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The Battle of Teviv is an ongoing battle between the Forever Knights and the World Army in Attack on To'kustar on Earth-404. It marks the first battle in a major conflict between the two groups following many previous minor conflicts. The battle began on 20 April, 505, in the episode Attack of the chapter Attack on Teviv.


Prior to the start of the battle, the Explorer Division was planning an exhibition to go outside the walls, to leave from the city of Teviv. As the army's forces were moving to Teviv from Arbrook, they were ambushed by a group of Forever Knights from the city of Sprinet, about halfway between Teviv and Arbrook. The fighting between the Knights and the Army continued as both sides made their way to Teviv.

Events of the battle

Following the initial skirmishes closer to Arbrook and Sprinet, the main battle began within 1000 feet of the city, between the main group of Knights, led by Troy Dieter, and the Army's expedition force, led by Richard Turner. From within the city, the Army and the police, led by Tobias Clay, began a defensive. The main component of the defensive plan was to have Sven Schmidt transform into To'kustar form and prevent any of the Knights from reaching the walls.

The Army's defensive plan worked at first, until the Talking To'kustar appeared on the side of the Knights and changed the focus of the battle. Instead of fighting the Knights themselves, the military was forced to deal with the Talking To'kustar after Sven was incapacitated. As the battle continued, the Talking To'kustar summoned more To'kustars to approach the city, causing the Army to divert resources to fight the others. As Tuesday Smith and Penny Blair fought the other To'kustars, Turner and Clay, joined by Felix Upton, David Crawford, and Lucas Miller, were unable to stop the Talking To'kustar from arriving at the wall and making a hole in it, allowing the Knights and To'kustars to easily enter the city.

The battle is still ongoing...


  • Breach of Teviv's walls.


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