Battle Blitz
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Series Brandon 10: Alien Force
Platforms PC
Modes Play Game


Created By Brandon 10
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Battle Blitz is an online game in Brandon 10: Alien Force.


The aliens are back and only Brandon can stop them! Turn into aliens like Loch Ness and Crusher to defeat evil bad guys to save the day!

Playable Characters

Playable Aliens

Non-Playable Characters


Level 1 (Building)

Brandon is on his way home.

Brandon: Can't believe I won that game tonight.

Brandon hears a noise

Brandon: What was that?

Brandon enters the building to go check it out.

Brandon: Hello?

Zonarian: BLARGH!

Gameplay Begins.

Gameplay Ends.

Brandon: Aliens... I'm going to need some help.

Level 2 (Junkyard)

Brandon and Coco are observing the alien meeting.

Brandon: What do you think they're doing?

Coco: Probably some business.

Brandon: Illegal Business...

Alien, behind them: Spies!

Gameplay Begins.

Gameplay Ends.

Coco: They were trading with the Extreme Bikers.

Brandon: Those guys again?

Coco: I sent over their coordinates. Let's go!

Level 3 (Extreme Biker Base)

Brandon, sarcastic: A giant castle themed base; no one would ever look for them there.

Sarah: Are you sure this is the right place? No one is here.

Coco: What other Castles are around here?

Some Extreme Bikers appear.

Extreme Biker: INTRUDERS!

Gameplay Starts

Gameplay Ends

Level 4 (Zonarian Base)

Brandon: Ok we're in.

Sarah: I might be able to get through this door.

Coco: Weapon Closet? JACKPOT!

Alarm sounds.

Coco: Whoops?

Brandon: Let's get out of here!

They run out but are surrounded by aliens.

Gameplay Begins

Gameplay Ends

Brandon: There, that's the last of them.

Level 5 (Command Center)

Brandon walks into the command center.


Zonarian Commander appears.

Brandon: Sorry for crashing the party.

Zonarian Commander: Human Pests in my base! You have sent our plans back for months! Not only must we relocate, but we must remove any other vermin from the area in order to remain a secret.

Brandon: I can't let you do that!

Zonarian Commander: You think a pest like you can stop my plans? Then you have no idea how wrong you are.

Gameplay Starts

Gameplay Ends

Brandon: It's going to self-destruct!

Zonarian Commander: NOOOOOOOO!




  • This game is based on the first episode of Alien Force, A Hero Returns
  • Dialogue was taken from the first episode and used for the game. Brandon said some of the other characters' lines too


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