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Battery Baby
Neon 23 Battery Baby.jpg
General Information
Species Nosedeenian
Home World Nosedeen Quasar
Body Humanoid Battery
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Electrokinesis
Electric Absorption
Electric Redirection
Electric Teleportation
Electrical Possession
Sonic Scream
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Durability
Self Duplication (with enough power)
First Appearance TBA

Battery Baby is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of a Nosedeenian from Nosedeen Quasar.


Batter Baby's appearance is similar to an Earth dry cell. He is black with cyan eyes, a large blue lightning bolt-like stripe spanning from where his neck starts to where his legs start on his front and back sides, and a positive (+) symbol and negative (-) symbol on his back. He has two golden bolts on each arm.

He wears the Hero Watch symbol on top of his head.

Powers and Abilities

Can fly.

Can control electrical energy.

Can go through any power source at an incredible speed.

Can control electrical devices through inside.

Can make sonic screams.

Can duplicate when he's cut in half.


Water can cause him to short circuit.

Can fall asleep if run out of energy.

Can get caught up in anything made of non-conductive material.