The Battle Moped is a modified moped designed for quick transportation from Tech 10: Star Spirit.


The Battle Moped was originally a two-seat 1957 Manurhin scooter, which is known in modern enthusiast circles for its elegant vintage look. After being modified by Alpha, the Battle Moped retains its external appearance for the most part, but has been upgraded with alien technology to make it an unassuming yet effective method of transportation until the standard Plumber tanks arrive at the still-developing base. Its specifications after the upgrade include:

  • A Kineceleran Roto-Engine that provides 1-to-60 acceleration in 1.5 seconds.
  • Specterian Impact Armor that allows the moped to survive practically any collision.
  • A Crystalline Energy-Matter Converter that allows the moped to be stored as a small crystal.
  • Dual Laser Sub-Machine Guns that can fold out of the back seat.



  • Nova dislikes the Battle Moped, complaining that it makes her and Theo look stupid.
    • In spite of (or perhaps because of) this, she has come up with numerous tactics using the moped's practically invulnerable armor; for example, throwing it directly into the front of a car to destroy the car's engine block.
  • The Battle Moped is one of only two existing vehicles left in the universe that use Specterian Impact Armor, the other being the Specterian flagship Harbinger.
    • Alpha obtained this armor from Warlord Kroz V, who has been working on restoring the Emotispecters to their former engineering capabilities.

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