat dripped down his face. Another clone shot out from the tubes, this time being a skinny and discolored Four Arms. The Four Arms clone began to lose breath.]

Four Arms Clone: Help me!!!

[Zerox made the clone disappeared]

Zerox: Okay, one more time!

[Zerox shot another laser and tried his hardest to create the clone. Zerox struggling, he began to lose his laser and tried his hardest to shoot it out.]

Maria (from outside): Ethan, what are you doing in there?!

[Zerox stopped]

Zerox: Nothing!

[His tubes raised out into position.]

Zerox: Uh oh…

[His tubes shot out another clone, this time being a perfected Four Arms.]

Four Arms: ALL-RIIIGHT!!! [Raising out his arms.]

Zerox: It worked… It worked!

[Zerox put his face back on and his tubes reattached to his face. Zerox walked over to Four Arms.]

Zerox: I can’t believe it actually worked!

Four Arms: You bet it did!

[Zerox collapsed as he appeared out of breath.]

Four Arms: Whoa! Take it easy, Ethan.

Zerox: Yeah… Right…

[The song ended. The Omnitrix beeped as Zerox spoke, and he transformed back into Ethan. Ethan looked at himself with fright, but as he looked up, he saw Four Arms still standing in front of him. Ethan’s expression changed from fright to a large smile with stars in his eyes.]

Ethan: WAIT! I can keep my clones after my transformations?! Why didn’t I figure this out sooner?

[Four Arms shrugged.]

Ethan: Well, it doesn’t matter! We did it!

Four Arms: Haha, yeah!

[Four Arms and Ethan high fived.]

Ethan: I always wanted to high five myself.

[Four Arms raised his arms down on his hips and chuckled.]

Four Arms: So, what do we do now?

Ethan: Well first, we should go get some instruments and-

It's Action Time (Montage) - Episode 26 (Let's Buy Some Instruments!)

Maria (from outside): Ethan, can you get over here? Vulkanus is attacking downtown again!

[Ethan and Four Arms smirked and came up with an idea. The Omnitrix symbol transitioned to the next scene. While Four Arms and Maria were fighting Vulkanus in a super sized and turbo-charged suit outside, Ethan entered inside a music store and ran up to the cashier.]

Ethan: Hey! I’m going to need a guitar, a drum set, a piano...

[In the background, Four Arms was thrown back by Vulkanus, as Maria kept shooting his Pickaxe Aliens.]

Ethan: Oh and do you have that a DJ set or whatever that instrument is called? That would really come in handy!

[Four Arms sent Vulkanus backwards, and an explosion went off in the background.]

Vulkanus (from outside): Owie!

Ethan: Actually, just gimme all you got.

[Ethan gave him an SACT credit card, and the cashier hesitated as he raised his eyebrow.]

Ethan: Trust me, it’s for a good cause.

[We cut to one of the SACT faculty reading the charges off Ethan’s credit card.]

SACT Faculty: 600 dollars for a guitar, 399 for a 5 piece drum set, and with everything else in total that’s all… 8,000 dollars.

[Lieutenant Steel who stood beside him, had a vein pop beside his head.]

Lieutenant Steel: WELLINGTON!!!

[The song ended. The scene transitioned to Alice who rang the doorbell in front of Ethan’s house. Maria opened the door.]

Maria: Oh, hey Alice. What’s up?

Alice: I just thought I’d check on Ethan and see how he was doing?

Maria: Oh, I see. [Smirks]

Alice: No! [Blushes] I just meant for Battle of the Bands…

Maria: Alright, well, come on in.

[Maria let Alice step inside, then closed the door. As the two walked inside, Maria noticed her phone was ringing. She grabbed it from her pocket and answered the call.]

Maria: Hello? [Steps aside] HE DID WHAT?!

Alice: Oh, brother.

John Mayer - New Light (Guitar Solo, E-10 Cut)

[Alice opened the door and gasped. Ethan and some of the aliens were playing the guitar solo from “A New Light.” Four Arms was playing the guitar, XLR8 was on the drums, Diamondhead was playing his own piano, and Ghoulseye and Wildmutt were doing background vocals. Ethan with his eyes shut was interrupted by Maria before he could sing his vocals.]

Misinterpreted Information (Ep 26, Maria and Alice see the band)

Maria: Ethan! What did you do?!

Ethan: I’m creating a band.

[Wildmutt walked up to Alice, and laid his back on the ground, leaving his belly open to be scratched. Wildmutt was panting with his tongue sticking out.]

Alice: So cute!!!

Ethan: Wildmutt!

[Wildmutt whimpered and walked back up stage.]

Maria: Ethan- h-how did you do this?!

Alice: Yeah, that’s what I wanna know!

Ethan: Oh, I used Zerox to create copies of my aliens! Cool, huh?

Ghoulseye: What can I say, we’re the best of the best!

Diamondhead: Yeah, you know it!

Alice: So cool!

Maria: Impressive… I mean, Ethan! You spent nearly 8,000 dollars on band equipment! Do you know how pissed Lieutenant Steel is? You need to return that stuff immediately!

Ethan: Alright, alright! We’ll do it after the competition!

Maria: Competition?!

Alice: Battle of the Bands.

Maria: Ethan! You’re supposed to be using your powers responsibly!

Ethan: Maria, chill! Not everything has to be about work and responsibility. Sometimes you just gotta have fun with ‘em, ya know!

Maria: Yeah, but… this! Ugh, I can’t deal with this right now!

[Maria walked out of the room.]

Four Arms: Wow, looks like somebody could use a-

[XLR8 elbowed Four Arms to the side.]

XLR8: Dude! Not while Alice is in the room!

[Ethan jumps off stage and walked up to Alice.]

Ethan: So, what do ya think!

Alice: I love it, I honestly didn’t expect this from you. Are you going to use all 10?

Ethan: You bet!

Alice: I’m interested in how you’re going to make this work.

Ethan: You’ll see. Just don’t tell anybody, okay?

Alice: Promise. I just came to let you know the talent competition starts tomorrow? You nervous?

Ethan: Nah. We got this! Nothing me or my 10 can’t handle!

Alice: Okay, just don’t be late. In the meantime, I’m going to get back to practice. See ya, Ethan!

[Alice ran up the three stairs and left the garage.]

Ethan: Later, Alice!

Four Arms: Ethan and Alice sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N…

[XLR8 elbows him again.]

Four Arms: Ow!

[The song ended. The scene shifted to inside the auditorium at Horizons where the seats were filled. Meanwhile three judges were sitting by a three contestants. While a group of girls were leaving the stage, we zoom into where Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria were sitting in the fourth row seats on the left.]

Event of Horizon! (Battle of the Bands, Practice Entry, Ep 26)

Hannibal: Man, these performances have been so good so far!

Terence: What can I say, I told you I had talent.

[Maria laughed and drank her flask.]

Nikki: You did great up there, Alice.

Alice: Thanks, I just wish Ethan was here to see it.

Hannibal: Where is he, anyway? Isn’t he supposed to go on soon?

Maria: [Finishes drinking, Sighs] He better be here…

Steve: Alright, we only have 2 more contestants before we tally up the votes. But until then! Let's bring out our next performer! [Trying to read it correctly] Lord Decibel!

[Lord Decibel walked on stage as his DJ equipment was finally set up.]

Bill: Now, Lord Decibel. What kind of name is that?

Lord Decibel: My DJ name.

Steve: Yes, very interesting. Why don’t you show us what you’ve got?

[The song shifted.]

Lord Decibel: No problem. Because I’m about to blow your socks off!

Decibel Drop 1

[Lord Decibel went up to the speaker, cracked his knuckles and began to play a DJ performance.]

Nikki: Oh, wow he’s pretty good.

[Lord Decibel continued to play.]

Hannibal: Good? He’s killing it!

[Lord Decibel reached the chorus. As the crowd began to cheer, even Maria looked up as she appeared to be taking an interest. The judges looked at each other as they wrote down their score. Lord Decibel finished up his score and the audience applauded and cheered. The song ended.]

Bill: Great job, Lord Decibel!

Steve: You really killed it up there.

Lord Decibel: Oh, certainly, because I know how to give a good performance. I can’t wait to see your results.

[Lord Decibel began to leave the stage.]

Steve: Alright, then. Now introducing…

Bill: [Snickers] Oh this should be interesting…

Steve: The Magnificent E-10! [Whispers to Bill] ...Is that really what he’s calling himself?

[Nothing happened. The crowd began muttering to themselves.]

Bill: E-10?

The Struggle is Real

[From the alleyways, Ethan ran down the far right aisle, as he, Four Arms, Lodestar, Diamondhead, Heatblast, Wildmutt, Goop ran toward the stage, while AmpFibian and Ghoulseye flew by.]

Terence: Wait… are those this...?

Maria: Aliens? Yes. [Drinks flask.]

[Maria’s flask went flying as XLR8 ran past them. The zoom made Maria’s hair messed up, and she sighed as she tried to fix it. Meanwhile, backstage, Ethan just barely made it to the stage.]

Ethan: Okay, they have our instruments ready. We should be ready to-

[The song shifted.]

Scavenging the Evidence (Ethan Bumps into Decibel)

[Ethan bumped into Lord Decibel and he fell over.]

Ethan: Oh, I’m so sorry! I…

[Lord Decibel paused as he looked up and took a look at his group. He snickered.]

Lord Decibel: You’re using the aliens to do the dirty work for you? Pitiful. As if you would stand a chance in Battle of the Bands!

[Lord Decibel laughed as he walked away.]

Four Arms: Man, what a jerk.

Ethan: Forget him. You guys ready for this?

Four Arms, XLR8, Heatblast, Ghoulseye, Lodestar, Goop, Diamondhead: Oh yeah!

[Wildmutt howled.]

AmpFibian: Let’s do it, yo!

[We cut to on stage where a green light came from inside the curtains. Suddenly the stage opened.]

Zerox: Sorry, we’re late, we just wanted to make an old fashioned entrance! Hit it!

John Mayer - New Light (E-10 Cut)

[XLR8 played the drums, Lodestar played the DJ, as Four Arms grabbed both guitars and started playing. Diamondhead began pressing on his diamond shape piano, and Goop played on his harp. AmpFibian from above was messing around with the light fixtures and had them shine on the band.]

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ah-ah-ah. Ahhhhh.

[Zerox took a deep breath.]

Zerox: I'm the boy in your other phone. Lighting up inside your drawer at home all alone.

[Heatblast sparked a small firework.]

Zerox: Pushing 40 in the friend zone. We talk and then you walk away every day.

[The audience seemed to be impressed.]

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ooooh.

Zerox: You don't think twice about me.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Aaaah.

Zerox: And maybe you're right to doubt me, but-

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Aaaah.

Zerox: But if you give me just one night. You're gonna see me in a new light. Yeah, if you give me just one night. To meet you underneath the moonlight.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ooooh

Zerox: I want a take two, I want to breakthrough. I wanna know the real thing about you.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ooooh

Zerox: So I can see you in a new light.

[XLR8 slammed on the drums as Four Arms began his guitar solo. Four Arms then got down on his knees and rocked out at his hardest.]

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ah-ah-ah, Aaaah.

Zerox: Yeah, if you give me just one night. You gonna see me in a new light.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Aaaah

Zerox: Yeah, if you give me just one night. To meet you underneath the moonlight. What do I do with all this?

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: What do I do with all this-

Zerox: -love that's running through my veins for you.

Zerox: What do I do with all this?

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: What do I do with all this-

Zerox: -love that's running through my veins for you.

Zerox: Yeah, if you give me just one night. To meet you underneath the moonlight. What do I do with all this?

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: What do I do with all this-

Zerox: -love that's running through my veins for you.

[We zoom into Alice as she began to blush and smile. We turn to Maria, who put her flask down as she began to smile and blush.]

Zerox: Yeah, if you give me just one night. To meet you underneath the moonlight. What do I do with all this?

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: What do I do with all this-

Zerox: -love that's running through my veins for you.

[The aliens stopped their instruments.]

Zerox: O-oooh.

[AmpFibian shut off the lights on the fixture, and the set resumed to normal. The song ended. The audience applaud for Zerox’s performance.]

Bill: Well I gotta say, that was mighty impressive, Steve.

Steve: Indeed it was, Bill. You just might make it to Battle of the Bands. But let’s tally the results!

[An overhead appeared tallying up the results, showing 8 people, including Alice, Terence, and Ethan, but not Lord Decibel.]

Alice: Yes!

Terence: Nice!

[A group of the other contestants cheered.]

Zerox: Yes!

The Wish that Didnt Come True - (Ep 26, E-10 Cut)

Lord Decibel: NO! This is impossible! There must be a mistake! Why did I not make it?!

Steve: I’m sorry, Mr. Decibel, you were a great contender, but…

Bill: You just weren’t as good as some of the others who had performed.

Lord Decibel: [Points at Steve and Bill] I demand a recount!

Steve: Take him to security!

[A couple security officers grabbed Lord Decibel as they pulled him out of the auditorium.]

Lord Decibel: This is not over! You’ll be sorry for not picking me! You’ll see, you’ll all see!

Friends of Horizon (Episode 26)

[We cut to the next day at Horizons, where Ethan was sitting with Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki at their usual spot. Ethan was casually laying back, wearing his sunglasses.]

Ethan: So, what’d you guys think of my performance?

Alice: It was great!

Nikki: Yeah, Ethan. You were really spot on.

Hannibal: Yeah.

[Terence was busy mummering to himself. Nikki elbowed him.]

Nikki: Ahem.

Terence: [Looks up] Oh, it was good.

Hannibal: How were you able to get all of your aliens out there and sing.

Ethan: A true magician never reveals his secrets. [Sips soda]

Alice: He used Zerox to create physical copies of himself.

[Ethan spittakes]

Nikki: Zerox can do that?!

Ethan: And other things…

Terence: Just because it worked once for you doesn’t mean it’ll work a second time.

Nikki: He has a point. What if you can’t perform that same way next time.

Hannibal: Yeah, you don’t wanna end up humiliating yourself.

Ethan: You do have a good point… And as much as I don’t like other people, I hate myself even more.

Alice: Don’t treat yourself like that! Just relax, you’ll be fine! But you should come up with some safety precaution in case there an outburst or in case you can’t do it.

Ethan: Right, just don’t worry…

[The song shifted.]

I'm Not Done Yet! & New Light Performance (Ep 26)

[The scene shifted to inside a busy looking basement. The room was dark but had a bright computer screen giving it light. Lord Decibel was sitting on his computer preparing for his next track.]

Lord Decibel: How dare the judges not choose me! I was the best contender on the entire stage, I was even better than late pop-sounding crackhead! No matter, if they won’t allow me to blow the house down, I’ll have to blow the entire stadium! And I know just the song to do it.

[On Lord Decibel’s computer screen, it showed a music track rendering from his program, ready to be remixed. The scene immediately cut to a rehearsal.]

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ooooh.

Zerox: I want a take two, I want to break through.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Ooooh.

Zerox: I wanna know the real thing about you.

Wildmutt, Ghoulseye: Aaaah.

Zerox: So I can see you in a new light.

[The aliens wrapped up their instruments and ended the song. The Omnitrix symbol began to flash from Zerox’s chest and he transformed back into Ethan. Ethan wiped the sweat off his face as he walked towards the cooler.]

Ethan: Take five everyone.

XLR8: You know, Four Arms, I’ve gotta ask. Why am I the one who’s playing the drums when what I should be doing is playing the guitar?

Four Arms: I don’t know. Probably because I can play two guitars at once.

XLR8: Well we wouldn’t need two guitars when I can play a mean guitar solo at superspeed.

Four Arms: Question is, would they be able to hear it?

XLR8: Yeah, only it’d be so fast that they wouldn’t be able to see it.

Four Arms: I’m not giving up the guitar, dude. But I have to admit, if we switched instruments, I’d be great on drums.

Ethan: What?! Nobody’s switching instruments.

XLR8: But, c’mon, don’t you think it’d make the band sound better?

Ethan: No.

Diamondhead: Hey, if we’re switching instruments, I wanna play the harp! I bet with my diamond powers I can play a smooth piece of music.

Goop: Then what am I going to do?

Diamondhead: I don’t know? Uh, be the bodyguard or something? Your body can shapeshift and it can stop anybody from getting away.

Goop: But I’m acidic, I could hurt someone! And if we’re having any kind of bodyguard it should be XLR8.

XLR8: Whoa! I’m not going to be the bodyguard.

Goop: Oh, yeah? Well…

[The aliens began to argue with one another while Wildmutt whined and stepped to the side. Ethan took notice of this, as a vein popped out from the side of his head. Ethan shut his eyes for a moment and yelled at the group.]

Don't Cry (Ep 26 Cut)

Ethan: GUYS!

[The aliens turned to Ethan.]

Ethan: Are you listening to yourselves? We’re fighting like almost every other band does before we break up. And we only have another night until the show! Look, everyone’s happy in their positions right now, right?

[The aliens nod.]

Ethan: So there’s no reason to switch anything. C’mon guys, we can do this! We’re all going to be great, and we can’t risk anything hurting the group.

Heatblast: Yeah, he’s right!

Ghoulseye: We can do this!

Ethan: Alright everyone, are you with me?

[Ethan places his hand in.]

Diamondhead: Yeah! [Stacks hand in.]

Goop: Yeah! [Stacks hand in.]

Heatblast: Oh yeah! [Stacks hand in.]

AmpFibian: Yeah! [Stacks hand in.]

XLR8: Alright! [Stacks hand in.]

Lodestar: Let’s do it! [Stacks hand in.]

Ghoulseye: Count me in! [Stacks hand in.]

Four Arms: Oh I’m 4 times in. [Stacks four hands in.]

[Wildmutt snarled as he placed his paw in.]

Event of Horizon! (Battle of the Bands, Ep 26)

Ethan: Alright, all together now.

[Ethan and the aliens raised their hands in the air.]

Ethan, Heatblast, Four Arms, Diamondhead, XLR8, Wildmutt, Goop, Ghoulseye, Lodestar, AmpFibian: LET’S DO IT!!!

[We cut to the next night where a stadium was being held at Horizons.]

Bill: Welcome to the first ever Battle of the Bands! I’m Bill!

Steve: And I’m Steve.

Bill: And together, we’ll be covering all the footage live in front of you. Tell the audience what we’re going up against, Steve.

Steve: Alright, Bill. Tonight, 8 performing artists will battle it out on the stadium as they will each get only 3 to 5 minutes to perform one song.

Bill: And it’s up to you, the viewer, to decide who is the best artist and who will go home with the 1,000 dollar cash prize!

Steve: Although, vote carefully. Because you never know what you might expect in the Battle of the Bands!

Bill: Now let’s bring up our first competitor… Dexter Ottoman!

[The crowd cheers as Dexter Ottoman arrived on stage. The song ended. He raised out a remote and pressed the button. Nothing happened.]

Dexter's Humilation

Dexter: Uh, what?!

[Dexter pressed it a bunch of times, and it left the audience confused. Dexter Ottoman began to sweat. He took a deep breath out.]

Dexter: Uh… It started when an alien device did what it...

Crowd: BOOOOO!!!!

[Tomatoes were being thrown at Dexter as he ran away from the stage.]

Steve: Oooh… that’s gotta hurt.

Bill: I guess that furthers proves that you can’t always rely on technology.

Steve: Reminder, you can also buy your tomatoes at Heckler’s Best!

[We cut to Hugh’s shack at the far side of the stadium.]

Hugh: It’s the little things in life.

[We cut back to Steve and Bill.]

Bill: Our next contender is, Ramon of the People!

[The song ended. The crowd cheered as the curtains opened for Terence and his group.]

Terence's Song - Free me - Cipes and the People (E-10 Cut)


[The crowd cheered]


[We cut to Daryl kicking it off the drums.]

Terence: Life, seems to fly, away today, I woke up in the morning and things don't feel the same. No way… But least I got my dogs, least I got my friends, least I got my soul jah love never end! For crying out loud come back to me, for crying out loud hear my plea! Whoa, don't get me twisted, don't get confused. Come on all awaken and it's time for me to choose…

Background Vocals: Ooooh

Terence: Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight Give me one more chance I swear I'll get it right!

[The drum player went hard as Terence prepared to play the chorus.]

Terence: Cause Your Love, is My Love, and my Love is your Love! So your Love is my love and One Love is Our Love! And we can Free!

Background Vocals: Whoa-oooh!

Terence: The world, yeah! So won't ya free free free free free-me. If ya see see see see see-me. Won't ya free free free free free-me. [Turns to May in the back] Be my girl, yeah!

[May blushed. Meanwhile Alice smiled at May and rolled her eyes.]

Terence: Come a little closer. 411 - Oooh My Heart is Strong!

Background Vocals: Ahhhh

Terence: 202 gether. We can't wrong. We are on this mic do'in what I like, Won't get on the floor to give me some more, Flowers went to ember and what will become… This is how I know that you're the one!!! But least I got my dogs, least I got my friends, least I got my soul jah love never end.

Background Vocals: For crying out loud come back to me! For crying out loud hear my plea!

Terence: Whoa, don't get me twisted, don't get confused. Come on all awaken and it's time for me to choose. Maybe tomorrow, maybe tonight, give me one more chance I swear I'll get it right. Cause Your Love, is My Love, and my Love is your Love. So your Love is my love and One Love is Our Love! And we can Free, Whoa ooooh the world yeah, So won't ya free free free free free-me. If ya see see see see see-me. Won't ya free free free free free-me. Be my girl, yeah…

[The crowd cheered for Terence as May to the side held her hands on her heart. We panned to right of May to see an emotional Alice, Alexia and Cassie who were standing beside her.]

Cassie, Alexia: That was so beautiful.

Alice: I did not expect that from him. [Sniffs]

[The song ended. We cut below to the crowd.]

Nikki: Even I didn’t expect that...

Maria: I can feel the passion in my soul!!!

Hannibal: [Sniffs] I’m gonna cry, man…

[We cut to the judges]

Steve: What a… very touching… song…

Bill: He has a very beautiful voice, Steve...

Steve: Indeed, Bill.

[Steve wiped the tears off his eyes.]

Steve: Right, let’s move on.

Life - Monstage (E-10 Cut)

[MONTAGE: We shift through four different bands. One band was an edgy rock band where each of them wore Obstagoon-looking costumes. The guitar players went hard on their instruments until they banged their guitars on stage. The second band was a korean acoustic guitar player as he played a bit from his song. The third band was an all hippie band playing relaxing music as the crowd waved lighters to the artist’s song. We cut to the fourth singer finishing her song.]

Thank You Next (A Latte Joke, E-10 Cut)

Ariana: Thank you, next. Thank you, next. Thank you, next. Yeah, yee.

[Ariana finished her song as the crowd applauded for her performance. Ariana smiled and left the stage.]

Steve: Thank you miss… Ariana Latte?

Bill: And now give it up for a band that’s been the talk of Horizon, The Magnificent E-10!!!

[We cut to behind the curtain as Ethan looked behind the crowd.]

Four Arms: You nervous?

[Ethan turned to see all of his aliens appearing in front of him.]

Ethan: Yeah… Just don’t know how well I’m going to do.

Ghoulseye: You’re going to do great!

XLR8: Yeah, man. Relax, we got this!

Ethan: Yeah, you’re right… All of you do…

[Ethan turned the Omnitrix to where Zerox’s icon appeared on his playlist.]

Ethan: In fact, all 10 of us do! [Slams down]

[MINI-ZEROX TRANSFORMATION: Tubes grew out from the back of his head as he spun to the front with his head finished changing. A green light blinded the screen.]

[The crowd began to murmur to themselves while Steve and Bill looked at each other in confusion. Steve grabbed his mic and adjusted to his mouth.]

Steve: Uh… E-10?

[The curtains opened as all ten aliens appeared on stage with their instruments.]

Zerox: HEY! HORIZON! You ready to make some noise?!

[The crowd cheered for them. The aliens eyed Zerox and Zerox looking around at his band, he took a deep breath and looked at the audience.]

Zerox: LET’S DO IT!!!

[Suddenly, to everyone’s surprise an explosion occurred. It threw all 10 aliens back into the crowd. Diamondhead creating a safety slide for Four Arms before he could fall onto the audience. As Zerox laid on the ground, the Omnitrix beep and he transformed back into Ethan. Ethan looked up to see the smoke clear around the stage. It was revealed Lord Decibel and his staging equipment had appeared on his stage. Lord Decibel prepared to turn the dials.]

Lord Decibel: I’m sorry, were you expecting someone else to play?

[Ethan gasped.]

ChloroClimax (Ep 26)

Ethan: Wait a minute, I know you. You’re that DJ who didn’t get selected in the Battle of the Bands. And you insulted me to my face.

Lord Decibel: Oh, I’m sorry. Did I hurt your feelings? Too bad it would never hurt as much as what everyone did to me. It’s because of those judges I wasn’t selected, it’s because of their opinions on why I didn’t get to appear on stage! But no matter, I’ll still be able to outperform every one of you here. In fact, you can expect this to be the last show of the night. Actually, this will be the last show of your life!

Neuro-stomp (Decibel Drop 2)

[Lord Decibel turned the knobs and music began blowing in everyone’s ears. The audience screamed and held onto their ears. Diamondhead looked at his arms to notice he was cracking.]

Lord Decibel: And there’s nothing you or any one of your aliens can do that could stop me!

Heatblast: I beg to differ!

[Heatblast threw a fireball. Lord Decibel created a sound barrier to block the attack.]

Lord Decibel: Hah! Like you think that could stop me!

Lodestar: No, but I can shut off your barrier!

[Lodestar launched his magnetic waves at the forcefield. The forcefield was beginning to ripple. As Lord Decibel noticed this, he turned a few knobs and sealed the ripple with shield, which redirected the magnetic blast at Lodestar, throwing Lodestar back. XLR8 ran over towards Lodestar.]

XLR8: Lodestar!

Lord Decibel: You think breaking through my sound shield would be so easy? Fool!

Ethan: I need you guys to hold him off until the watch recharges, I’m going to try and think of something.

Goop: Understood.

XLR8: You’re going to pay for that for hurting my friend! [Closes visor]

[XLR8 ran over towards Lord Decibel, he threw him off with a soundwave, sending him back. Four Arms clapped his hands and created a Boomburst. It went flying to Lord Decibel, but was redirected to himself. Ghoulseye fired the arrows from his cloak, which exploded onto Lord Decibel’s shield, but did nothing. Wildmutt turned around and fired quills from his back, which reflected off his shield. AmpFibian absorbed the electricity from the spotlights and fired his EMP blasts at the shield, doing nothing. Diamondhead tried firing his shards but they turned into dust as soon as they got in contact with the sound.]

Diamondhead: We can’t fight him like this! What else are we supposed to do?

[We cut to Ethan, who looked at Lodestar trying to fire his magnetic attacks, then turned to the Omnitrix. Ethan smirked and got an idea. The nine aliens tried to create a combo attack by firing all their attacks at the forcefield. The blasts combined and hit Lord Decibel’s shield. The attack had almost broke through Lord Decibel’s forcefield. It slowly began closing up. Lord Decibel increased the amps, and the boombox blasted louder at both the aliens and the crowd. Hannibal and Nikki covered their ears from the far back, same with the other contenders on stage, including Terence’s band and Alice. The judges covered their ears, and Ethan did the same as he noticed the Omnitrix recharged. Lord Decibel stopped for a moment.]

Lord Decibel: If you dare try that again, I will see to it that I blow this entire campus down!

Four Arms: Dang it, we almost had him! We just need something powerful enough to break his barrier.

AmpFibian: Yeah, but what?!

[The song shifted.]

The Pillows - About A Rock and Roll Band (E-10 Cut, Ep 26)

Ethan: Thank you guys. But I got this now.

Diamondhead: What?!

Goop: Are you sure?!

[Ethan gave them a smirk, making them realize he was sure.]

Diamondhead: Okay, well go get ‘em, Ethan.

[Diamondhead gave him the thumbs up, and his body flashed green and disappeared.]

Goop: Yeah! [His body glowed green and disappeared.]

XLR8: You got this, man! [He flashed away in a green light.]

Lodestar: Give him everything you got! [His body lit up green and flashed away.]

Four Arms: Yeah, show him! [He flashed green and disappeared.]

Heatblast: Show them how hot we really are. [Flashed away in a green light.]

Ghoulseye: Give ‘em the ol’ Slimy Sinister Arrow Blitz. [His body lit up in a green flash and disappeared.]

Wildmutt: RAARRRR-RUFF! [Glows green and flashed away.]


[AmpFibian’s raised his arms in the air and wiggled ‘em as his body disappeared in a green light. Ethan began turning the dial as Lord Decibel prepared his next attack.]

Lord Decibel: Fool! You just removed the only beings that could stand a chance to defeat me! What are you going to do standing on your own?!

Ethan: I may not have all 10 of them with me, but I only need one alien to finish you off!

[Ethan raised his arm in the air, then slammed down onto the Omnitrix.]

[LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: A swirling ball zoomed into the screen. Cells began to morph four times around Ethan’s body. Ethan raised his arms and legs out, as his body spun to his back. He spun back to his front, and his cells continued to morph. Small magnetic material began forming around Ethan’s hands, and then his entire body. Ethan’s body shapeshifted into Lodestar, as his whole body stood out. Suddenly, the background turned yellow as Lodestar floated into the air by surprise, with yellow electricity shooting out from the Omnitrix. Lodestar’s body was soon surrounded in a white light.]

[OMNI-SPLICER LODESTAR TRANSFORMATION: Lodestar span around until he stopped at the front. Golden armor grew from the Omnitrix until it surrounded his chest. Lodestar’s shoulder crests eventually turned into a giant magnet. We cut to his head as a helmet formed around him, as horns stuck out. We zoom out from Lodestar as the background faded behind him. Lodestar took a look at his arms, revealing to be sharper claws.]

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: A more amped up Lodestar?! Now that’s something you don’t see every day!

Lord Decibel: Just because you took on a new form doesn’t mean you can stop me!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Well... check this out!

[Lodestar created magnetic waves, and it easily broke through his shield.]

Lord Decibel: Impossible!

[Lord Decibel tried amplifying his equipment. Lodestar floated in the air and reflected the sound off him. He threw it back at Lord Decibel and it sent him into the ground. Lodestar lifted up Lord Decibel’s equipment in the air and he separated the parts connecting together. The sound coming from the speakers stopped and the audience was able to hear functionally again.]

Lord Decibel: NO! My equipment! You can’t do this! How are you even doing this?!

Omni-Splicer Lodestar: Apparently, you’ve never seen my Omni-Splicers! Quite frankly, neither have I! But you were the one who interrupted my performance, meaning I get to pay you back in full, show stopper!

[Lord Decibel stood up as he attempted to make his escape. Lodestar dropped the equipment to the ground, and a rope surrounded in electrical aura surrounded Lord Decibel, and trapped him in its clutches. A trapped Lord Decibel was thrown into the air and Lodestar tied him to the top of the lighting equipment. Lord Decibel screamed to his frustration. The song ended. We shifted over to the police arresting Lord Decibel. Ethan was back to normal as he was standing next to Alice, Terence, Hannibal, Nikki and Maria.]

Ethan: Well, that was a pain in the ass.

Maria: Nice work, hero.

Hannibal: I feel like I can still hear the ringing in my ears.

Terence: You said it.

Steve: Okay, now that that mess is cleared up, we still have time for one more song!

[The crowd cheered.]

Crowd: E-10! E-10! E-10! E-10!

Alice: Guess they want you…

Ethan: Yeah, I guess so…

[Ethan ran up the stage as Alice looked away upset. Ethan eventually arrived at the stage and grabbed his mic.]


[The crowd cheered. Ethan took a look at a disappointed Alice down below in the crowd. Ethan turned back up and took a deep breath.]

Ethan: Sorry to disappoint you, but those uh... alien guys I was hanging around with... Due to unfortunate circumstances, they uh, had to go and deal with Lord Decibel’s situation. Besides, you've probably heard my song a million times by now.

Crowd: AWWWWW…

Ethan: But! I’m not one for disappointments! So, give it up for one of my closest friends since coming to Horizon, give it up for Alice and the Undefinable!

[The crowd cheered. Alice looked up surprised, she turned to Cassie, Alexia and May and ran over to the stage. Once they arrived on stage, Cassie, Alexia and May went over to grab their instruments. Alice ran over to Ethan as he prepared to exit the stage.]

Alice: Are you sure you want to do this?

Ethan: Yeah, I’ve already had my limelight. Now it’s your turn.

[Alice smiled.]

Ethan: Good luck!

[Ethan ran off the stage, and Alice placed her guitar strap around her shoulder. Alice tapped the mic, and she took a deep breath. May prepared the drums.]

Alice's Song - Haruka Tomatsu - My Independent Destiny (E-10 Cut)

Alice: I’ve never been there, so let me go out. For I can reach you where you are. I will go. All for you, all for you and me, your and my future.

[Alice and Cassie both began to jam on the guitar. May slammed down on her drums while Alexia played hard on the piano.]

Alice: Mado no soto ni mieteru keshiki ga, Kawaranai asa ikidomari Dead End, Dokoka e ikitakute demo ikenakatta, Hitori janai no ni hitoribotchi. Atama no naka kamisama ga iu no, "Koe rarenai shiren nante nai" to, Yasashikatta dakedo tasuke wa nakatta, Kimi to deatta ano hi made wa.

Alice, May, Cassie, Alexia: Zutto sagashite ita atatakai sono te o

Alice: Fusagatteta kokoro wa ima tokareteku yo.

[May slammed harder on the drums as they made it to the chorus.]

Alice: Itsudatte soba ni ite, Futari no mirai souzou shite. Shiawase ni waratteru no shinjiteru yo, Itsudatte itsudatte, Kimi o omotteru yo, Ikidomari nanka janai ashita e to, Tsudzuku kyou ga aru kara!!!

[Alice and Cassie began a small guitar solo.]

Alice: Mou natsukashii kako mo tatakau genjitsu mo. Ima wa tou sugite mienai mirai mo. Hito tsunagi ni natteku yatto kidzuita nda. Sore wa kakegae nai watashi dake no unmei!!!

[Alice and Cassie continued to jam on the guitar. Meanwhile as they sang above, Ethan and Maria spoke in the background.]

Ethan: So, does this prove anything to you? [Turns to Maria.]

Maria: Yes. You know, after all this time, I forgot what it was like to be five years younger. I spent most of my twenties training with the SACT that I forgot what it was like to have fun. Now, I understand why you went through all this trouble.

Ethan: Yeah, we can only have so much fun before something dark and serious comes around. And what better than putting my aliens to the test.

Maria: Well from here on out, I won’t be so restrictive about how you’re using your powers. Apparently you do know what you’re doing.

Ethan: So, does that mean you’ll be more laid back from now?

Maria: Maybe, just don’t push me though. You still also have to pay Lieutenant Steel back for all that equipment you broke.

Ethan: Don’t remind me.

Alice: Akirametakunai yo zetsubou no naka datte.. Ima hontou no tsuyosa to kimi to no yakusoku o. Mou makenai… Itsudatte soba ni ite, Futari no mirai souzou shite, Shiawase ni waratteru no shinjiteru yo! Itsudatte itsudatte, Kimi o omotteru yo, Ikidomari nanka janai ashita e to, Tsudzuku kyou ga aru kara,

Alice, Cassie, May, Alexia: Sou…

Alice: kimi to mirai e ikou!!!

[The girls prepared to wrap her instruments, and Alice finished jamming her guitar. Alice took deep breathes, and to her surprise, the crowd went cheering on for her and their band. Alice wiped the sweat off her face, then raised his fist in the air.]

Alice: THANK YOU!!!

Little Busters - E-10 Ep 26 cut

[The crowd continued to cheer as the scene shifted over to the judges and contestants on stage.]

Bill: Alright! The votes are in!

Steve: And the winner to the first ever Horizon’s Battle of the Bands goes to… Alice and the Undefinable!

[Cassie and Alexia held onto each other as they jumped and cheered. Meanwhile, May took a sigh for relief.]

Alice: YES! [Raises fist]

Steve: You will each receive the $1,000 cash price, with royalties of course.

Bill: And you four get an all expense paid trip to Hollywood to see Imagine Dragons live on stage!

[The girls squealed to their heart's content.]

Terence: WHAT?! Aw c’mon! I wanted to go see them. [Folds arms.]

Bill: Will you four accept this trophy? [Holding trophy.]

Alice: I’d be honored.

[Bill handed her the trophy and Alice accepted it. Alice raised it in the air as the crowd cheered for her. We cut backstage where Ethan, Hannibal, Terence, Nikki and Maria met up with Alice and her band. Terence wrapped his arm around May.]

Terence: Congratulations babe.

[May smiled and gave Terence a side hug.]

Nikki: Seriously, you girls did great.

Maria: You rocked. Do people still say that?

Hannibal: Yeah, you were awesome! You gotta show me how you did that guitar solo. I believe it was like…

[Hannibal air guitared as he made guitar noises.]

Maria: No, it was like…

[Maria air guitared as she made different guitar noises.]

Hannibal: No, it had to have been…

[Hannibal did a different air guitar imitation and it eventually lead to the two having an air guitar battle. Nikki, Cassie and Alexis laughed nervously. We panned to the left where Ethan and Alice were talking alone.]

Ethan: You did great, Alice. I didn’t know you could sing Japanese.

Alice: Yeah, well I had a lot of practice.

Ethan: That’s actually... um… very attractive… of you. [Blushing]

Alice: Oh, um… thanks. [Blushing] Oh, and thank you for giving me the spotlight.

Ethan: Eh, I had enough time in the spotlight. Besides, I never got to hear your song earlier, so I guess it worked out for both of us.

Alice: You know, that song was meant for somebody.

[Alice eyed him as Ethan’s face turned completely red.]

Ethan: Oh, really… Uh… Who was it for?

Alice: [Smirks] Can’t tell you.

Ethan: What?! Come on!

Alice: Nope, sorry, guess you’ll just have to find out!

Ethan: Please! Tell me who was it for?!

[We panned up to the night sky, as the scene faded to black, ending the episode.]

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 27 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Hannibal and his friends working on something in his garage. The next scene showed Terence meeting up with May at class. The next scene showed Nikki flying after Fistrick's crew. The next scene showed Ethan and Maria inside a restaurant as Ethan pressed on Maria's hand. Maria looked up at Ethan in shock. We cut to Alice and her friends passing by the restaurant where Alice looked at the window, watching this happened. Alice's eyes widened.]


Major Events

  • Omni-Splicer Lodestar makes his debut.
  • Ethan discovers a new power for Zerox.
  • Maria learns to cool down.


  • Hannibal brings up Echo Echo being removed from the Omnitrix, when Ethan suggests to participate in Battle of the Bands.
  • Ethan and Alice's eventual relationship is brought up and foreshadowed numerous times in this episode.
  • Maria begins to remember what it was like to be social and to have fun, which was previously stated she had to drop that when she joined the SACT.



Aliens Used

Used By Ethan

Cloned by Zerox


  • Vulkanus's Taydenite Controlling Gauntlet is a reference to one of RWBY's earlier plots.
  • When Ethan quotes "I'm going to feel that tomorrow", Vulkanus responds back with "For you there is no tomorrow" being a direct reference to XLR8's fight with Vilgax in the Ben 10 episode "Secrets".
  • Ethan once again quotes "First rule of Ben warfare, Never leave the arms free" from the Frogs of War.
  • Ethan asks Vulkanus "Are you upset?" then commenting back "I am not upset" is a reference to Pop Team Epic.
  • Four Arms playing the guitar is a reference to him doing so in "Monster Weather"
  • XLR8 playing the drums is a reference to him doing so in "Monster Weather"
  • Goop playing the harp is a reference to him doing so in a Cartoon Network advertisement in 2011.
  • When Dexter Ottoman's machine fails him, he sings the beginning of the Ben 10 theme before being boo'd off the stage.
  • Zerox's song is "A New Light" by John Mayer.
  • Terence's song is "Free Me" by Cipes and the People, this song was chosen due to sharing the same voice actor.
    • Terence's band name is also based on his voice actor's counterpart.
  • Alice's song is "My Independent Destiny" by Haruka Tomatsu, this song was chosen due to Alice's counterpart.
  • About a Rock and Roll Band is used as an insert song in this episode.
  • Little Busters is used as an insert song in the episode.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode.
    • The Wish That Didn't Come True
    • Don't Cry


  • This is advertised as the series' "musical episode".
  • This is the second episode in the series to technically feature all 10 aliens.
  • Alanomaly guest written the episode so that the two could demonstrate new abilities to use with Zerox.
  • Vulkanus's intro in the episode wasn't originally planned in the episode, but the crew thought it would be fun to have an episode start out with a case like Batman: The Brave and the Bold.
  • When developing Vulkanus, Ebomnitrix wanted to keep Vulkanus true to his Alien Force and Ultimate Alien like nature, but the writers had the idea of giving Vulkanus a skeleton body instead of his baby-sized body. This was dropped due to it not working out and because Alanomaly and EBOmnitrix did not want to use the idea.
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