Batteri (Batter-i) is a species of parasite that is found on Teslavorr.


Batteri does not exactly have a physical form, being best described as "infected energy". When absorbed by some form of energy-absorbing alien (mostly Conductoids and Nosedeenians, but it can effect other aliens such as Gimlinopithecus or Transylian) it creates a small cylindrical growth on the part of the body, with usually yellow tendrils leaking from the growth up to the arms, but these tendrils can vary in color.


When the "infected energy" is absorbed by the correct species, as said before, it will cause a small cylindrical growth on any part of the body, which will grown tendrils from the growth to the arm. When the species tries to absorb energy again, the Batteri will instead absorb it, similar to how Schragsian will eat another species food by replacing their tongue. After the host starves to death, the Batteri is re-released as infected energy, going back to be reabsorbed by another alien. It is unknown how they reproduce, if they do at all.

If the host or anyone else tries to remove the parasite by force, the parasite will release a large electromagnatic pulse, which will cause the host some pain in return.

If desperate enough, the Batteri will infect non-electricity absorbing species, and will absorb any power the host comes in contact with. In this instance, it will release normal electric pulses, as they will hurt the host or any other trying to remove it and they won't absorb it.


The Batteri can abosrb and redirect electricity in several different forms.


The Batteri can be killed easily. If infecting a ordinary species, they can simply avoid powered tech to kill the parasite, or at the very least make it flee.

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