Bathory Tennyson
General Information
Species 1/2 Vladat

1/2 human

Age 12
Affiliations Ben Tennyson(T36)

Elizabeth Transyl-Tennyson

The empire


Occupation(s) Princess, future general
Powers and abilities
Abilities abilities of a vladat, sunlight immunity.
Equipment corrupturas
Relatives Ben Tennyson(father)

Elizabeth Transyl-Tennyson(mother) Nocturnelle(twin sister) Jen(cousin/adopted sister)




Alias princess(by servants)

Dearie(by ben) Monster spawn(by albedo)

Voice Actor Tara Strong
First Appearance unknown

Bathory is the human-vladat hybrid daughter of tyrannical rulers, Ben Tennyson and Elizabeth Transyl-Tennyson. She is the princess of their empire.


She has pale skin like her mother, but has her father's brown hair in a single ponytail draping down her shoulder. Has claws and fangs thanks to her mother, and wears a white dress. She also has her father's mutated green/red/black eyes.


She is the daughter of a tyrannical Ben Tennyson and his vladat wife/queen, Elizabeth. She was raised and educated for the purpose to inherit their empire of universal conquest, along with her twin sister, Nocturnelle


She like her parents, takes sadistic joy of the pain and suffering of others. She is the eager and impatient half of the twins, taking interest in war and violence, rather in politics and strategy. Being young by Vladat standards, she is seen immature, and also takes glee in playing with her sister, cousin, and playmates.

Powers and Abilities

Can control other beings by either spitting Corrupturas at them or through hypnotizing them by making them look into her eyes, although she cannot control other members of her species. She has the ability to fly. She can drain and consume other living beings' energy.

Due to her half-human genetics, she is immune to the sunlight, unlike pure Vladats, is rather unharmed by it.


She was born with her twin sister, Nocturnelle, in the first three years of her parents reign. She and her sister were raised with their cousin, Jen, who they see rather as a adopted sister and playmate. Her and the other two were raised, trained and educated so they could one day inherit her parents empire of galactic conquest, one day destined to be a general of the empire.

Her and her sister were seen at their fathers side, as he was discussing the conquest of another planet with his generals. The three later visited Dr. Stitch, inspecting the rising and created Vladat soldiers, code named, "The Kindergarden".

Meeting enhanced and engineer soldier, Draculeene, her and sister easily befriended her. Her father, later told them to go play with Draculeene somewhere as he discussed something with Dr. Stitch. They later had their cousin, Jen, join their game.


Unknown yet


• Her and her sister are the first and only vladat/human hybrid children in the universe.

•Like her sister, she is one of the only two of vladat heritage who are immune and unharmed by sunlight.

• Her parents wish for her and her sister to generals in their army, and to be one day wed to their cousin, Jen.

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